City of Brampton hires an outside lawyer

The city of Brampton has hired an outside lawyer to continue to persecute the owners of docile family pets, including a 75-year-old lady on a pension.


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Text of story below:

City hires pitbull lawyer

February 24, 2010

The City of Brampton has hired a Toronto lawyer to help defend the seizure of two dogs last month.

Barnet Kussner of the firm Weirfoulds is on the case for the city, and that has one of the canines’ owners feeling like the underdog.

“Personally, I feel like it’s David versus Goliath,” said Rui Branco, whose family owns Brittany, one of two dogs held by the city since Jan. 13. Weirfoulds specializes in advisory work for municipal and other governments in all areas including contracts, land use planning and development.

Branco said with no other option to try to get the dogs home, he will take the city to court, but no one will win because he has to pay his own legal bills, and, as a resident of Brampton, his tax money will also be used to pay for the city’s lawyer.

“The taxpayers lose. I lose, being a taxpayer and also paying for my attorney. Most of all, the poor dogs lose because they are in captivity throughout the proceedings, which I understand can take months.”

Branco and Maria Gaspar, whose family owns Rambo, insist the dogs are boxer/American bulldog crosses, but the city has labelled them pitbulls and taken them from their separate homes. The families have not been allowed to visit them at the animal shelter.

Branco is concerned about the dogs’ health and well-being because they are being kept away from their families and kept in cages.

“I don’t care how much walking or attention the shelter or city says those dogs are getting, they have to be locked up because of liability issues and manpower issues at least 22 hours a day,” Branco said.

The families say a city Animal Control Officer seized the dogs without a warrant, adding they were intimidated into turning over the dogs when police arrived on Branco’s doorstep.

Attorney General spokesperson Brendan Crawley pointed to the Dog Owner’s Liability Act (DOLA) on the issue of seizure. The DOLA indicates a warrant is needed to seize a dog from a home. Seizure without a warrant is possible only if “… it would be impracticable to obtain a warrant because of exigent circumstances…exigent circumstances include circumstances in which the peace officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that entry into any building, receptacle or place, including a dwelling house, is necessary to prevent imminent bodily harm or death to any person or domestic animal.”

Dogs can also be seized in a public place under DOLA:

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Two boxer-crosses seized as "pit bulls" in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario, has really put their foot in it this time!  These are two more cases that really need both media and public attention, ASAP.

Please read the story and then write letters to the mayor and the city councillors.  Here are their e-mail addresses:

Mayor Ms. Susan Fennell

Mr. Grant Gibson

Ms. Elaine Moore

Mr. John Hutton

Mr. Paul Palleschi

Mr. Bob Callahan

Mr. John Sanderson

Ms. Sandra Hames

Ms. Gael Miles

Mr. Vicky Dhillon

Mr. John Sprovieri

If it is possible for you to send a fax or a physical letter, you may be able to avoid some of the e-mail filtering that is often implemented in cases like this.

Mayor Fax:  905-874-2620
All Councillors Fax: 905-874-2644

City Hall address is:

Brampton City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, Ontario  L6Y 4R2

The original story is from the Brampton Guardian at:

I have included the story here in order to make sure it remains in circulation after it disappears from the Guardian archives.

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Rambo on death row as city, owners battle over breeding
Friday January 29 2010


Rambo wasn’t hurting anyone.

No one had complained about the young dog, he hadn’t escaped 75-year-old Maria Gaspar’s Vodden Street yard, and he had never bitten anyone.

But Rambo and his sister, Brittany, are on death row at the City of Brampton’s Animal Shelter right now while their owners are embroiled in a battle to get their beloved pets back before they are euthanized. The deadline- Feb. 5.

Both dogs were seized from separate homes on Jan. 13 by city animal control officials who said they believed the dogs to be pitbulls.

Their owners say that’s not true, and both say they have proof from veterinarians tracing their backgrounds as boxers/American bulldogs.

The city’s veterinarian has a conflicting opinion, according to a letter sent to the Branco family, who own Brittany.

Gaspar is heartbroken. The senior citizen can’t understand why Rambo was seized. She said the confusing part is, the city has licensed Rambo as a boxer/American bulldog cross for the past two years. His vaccination certificate from North Town Veterinary Hospital classifies his breed as a boxer cross. And, no one who has seen the dog has ever thought he was a pitbull, according to the distraught Gaspar.

The city told Gaspar that no one had complained about Rambo. He had not escaped the back yard. If anything, he made passersby laugh the way he would jump up onto the roof of his dog house to look over the fence, she said.

But it was that quirky little habit that led to him being removed from his home and held by the city under threat of euthanasia.

A passing animal control officer spotted Rambo on his perch in December, looking over the six-foot fence, and told Maria Gaspar she had to move the doghouse because Rambo could escape. Gaspar agreed, but then the issue of Rambo’s breed came up. She was told to get a letter from her veterinarian attesting to the dog’s breed, and to have him neutered. Gaspar said she got the required letter, and an estimate for neutering, and gave both to the city.

In response, the city sent a letter telling Gaspar there is no completed certificate from a veterinarian, and that “Rambo has been confirmed to be a pitbull by his parentage as well as the characteristics as defined in the City of Brampton Dog By-law…”

The bylaw defines a pitbull as a pitbull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire bull terrier, American pitbull terrier, or “a dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those dogs.”

“It’s not, it’s not pitbull,” said Gaspar emphatically, struggling for the English words to describe her upset. She can’t talk about Rambo without crying.

“This problem is like a son problem,” she said, emphasizing how important Rambo is to her. “Now, I no have dog, I no have money, I no have nothing… It’s not fair.”

They can’t fight the city because her family doesn’t have any money for a lawyer, she said, but Rui Branco is taking on the fight for both dogs.

His family owns Brittany, and they are in a similar predicament. Like Rambo, there were no complaints or allegations of biting against Brittany. The licence for Brittany’s father, Tyson, was due for renewal, and an animal control officer went to the Branco’s house to collect the $20. She was told Tyson was given away to a friend, but that’s when the issue of Brittany’s lineage arouse, according to Branco.

He has hired a lawyer who is preparing to file a motion in court to get the dogs back.

“This is an injustice,” Branco said, pointing out how ironic it is that he will not only have to pay a lawyer to fight for his family’s dog, but, as a resident of Brampton, he will also contribute to the cost of defending the city.

Tyson, also Rambo’s father, was also licensed by the city at one time, although Branco said the family did not realize the city had classified him as a pitbull, especially since he was born in December 2005, one full month after the grace period for owning a pitbull. If he was a pitbull, Branco said, the city should not have issued a licence to him at all. But, he says, the real mistake was labeling him a pitbull in the first place.

He has the microchip paperwork for Tyson, and a veterinarian’s letter, stating, “He is in my opinion a healthy and well-socialized pet and is a cross between an American Bulldog and a Boxer.”

A second veterinarian, Dr. David Kirkham of the Cheltenham Veterinary Centre, has added a letter stating Brittany’s mother, Jersey, is “unquestionably a purebred boxer.”

“I don’t understand why they are fighting me so hard on this,” he said. “Brittany doesn’t look anything like a pitbull.”

The Branco’s said the city did not have a warrant to seize Brittany when they arrived on Jan. 13, and Rui’s brother, John, confronted the city worker, who then called for backup. Several police officers and other city animal control officials arrived, and, ultimately, the dog was handed over. However, the Branco’s argue they were intimidated into willingly turning over their pet and feel proper procedure (a warrant) was not followed.

For their part, the city is considering four charges against the Branco family- owning a pitbull born after Nov. 29, 2005 in relation to Brittany and in relation to Tyson, failing to licence a pitbull, transferring a pitbull without consent of the poundkeeper and permitting a pitbull to breed.

The Gaspar family faces one charge of owning a pitbull.

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Bye Bye Skeldon

Bye bye Tom Skeldon…..

Gandhi stated that the greatness of a nation is measured by the compassion given to its animals.If this is true, the Toledo Ohio became moved a little closer to greatness by accepting the resignation of Mr Skeldon.

Decades of death may soon end for dogs that are born without benefit of a pedigree into a city that ruled its dogs with a net and a hypodermic needle.

But a word of caution.

He may have been the king of the kill, but he leaves behind minions that could readily continue his swath of death.

Do not stop the public pressure, continue to speak up, and never stop speaking out against BSL .The truth must prevail.BSL only kills dogs, it does not make our communities any safer from IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS.

Until all references to breeds or to a ‘look’ of a dog are struck down and replaced with nonbreed specific dangerous dog bylaws NO DOG IS SAFE.

Toledeo dog owners….we salute you.

Rally for your Rover

On November 18th, 2009 a BILL will be put forth by MPP Cheri Di Novo to
Queens Park removing the breed specific part that is currently in Ontario’s Dog Owner’s Liability Act.

If possible, attend the morning PRESS RELEASE at the front of Queens Park
on November 18th, starting at 9:30 am and ending around 11:30 am.

Cheri will be presenting the Private Members Bill in the house around 3pm,
for those who would like to stay for the afternoon and would like to sit  in
the gallery.
PARKING.  For those who need parking and do not want to drive to the
Queens Park location,  attached is a list of subway stations where you can park cars.  One would have to check if there is a cost involved at their preferred station.

Please see Cheri Di Novo’s blog page for further information.

Cheri’s interview on newstalk1010, November 7th, 2009 on “The Ben Mercer

We have also designed a poster for people to put up in all areas of  Ontario
and the link to the poster is below.   We are in the middle of designing a
web page called “stopcanineprofiling” in support of the private members
bill.  It will be added to the poster as soon as it is decided if it will
be either dot com or dot ca.  When this is done (anytime now) the poster will
reflect the change and the support web site will be added to the poster.


In the meantime face book has a support page up and running.  The link to
it is below.  In the discussion pages are samples of letters.

If people, on face book, want to attend, please go to this EVENT page to confirm.

In the meantime, PLEASE feel free to write Cheri a letter of support.

We ask that you also phone, fax or write your local MPP’s and ask THEM to
support Cheri’s private members bill.  A full list of Ontario’s MPP’s is below.

Looking forward to a end of legalized discrimination and profiling in Ontario.

Dog nearly killed for having too large of a head!

Here is a perfect example of the absolute bull**** going on here in Ontario!
In Kitchener, Ontario this week, Shon Carroll, a humane society officer was “told” to investigate the background (lineage?) of a dog that was brought in stray.
** Kitchener has had a breed specific ban in place since Febuary 1997, put in place prior to the province enacting a province wide ban in 2005.
Jack Simpson as he put it, inherited a mutt 18 months ago from a neighbor. Simpson’s dog got loose and went to explore the neighborhood, but was picked up by the humane society in Kitchener. When Simpson called looking for his dog he described him as a “lab/pit cross”. The word “pit” activated the antennae of the HS to “investigate” the lineage of the dog.
This proves my point that most people who work with dogs in shelters, pounds and the like have no clue about dog genetics or breeds. They clearly have bought into the BS that “pitbulls” actually do exist and they must be identified and killed. Some shelters and pounds do not identify cross bred dogs and declare short haired mutts as breeds people “view” as “friendly” and find them homes but others such as Kitchener choose to kill dogs based on LOOKS NOT BEHAVIOR!

With each passing day this mass dog murder in Ontario gets more and more insane! Thanks Dalton McGuinty you useless piece of dog ****.

Mr. Simpson took the matter of what is now saving his dog’s life to a humane society committee hearing where they would decide if the dog fit their criteria to be able to live or be designated as having some weird characteristics in how he looked that would declare a date with Dr. Death!

I have to include a lengthy excerpt because it is just too bizarre not to share.
Here is a link to the rest of the story where you may also see a picture of Jack Simpson and his dog Charlie.

Carroll met with Simpson and his dog on Sept. 2 to take pictures and measurements.
Someone please direct me to the information that leads these wanks to believe they can justifiably kill dogs because:
- Their head is too big
- Their forehead is too wide

Their hindquarters are lower and smaller than their front end
-Their chest is too big
It appears that a flippant decision was made that Charlie seemed to also have a friendly demeanor, seeing as though he visits the OLD AGE HOME AND DAYCARE TO VISIT on a regular basis!
The moral of this story is; if you live in this Dogforsaken province of Ontariostan, erase the word “pit” from your vocabulary. Don’t even use it to describe what exists in the center of most fruit for fear of having your dog killed because his head it too big!







Where do some shelter workers and animal control officers come up with this BS?


“My biggest thing is the width of the head, the wideness of the forehead,” Carroll said at the committee hearing.

hind quarters were visibly lower and smaller than the front shoulders.
The dog also had a big chest. But Charlie’s head was most concerning
for humane society officer tasked with enforcing the Pit Bull ban.

Charlie’s muzzle has a box shape too, Carroll said.

told the committee the lab traits in Charlie are stronger than the Pit
Bull traits. Carroll also said Charlie appeared to be friendly.

mainly because of the size of the dog’s head Carroll designated Charlie
a Pit Bull-like animal that was banned and would have to be destroyed.

I left a message with the humane society that he is a lab-pit cross,
the fact that I said ‘pit’ was enough to raise red flags,” Simpson said
to the committee.

“Had I known then what I know now, I would
never have mentioned the word ‘pit,’ I would have said a ‘lab cross’
and that would have been the end of it,” Simpson said.

He told
the committee the dog never bothered anybody. Simpson said he brings
the dog to the old age home where his mother lives and his sister’s
daycare. He submitted letters from both women as evidence.

“My mother’s in an old age home. I take Charlie there, everybody loves Charlie,” Simpson said.

take him to my sister’s, she has a daycare centre, all the kids play
with Charlie, and they all love him. There isn’t a soul in the city who
doesn’t like Charlie and yet they were willing to put him to sleep
because of the size of his head, which doesn’t seem fair,” Simpson said.

committee members — Coun. Geoff Lorentz, Coun. John Smola and Anne
Lawrence of the K-W Kennel Club — listened to the evidence.

Simpson said a lot of people are not aware dogs that are half Pit Bull can be designated and destroyed.

“It’s not an exact science I can tell you that,” Lorentz said.

Lawrence, the committee chair, wanted to know why Simpson described Charlie as a “lab-pit.”

just an easy way to explain what kind of dog he is rather than rattling
off a whole bunch of different breeds I see in him,” Simpson said.

“OK so this wasn’t because you were told this by a vet?” Lawrence said.

“No, this is something I came up with as a short way of telling people what I think he is,” Lawrence said.

The committee members deliberated behind closed doors for a few minutes.

on the evidence the committee is rescinding the designation which means
you are free to license your dog, no restrictions. Thanks you every
one,” Lawrence said.

No further explanations were given.

Simpson was visibly relieved as he walked out of the council chambers where the hearing was held.

“I am pleased, very pleased,” Simpson said.

The whole process has left Simpson shaking his head.

“Because they didn’t like the size of his head they wanted to kill him,” Simpson said.

“They gave me two options. Go get a DNA test done on him and find out
what his lineage is, which is several thousand dollars, or leave the
province,” Simpson.




High Five to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank Dogness there is still some good old common sense left in the world!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed Assembly Bill
which would have prohibited any person or entity from having 50 or
more intact dogs or cats. He returned the bill with the following veto

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

am returning Assembly Bill 241 without my signature. This measure would
make it a crime for any person or entity to own or control more than 50
unsterilized adult dogs or cats for breeding or raising for sale as
pets. I support measures designed to prevent animal cruelty and that
punish persons engaged in the abuse of animals. However, this measure
simply goes too far in an attempt to address the serious problem of
puppy mills. An arbitrary cap on the number of animals any entity can
possess throughout the state will not end unlawful, inhumane breeding
practices. Instead this measure has the potential to criminalize the
lawful activities of reputable breeders, pet stores, kennels, and
charitable organizations engaged in raising service and assistance

For these reasons, I am unable to sign this bill.

Denver mis-identification process update

Denver newspapers are a-buzz with questions about whether thousands of family pets have been slaughtered simply because of the mis-identification process.

Well, duh?

Check out this quote from The Denver Daily News.

This snippet is Doug Kelley (director of animal control in Denver) defending the “system”.


Doug Kelley, director of animal
control, defended the system yesterday, arguing that the appeals process is
proof that it works.

“The administrative hearing process is
there, it’s designed to allow owners to appeal,” he said. “That process worked
in this case — the dog, upon further information, was found not to be a pit
bull. So, that’s why the process is there.”

Kelley also defended the training
animal control officers receive in order to label a dog.

The training is actually a voluntary
program that animal control officers must opt into. The checklist to determine
if a dog is a pit bull is almost entirely physical characteristics, such as
lips, eye color and shoulders. If a dog matches the majority of criteria for a
pit bull, then the dog is a pit bull in the eyes of city officials. 

Critics of the system, however, point
out that there are dozens of traits that can be applied to several breeds. In
many cases, the evaluators are unable to agree on several of the criteria.

So what if you don’t have a couple thousand to blow on legal fees? Your dog is killed!

Training for breed identification? No such thing! You can’t identify something that is fictitious. “Pitbull” is a slang term for a non-purebred dog or cross bred dog.

Checklist… see previous post! Opinion based descriptions.

Try this…

Identify the following pictures on Denver’s “pitbull” checklist. Just open the attachment on the previous post and keep it open so you can do your own checklist of each of the animals below. See if you come up with a similar result for the following animals.

Animal number 1.



Animal number 2.



Animal number 3.

Ok, freak me out! I calculated more common criteria with animal number 3 when going through the checklist with each animal!

Here are a couple other links to other articles on this topic.

The Denver Channel

Denver Post



How does Denver identify a dog as a “pitbull”?

Have you wondered how Denver identifies a dog as a “pitbull”? I always find it a curious process how it is that one identifies something that is a slang term or label as opposed to a concrete provable subject.

As I have said over and over, the term “pitbull” is a slang term for a type or “look” of dog. It is not a purebred and it is certainly not a breed. There are well over 25 purebred breeds that resemble what is sometimes referred to as a “pitbull”. Basically it depends on who is doing the judging.

In the case of Dexter, in my previous post, Denver Animal Control (AC) has a “team” of so called “experts”. In this case two were AC officers and the third was a vet tech.

The same shenanigans go on up here in Ontario too. The city of Mississauga was caught red handed using the janitor at the pound as one of the “breed experts” and having slips of paper (with breed written on it) dropped in buckets in front of cages as a vote by pound staff to identify mutts in custody.

We happen to have a copy of the form Denver AC uses to decide whether a dog is a “pitbull”. I have attached a copy to this post.

The process is laughable but the outcome is far from. The outcome has resulted in the deaths of thousands of good family pets that happen to not fit the description of what Denver considers a family pet dog to look like. (see my second last post) Yes that’s right, in jurisdictions that have breed discriminatory legislation; your pet’s right to live or stay in your home depends on what it looks like, not how it behaves. It is not dependent on how responsible the owner is; it is strictly dependent on how your dog looks. The labeling or categorization may vary drastically from what you as an owner, AC employees or someone off the street thinks it should look like. It is dependent on amateurs with no qualification to judge the breed makeup of a cross bred dog. One step further, there is no person qualified to determine the makeup or lineage of a cross bred dog because it cannot be definitively determined. Professional dog show judges (with reputable kennel clubs) are at least experts in judging purebred dogs and know what to look for.

When you view the document in the attachment, what you are seeing is one form, used for the identification process, copied three times by three different “experts” at Denver AC. There are 27 steps to fill out , not including the dog’s name, color or gender.

The three forms in a row you are viewing have been performed on the same dog! As you can see the only criteria all three “experts” agree on are the coat color, nose color and sex of the dog. They could not even agree on the weight of the dog, in fact one called the dog obese at 60 lbs while another recorded the dog at 65 lbs with no indication the dog was overweight.

So here is how things basically go down.

Your dog is picked up or seized as a “pitbull” by any law enforcement. The dog is taken to the Animal Control facility where three of their “expert” “pitbull” evaluators fill out the form (the one attached). On the back of the form (not shown in the attachment), they write “pitbull” or whatever breed or mix of breed they think it is. If at least two of the “experts” say it is a “pitbull” then the dog has just received its date with Dr. Death. If at least two of the evaluators say it’s not a “pitbull” then you can pick up your dog and the dog is legal to live in Denver.

The law essentially reads that if Denver says your dog is a “pitbull” then it is a “pitbull”. Sound familiar?

Why on earth do you think (in Ontario) reverse onus was written into the law? (The onus in on the owner to prove the dog is not a “pitbull” as opposed to the crown proving the dog is a “pitbull”)

The stand alone answer to that is IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PROVE YOUR DOG IS NOT A “PITBULL” BECAUSE THEY DO NOT EXIST! Robert Charney (counsel for the Attorney General’s office in our case said himself in court “there is no such thing as a “pitbull”!) You cannot prove definitely that a cross bred dog has or does not have particular breeds in its genetic back ground or lineage. There is no proof and too many variables.

That being said, Kevin O’Connell just won his case in Denver (see previous post) proving Dexter was not a “pitbull”. In my opinion, O’Connell’s “experts” trumped AC’s “experts”. It sure sets a nice precedence for what a dog that isn’t a “pitbull” looks like!

Getting back to the attachment

***The three “experts” who filled out the forms attached, appeared at a hearing. When each were asked which of the criteria on the form were of the “pitbull” they did not know. One of the “experts” actually shrugged his shoulders. These “experts didn’t know whether a “pitbull” was supposed to have a curved or straight tail or course or soft coat. The form is “just something they fill out” but the “experts” cannot tell you what it all means.

The dog that was being identified in all three forms attached was identified as a “pitbull”.

**The dog being identified in the attached form is not Dexter. This is an unrelated previous case in Denver.

*This clearly demonstrates how the identification process is gravely flawed, sending thousands of innocent dogs to their death!

Denver’s breed identification was challenged

In a case against the city of Denver where 3 “breed ID experts” identified a dog (Dexter) as a “pitbull”; Dexter's owner challenged this identification and won!

My face is blue from mentioning this important tidbit of knowledge..

“Pitbull” is a slang term for a shape or look of dog. It IS NOT a breed! No wonder there are problems identifying something that cannot be defined and does not exist. Nobody is truly qualified to ID the breeds of a cross bred dog. Unless a dog is registered with a reputable dog registry, there is no way of proving the lineage of the animal. Fun game at the shelter but when your dog's life hangs on the balance, it isn't so damn fun anymore.. Unless you are a sociopathic dog killer (Kory Nelson and gang in Denver).


The above video is courtesy of KDVR in Denver, CO.

The comment was made in the video that thousands of mis-identified family pets have likely lost their lives as a result of Denver Animal Control mis-identifying. Ya THINK? See previous post!  

In an excerpt from an article at The Westword News it was not Dexter who actually did anything wrong, AC was called regarding another issue with a different dog.

Kevin O'Connell was away on business when he got a call from a Denver animal-control
officer: His dog, a Presa Canario, had mauled a Chihuahua. O'Connell, a
civil engineer who lives in Thornton,
had left his two dogs with a friend who lives in Denver; he gave the
officer his friend's address. Then his friend called: She said that
animal-control officers had shown up at her house, but instead of
impounding the Presa Canario, they'd taken his other dog, Dexter, who'd
been in her back yard.

“What?” O'Connell replied. “Why?”

“They say he's a pit bull.”

It is high time for the WITCH HUNTERS  to give it up. Seek therapy for your irrational fears and get on with your life. If you truly want to do something constructive about protecting public safety from irresponsible dog owners then take a look at the Responsible Dog Ownership bylaw in Calgary, Alberta. No targeting breeds, discrimination or throwing responsible dog owners under the bus in Calgary. Simple, enforceable, common sense bylaws that have been in place for nearly 2 decades and is a proven winner!

Denver's going down baby!

Time to wake up to the horrors of BSL

It is due time to “out” the visual and background story behind breed bans. Please let this burn into your mind. Please share this with as many people as you possibly can. The content is difficult, but what those of us who live with breed bans have witnessed and live with every hour of every day is not to be turned away from. The only way we can see our way through this is by speaking openly. We must educate people about the facts. There is an alternative. We must show our governing bodies the way. It is our duty as dog owners and citizens of municipalities, towns, cities, counties, states and provinces. It matters not what breed or cross breed of dog you own. It matters not if you even own a dog. It matters not if you even fancy dogs. This insanity MUST STOP! We owe it to the innocent.

A dog owner who was
forced to move out of Denver because of the pit bull ordinance, passed along a portion of her difficult account of life as a dog owner in Denver.

Many of you B.A.N.D. (Breed Awareness, Not Discrimination) members have
been here with me and so many others since Denver reenacted the breed ban in May
of 2005. Various members have done and continue to do rescue, fostering, letter
writing, phone calls, and every other kind of action that goes into helping
those affected or changing these insane laws to something saner, kinder, and
smarter than rounding up family dogs and killing them. 
Lately, for several reasons, I've not sent out much information about what
is going on with the court cases or what you can do to help if you're looking
to. A small part of those reasons is that doing some of this is hard and awful
and I just plain don't want to relive it by telling others–I've pretty much
clammed up as a defense mechanism. For me, one of the worst aspects of this is
helping people through the system to get their dogs out. Animal control does not
make this easy and anyway, almost everyone is scared and crying, and that's just
the people.
When these people go to visit their dogs in the Denver shelter, and have to
leave their dogs there–actually walk away–as the dogs are screaming to go with
them, it is almost too much to take. And the dogs have no idea how they got from
their comfy sofas to that concrete hellhole. I know many of you on this list
have experienced this firsthand and some of you have said you've never heard
your dog make that panicky sound before.

The point of this is that so many people do not know what the end
result of breed discriminatory legislation is. I've heard people say, “Oh, you
just can't have them there.”
No! That is not it at all. Not even close. 
Breed discriminatory legislation manifests itself in the rounding up and
killing of good, well-loved, well-trained, passive, sweet, family dogs. I've
included photos as proof that that is the end result of a breed ban. Please do your part and help spread the word. I can attest that
these are indeed photos from Denver's breed ban as I took them myself.
Also, there's so much need out there with the dogs, even if you don't want
to send these disgusting photos out or don't want to become an advocate for
people going through the system, there is plenty more you can do with whatever
time and resources you have. We need it all and we need it now! Thank you!
Your tired friend,
About the photos…
These are pictures of just one load of dogs that Denver has rounded up and
killed as part of their breed ban. “Well,” you might say, “dogs are killed every
day in shelters across the land.” Yes, they are and it is all awful. But these
were dogs who had homes. These were owned dogs that got picked
up and killed for what they look like, not for anything they did. Underneath
this pile of dead dogs, but not shown, were something like twelve puppies that
were not even weaned yet. The photographer wanted to show them, but didn't have
the heart to move the bodies of the adults around to show the puppies. Either
way, this is how a breed ban manifests itself–in the rounding up and killing
family dogs.
Now, just before you lean back and wipe your brow to think this is a Denver issue or this isn't happening here.. think again.

This happens every day right here in Ontario. We have the numbers. Over 5000 dogs have been killed right here in Ontario since August 25, 2005!

Tin Pot Award for this month goes to Neguac, NB

I cannot find the words to comment on this lack of thought from the town council of Neguac, New Brunswick. My only comment would have to be; way to hurl Neguac! I hope your pop drops from 1623 to ZERO.

In an article from the Times and Transcript, the witch hunt is described in detail.

NEGUAC - The village of Neguac is hoping to rid itself of a number of dog
breeds that fall under the pit bull label and owners are now required to
surrender their pets, no questions asked.

The community, located about 30-minutes northeast of Miramichi, passed a
bylaw banning the ownership of the breeds that are considered pit bulls.

Pit bull is a blanket term used to describe several breeds within the
molosser family that share similar physical characteristics.

Typically lumped into the pit bull-type dog category are breeds like the
American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull
Terrier, and sometimes the American Bulldog and the Bull Terrier.

Village administrator Denis Bujold told Canadaeast News Service that
council's decision to revamp its dog bylaw to include the enforced ban on pit
bulls stems from a few incidents involving the dogs showing aggression towards
people and other dogs.

Bujold said the new legislation allows the municipal animal control
officer to seize any of the breeds covered by the ban.

Under the ban, even pit bulls with a perfect track record of
non-aggression and a quality family life are required to be surrendered.

“He will seize it there and there will have to (be) some arrangement with
the dog, whatever they want to do with it,” said Bujold. “That's up to that
owner what they want to do with it, but there's one thing sure; he cannot own
his dog in the municipality.”

My terrier is broken?

I absolutely have to tell you this amusing story.. it is a true story.

This past weekend a friend, my American Staffordshire Terrier (Justice) and I went to the cottage. We arrived late Saturday night very tired. After carrying all our stuff in we sat down in the living room to enjoy the peace and quiet of Muskoka.

I heard a “rustling” noise several times that seemed to come from the vicinity of the kitchen. We both heard the noise, but Justice didn't seem to give it a second thought so that was good enough for me. It isn't odd to hear animals outside on the wrap around deck frolicking in the night.

At about 1:30 I went to bed. I fell asleep quite quickly but was awakened to the sound of my friend yelling “Lori!!! There is a squirrel in here!!!”

You know what it is like when you wake up from a dead sleep. I was rather stunned but yelled back, “I'll let Justice out of my room!”

I opened the door and the next thing I saw was a little squirrel running past the bookshelf with Justice trotting behind it. Neither the squirrel or Justice were moving very fast; at least not by what I would consider hunting speed. The squirrel disappeared somewhere behind the TV.

I turned to ask my friend what transpired. He said he was playing a game on his cell phone when a cheeky squirrel ran out and crossed the living room, darting in and out of furniture. At one point it ran across the room and banged into the sliding glass door. My friend opened the door and screen and tried to chase the little guy out but the squirrel didn't seem able to find his way back to the great outdoors.

We looked for several minutes but there was no sign of the squirrel so I suggested we go back to bed, close the bedroom doors and deal with the squirrel in the morning.

I quickly fell back to sleep but was awakened again by Justice jumping off the bed. I heard a scratch, scratch… on the floor. I woke up much quicker this time! I realized the squirrel is now in my bedroom! I had a lamp by my bedside so I turned it on without getting out of bed. Much to my amazement, here was a little squirrel, the size of a chipmunk, sitting huddled in the corner of my bedroom with Justice staring him down. Justice's nose was about a foot and a half away from the squirrel with his head hung low I could see Justice's nose moving as he sniffed. I managed a weak “get it!”, but Justice made no move toward the squirrel. The squirrel had huge black eyes and seemed rather stunned. Once he saw that this rather huge by comparison dog was not making a move to kill, the squirrel ran past Justice and jumped on the chair in the corner of the room underneath the window.

I now made my move to open the bedroom door and yell at my friend, “the squirrel is in my bedroom!!!!”

My friend now came to the doorway of my room and I grabbed the phone to call my aunt and uncle who have the cottage next door. I am not sure what I expected them to do at (now 4:00am). My aunt said to close the bedroom door and deal with it in the morning.. Meanwhile back in my bedroom I was getting a running commentary from my friend telling me the squirrel was on my bed, on my pillow, on the chair, jumping all around my bedroom. I appeared back in my bedroom doorway to see the squirrel jump onto the blind and try to escape out the window, however the screen was preventing his escape from Alcatraz. While this commotion was happening, Justice was hanging out in the living room! Yes, my terrier is ~BROKEN~ WHAT THE HELL? AREN'T DOGS NATURALLY SUPPOSED TO CHASE AND KILL SMALL MOVING ANIMALS?

There is a shelf above the window that has books stacked on top so it is quite near the ceiling. The squirrel climbed up the wall and found a temporary safe haven on top of the books above the window.

My friend decided it was a good idea to take the broom and “encourage” the squirrel to find its way to the now open window and embrace freedom. The squirrel was hiding his head in his own fur trying the old trick, if I can't see them… they can't see me? The closer my friend got with the broom, the more nervous the squirrel became. It was now moving back and forth across the books. I was standing behind my friend while he began throwing books at the squirrel.

All of a sudden the squirrel launched himself at my friend! It was a flying squirrel!

My friend squealed like a girl and I ducked out of the way but saw the squirrel fly into the bedroom across the hall. I quickly closed the door with the squirrel contained in the other bedroom. All I could think of was Chevy Chase at that moment. A Griswold weekend at the cottage was shaping up quite nicely.

My friend, now traumatized, grabbed a towel, throw rug, cooler and a box to secure the little 2 oz squirrel. He saw to it there would be NO escape from this room. Once the squirrel was secured, my friend realized his cell phone was with the squirrel.

I finally went back to bed. It was now 4:30am. I woke up the next morning to a cell phone ringing repeatedly. I guess the squirrel wasn't answering?

In the morning my aunt and uncle arrived with pest control paraphernalia in hand. They brought a laundry basket (with lid) and gloves. My aunt announced she was “going in”. She began hunting around the room for the nocturnal squirrel but out of the corner of her eye she spotted the little squirrel laying dead on the floor.

Not sure how the poor little fella died. Maybe he had a heart attack after a 75 pound American Staffordshire Terrier turned him down as a snack and 2 humans squealed and chased him with a broom.

The moral of the story is, don't assume your terrier will protect your ass from wild animals. They surely don't necessarily answer the call of what they were “bred” to do… 

Sarnia dogs released! But no pat on the back for Sarnia…

I was away for the weekend so wasn't able to update on the Sarnia dogs..

Chicobandido has the story.

The dogs have been released to their owners.

Thank you to Al Bennet for injecting some sense into this situation.

Here is the media release from earlier today:

City of Sarnia
Media Release

Date: September 21, 2009
Release Date: Immediate
From: Lloyd Fennell, City Manager
Subject: Release of Dogs

The City of Sarnia is arranging for the release of the three mixed-breed dogs
that were detained on the basis of having similar characteristics to a “Pit
Bull” as outlined by the Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA).

Following the detentions, the dogs Capone, Maddie and Carter were examined by an
expert of the owners choice and one of the City's choice.

Both examinations found that the dogs were not “Pit Bulls” nor do they have the
appearance or physical characteristics of the “Pit Bull” breed.

While the dogs were detained, extensions were given to the euthanasia of the
dogs to allow for the examinations.

The City wanted to get the necessary information to ensure the right decision
was made and that is now the case.

Following discussions with the owners' lawyer, the dogs will be released to
their owners subject to them being spayed and neutered in accordance with the
recommendations of the owners' expert.

The city is satisfied that the release of the dogs back to their owners is the
right decision and will work with the owners to ensure that the recommendations
are followed in the release.

Lloyd Fennell

City Manager

A couple of comments..

First off, do you think maybe part of the problem is that some people (at least AC in Sarnia) are still believing “pitbull” is a breed! “Pitbull” is a short haired mutt. You cannot identify the lineage of a cross bred or mutt dog, period. Cannot be done, nada, no no no.

Why is the city stipulating the dogs be neutered and spayed? The dogs have been declared legal. These owners have done nothing wrong. Why are they being ordered to alter their dogs? Don't assume I am advocating they do not alter their dogs but shouldn't it be a choice?

At least the dogs' have been released back to their owners.

I guess we shouldn't hold our breath for an apology. I do not see any heroics on behalf of the city of Sarnia. May they hang their heads in shame for targeting dog owners (again) within the city of Sarnia. Targeting owners of short haired mutts based on looks not behaviour. If a dog is acting in a dangerous manner, no matter how it looks, the owner should be dealt with. If your dog accidentally gets loose well, as they say (**** happens). If it is chronic there may be a problem. To kill someone's dog while hiding behind the BS the Fib's have brought to this province is despicable. 

CGN Day Sept 19th at Beeton Fair, Beeton, Ontario


The Dog Legislation Council of Canada is offering a Canine Good Neighbor Day at the Beeton Fair September 19th, 2009.

Canadian Kennel Club certificate test – conducted by a CKC CGN Evaluator. Fee for CGN is $35.00 per dog.

Saturday, September 19th 2009 – testing will be held on the grounds at the Beeton Fair.

This test is available to purebred and non-pure bred dogs. There will be an entrance fee to gain access to the Fairgrounds. Please keep your dogs leashed to comply with municipal bylaws at all times.

For more information about the CGN testing criteria please contact Lori Gray

The Town of New Tecumseth offers a half price reduction to dog tag costs for dogs with a Canine Good Neighbour Certificate.


From Hwy 400, go north to exit hwy 88 to Bond Head. Go west to Bond Head to stoplight at hwy 27th. Turn north to 8th line 1.5 km. Turn left or west toward Beeton 8.8km. You will now be on the Main St of Beeton. At 2nd St N in Beeton, turn right or north to Prospect St. You will be at the fairgrounds in Community Park.

Pre-book CGN testing by contacting

Dogs must be 6 months of age or older

PC Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and Canvass a success

The PC volunteer appreciation BBQ and canvass was a success, as reported by one of our members who was in attendance with his dog Abby. The BBQ was a great chance to meet the St Paul's candidate, Sue-Ann Levy, who will be running in Bryant's former riding. The Liberal's are not confident they will hang on to the seat in St. Paul's. The by-election is coming up this Thursday Sept 17th.

Following a day of canvassing,  Leader Tim Hudak, Sue-Ann
Levy, Party Executive, PC Caucus, volunteers, families, and friends of
the Ontario PC Party had their
annual volunteer BBQ.

Here are some comments from our member who was there…

Abby attracted a lot of favorable attention. I didn't meet
one person who had anything good to say about the pit bull ban. Among
the people coming over to greet Abby was a teenage girl with a
little girl about 1 or 2 years old. The little girl liked petting Abby.

Later when I finally got a chance to speak to Tim Hudak the first
thing he said was “your dog really hit it off with my daughter”. It
turns out that the little girl was Tim Hudak's daughter. I asked where
he stood on the pit bull ban and he called it a ridiculous law. He
suggested that once elected that they need to bring in a new law that
will actually be effective in protecting people from dangerous dogs.
He commented that when he was a kid it was German Shepherds that
people were afraid of. He did say that it wouldn't be a campaign
issue, but he seemed well informed on the issue and definitely opposed
to the pit bull ban.

Thanks for the report Bryan and thanks for mascot duty Abby!

Remember to begin researching which party has the best chance of beating the Liberal in your riding for the next provincial election (Oct 2011). The countdown is on! If the next election is likened to a game of bowling, we are long over due for a strike to knock those Fiberal pins out of the way and get this province back on track!! Time to restore the sanity.

Good luck to Sue-Ann Levy this Thursday! Paws crossed for you..


In Ontario these days, it's hard to say.  It seems as though any short-haired dog can be turned into a 'pit bull' with no effort at all.

Of course that's what happens when a law is 100% rigged against a citizen in favour of the government – fairness flies out the window.  Every dog is substantially similar in physical characteristics to every other dog, isn't he?  Of course he is.  Note the law doesn't say 'physical appearance' or 'breed', then run that around in your head for a second or two.

Get it?

out my PowerPoint presentation.  It's modified from the wildly successful display I did for our booth at the All About Pets show this past Easter

It's attached as a file – just click on the paper clip or hit the linked title to view it.

I haven't used PowerPoint for years, so it's kind of basic.  Any and all suggestions/tips welcome!

Follow up: Nackawic, NB gives BSL the boot!

h/t Chicobandido

Remember the story a few days ago about Dr.
Mary Ann Bramstrup, who with held some services from the town of Nackawic, NB (where she works and lives)? She took a different approach to get the town to wake up and smell the common sense.

Well the town of Nackawic, NB injected some common sense into the dog bylaw.

From the Bugle Observer today:

Nackawic passes amended dog bylaw, removing breed specific as a vicious dog

At Tuesday evenings regular meeting – after public consultation and
revision – the town's council introduced and enacted its purposed
amendments with the third and final reading.

Council removed
breed specific classifications – pit bull terriers, Rottweilers and
mixed breeds of either – from the vicious dog classification and based
the bylaw on if a dog bites, attacks or aggressively chases a person or
another animal. The $250 vicious dog fee was also removed.

Kudos to Dr. Bramstrap and the town of Nackawic, NB!

May all jurisdictions who currently have BSL follow your lead and do the right thing. 

Sarnia's horrifying update

City now holding three suspected pit bulls

The city has impounded yet another dog based on the belief it is a banned breed in Ontario and must be euthanized.

A complaint prompted Sarnia officials on Friday to pick up a
dog, which they were told fathered two puppies already being held at
the Sarnia and District Humane Society.

All three dogs are boxer mixes, according to one owner Korinn
Seabrook. However, city animal control officers say they are
Staffordshire bull terriers and are illegal.

Sarnia is well on its way to topping the list of being known for most dog unfriendly city. Way to hurl Sarnia!

If only more people were un-neutered…

There is an interesting article at the Globe and Mail today.
A quick thinking MD in Nackawic NB, a small town west of Fredericton, had the knackers to with hold some services until common sense prevailed with the town canine bylaw. Dr. Mary Ann Brampstrup found out about the small town deeming dogs vicious based on breed rather than responsible ownership when she was asked to pay $250.00 for her dog tag for her Rottweiler-Lab mix, Jessie.

Calling the bylaw akin to “racial profiling,” the doctor decided this
summer she would stop providing some extra services. She would no
longer volunteer for committee work, participate in mock disaster
exercises or see patients she did not know at her home office outside
business hours.

Within weeks the town was drafting a new bylaw.

Kudos to you Dr. Brampstup!

Come on Canada, wake up! Targeting breeds and deeming them dangerous/vicious based on breed is outdated and shows a lack of understanding of not only human behavior but dog behavior. With nearly half of Canadian households owning a dog, it is time to wake up and smell the facts. Dogs are here to stay.. Let's follow what works, shall we. Google Calgary Responsible Dog Bylaw..

Bryant's legacy… death and destruction

Pitbull law unevenly applied

ANIMALS: Two dogs to be euthanzied this week


If Maddi and Carter lived in St. Clair Township they probably wouldn't be on death row.

But they live in Sarnia where animal control officers say they
resemble Staff ordshire bull terriers or pitbulls and are illegal.

Both 11-month-old pups are scheduled to be euthanized this week unless their owners can prove they aren't a banned breed.

Sarnia is only following provincial legislation that binds the municipality, says Mayor Mike Bradley.

“We didn't ask for it but we have to deal with it,” he said.
“The city doesn't agree with banning by breed and I've been opposed to
it since day one. But we are doing what the provincial law requires.”

The 2005 Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act says any
Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staff ordshire terriers, American
pit bull terriers and any dog that looks “substantially similar” is

In Sarnia, animal control offi- cers don't require a complaint
to pick up a dog they believe is banned. If the officer deems it a
pitbull, the onus is on the owner to prove otherwise.

Here is the original article from this week.

Suspected pitbulls on death row

CATHY DOBSON The Observer September 2, 2009

Korinn Seabrook and Sonya Pimentel are desperate to stop Sarnia
from euthanizing their puppies, but neither is optimistic they can be

The women, who are friends, each adopted an 11-month-old dog they believe are boxer mixes from a mutual friend.

“Both the mom and the dad are boxer mix. My friend has the papers to prove it,” said Seabrook.

But Sarnia animal control officers say the puppies look like
Staffordshire bull terriers, a breed that’s been illegal to own in
Ontario since legislation was passed in 2005 to ban so-called pitbulls.

Seabrook’s dog Maddi went missing Sunday night near her home on
Michigan Avenue. She believes the 30-pound pup escaped through a hole
in the screen door.

“I stayed up all night looking for her,” she said. In the
morning, she discovered Maddi at the Sarnia and District Humane

In the media ruckus about the mastermind behind this bull**** legislation, I didn't post this case.

Sarnia Animal Control seized these dogs which the owners stated were NOT a

bull” nor did these dogs have any “pit bull” in their genetic make

It is not the first time puppies were seized by this
city.They will be killed if

we as responsible dog owners don't write to stop
this madness.

These dogs were seized despite the fact that the
Ontario Superior Court ruled

that the definition of pit bull as written was

How was this determination of breed made? It is impossible to determine proof of breed makeup in mixed breed dogs. Only the breeds of pure bred, registered dogs are identifiable without doubt. 

Under the Dog Owners Liability
Act , the city of Sarnia does not have the right

to seize ownership of ANY
dog. It only has the right to lay charges under the

Act .

In the recent case
of a Mr Philip Huggins, the city of Toronto found itself in a

unenviable position of being in violation of DOLA regulations.

this case as with Mr Huggins, the dogs pose no immediate threat to

public, the owners did not relinquish the dogs nor did the owners at any

refuse to meet certain criteria for ensuring that these dog's would be


I ask the Honourable Mayor and Councillors
of the City of Sarnia to step in and

stay the order for the death of these

Please share your feelings with the Sarnia mayor and council about this situation.

For your convenience the emails are provided below. Please remove spaces prior to sending email. The titles of each person directly follow the addresses.

mayor @
d.boushy @
andybruziewicz @

terry @
jimfoubister @

annemariegillis @
mike @

bevmacdougall @
jonmceachran @

Mayor Mike Bradley

City/County Councillor Dave

City Councillor Andy Bruziewicz

City Councillor Terry

City/County Councillor Jim Foubister

Councillor Anne Marie Gillis

City Councillor Mike

City/County Councillor Bev MacDougall

City Councillor Jon

Michael Bryant victim? Navigator Ltd. runs the spin cycle on high

Even if I were hypnotized I wouldn't believe Bryant isn't a ******bag!

Anyone want to chip in a few bucks to hire a PR firm to put out the real truth? I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to round up a few (hundred thousand) p****d off citizens of Ontario that have found themselves on the short end of the wienie in the past 6 or more years… Why didn't we think of hiring a PR firm in 2004 whilst being thrown under the bus by Bryant himself? It is listed as one of the many things Navigator Ltd. does.

I am not sure what it costs to hire a “big shot” firm like Navigator Ltd. to run the spin cycle to makes things appear different than they are. I'm sure since we raised in excess of $750,000.00 (just from the dog owning community) for our court case, they may at least give us the gentle spin cycle for less?

One serious question comes to my mind while pondering spin city..

If Bryant is innocent, why does he need to hire a PR firm to make him “look” like he isn't a ******bag? Is this some sick twist on reverse onus?

…..I look like an *******, walk like an *******, talk like an *******, I must be an *******. I better hire a PR firm to make me not look like an *******! Bryant says himself, if you are an *******, you know you are an *******!…..

The opening page of the Navigator Ltd. website states:

And although the specifics of our clients’ challenges are unique, there is one constant: the need to win in the arena of public opinion.

They are upfront about what it is they do.

Jamie Watt – Chair of the firm and senior partner

A highly regarded speaker, Jaime is a regular panelist on Canada's
premier political affairs television programme, Politics with Don
Newman. He also appears on CBC, Global, CTV, and TVO and in the
National Post and The Globe and Mail as a commentator on public affairs issues.

Robin Sears – Senior Partner

For a global executive search firm, Robin managed regional and global
practices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Toronto. He was the first Asia
president of the pioneering digital search firm, Futurestep, for two of
those years. He is a senior writer for
Policy Options magazine, Canada's leading policy journal, and a regular guest on CBC Newsworld's Politics.

From their webpage “What we do”

We start with the facts. Not as we might see them, or as our gut might tell us, but rather as the marketplace informs us, through focused research that drives to the heart of the issue.   We employ research that is not afraid to ask tough questions, and sometimes deliver tough answers.
We then pass that information through the prism of our years of experience, to deliver an analysis that will illuminate the issue in new ways.  Clients have praised us for our ability to take an issue that has been looked at, sometimes for years, and radically shift perspective to reveal new insights.  These fresh insights are what our strategies are built on.

For example, the press release for Bryant's resignation was released by Dan Robertson at Navigator Ltd. Called a “leak” it delivers the message that Bryant quit his job (which he loved) and of course the REAL message they want to put in your thoughts is that; (he claims he is innocent of the very serious accusations made against him).

In an excerpt from an article by Rick Salutin (Globe and Mail) called “The problem with PR: let's speak for ourselves”:

But there's one element that irritates me severely. It's the presence,
since very early, of a public-relations firm aiding Mr. Bryant. Globe
reporter Timothy Appleby says he was told outside the jail that morning
that a PR firm was involved. Even Sherman McCoy didn't use his second
call to phone a publicist. Tim says he doesn't know whether the company
was already engaged for another reason, but they were apparently on Mr.
Bryant's case.

The firm turned out to be Navigator Ltd., which acted for Brian Mulroney during the Karlheinz Schreiber operetta. This muddies everything that follows.

For instance, immediately on release, Mr. Bryant expressed
condolences to Mr. Sheppard's family. As Susan Reisler of Media
Profile, another PR firm, told the Toronto Star: “It's appropriate to
apologize. It's not admission to anything …” This is stock PR wisdom in
crisis management. You get out there fast with your top person and
express regret.

Salutin makes a comment in another article in the National Post:

A PR firm taints it, says
Salutin. “When a news story says, 'We have new information from a
source …' is that source Navigator? Or someone egged on by
Navigator?” Bryant's a smart guy, in other words, so why can't he
speak (or stay silent) for himself?

I'll leave you with some pondering fodder. The Toronto Star had a decent article entitled “Spinning the first week of Michael Bryant's new life.” Here is an excerpt:

It's a reasonable bet you, too, Toronto Star readers, have
an opinion. But is it, you might ask, your own? Definitely not, says a
veteran Toronto criminal lawyer, loath to have his name published.
“Look, the headline on this story should be: `Navigator, changing your
perceptions without you even knowing it.'”

He refers, of course,
to Navigator Limited, the smooth public relations firm hired by Bryant
(when exactly is unclear) to massage the message. He's said to be close
to Navigator chair Jaime Watt, touted for knowing everybody in Canadian
power circles. Senior partner Robin Sears most recently was
spokesperson for Brian Mulroney during the parliamentary investigation
into his dealings with deported German arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber.

and continuing…

Experienced legal and political hands see Navigator's fingerprints
all over public opinion. Shortly after a noon strategy meeting
yesterday that apparently drew together Navigator staffers and Bryant's
criminal defence lawyer, highly regarded Marie Henein, Sears
acknowledged a reporter's remark that things seemed to be going well
for them.

“I'm glad you agree,” he said. “We're working hard to ensure that it does. A big part of that is us staying out of the story.”

I realize I am bias in my opinion of who Michael Bryant is as a person, a politician or a business man. Articulate, inspiring, showman and dynamic are NOT on my list of descriptive words for Bryant. I felt as though I wanted to throw up when I read the warm and fuzzy article in the Star September 2nd; hot on the heels of Sheppard's death.  I guess that was another one of Navigator's releases to try to rock the public into thinking there is a “softer” side or somehow portray he can't be the sociopath many suspect. 

“Collateral damage” is what Bryant does best. I can attest to this!

I can't help but think that somehow Bryant made a tragic choice and there very well may have been tragic choices made on both sides of the coin. What I know for sure is; it is utterly disgusting and vile to think that a public campaign to paint a “rosy” picture may influence the outcome of this tragedy.


Is Michael Bryant going to take up cycling?

Former Attorney General Michael Bryant's conditions of his release were revealed today. Bryant was charged Tuesday with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death. The conditions for his release were; a driving ban, Bryant must remain in the province of
Ontario, leave his passport with police and notify police of any change
in address, employment or occupation.

This begs the question if Bryant will take up cycling?

Or at the very least ride the TTC. He won't have too many pressing engagements since he is now out of a job. Bryant, for reasons that are unclear, handed in his resignation on Wednesday, September 2nd.  

Maybe he can hire a chauffeur.


If Michael Bryant was a pitbull…

Our friends over at the Dogs in Canada blog have an excellent post!

If Michael Bryant
was a pitbull…

by Kelly on
September 2, 2009

It’s certainly very distressing to read about the news that former Ontario
Attorney General Michael Bryant has been
with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a
motor vehicle causing death.

It is a must read…
h/t Kelly!

Inherently dangerous beast (Michael Bryant) charged in fatality

I hate to say, I told you so… Now a Toronto cyclist is dead, following a vicious act last night when former Attorney General of Ontario (McGuinty Fiberal's) Michael Bryant, went off like a ticking time bomb!

The latest fatality stats were released early this morning for Ontario.

Fatalities caused by “pitbulls”                  0
Fatalities caused by Michael Bryant          1

According to CBC news this afternoon;

“Michael James Bryant, 43 years of age, of Toronto, is now charged with
criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor
vehicle causing death,” said Toronto police Sgt. Tim Burrows at an
impromptu news conference outside the headquarters of the force's
traffic division.

Bryant's future is unclear following the death of a cyclist on Bloor Street West near Bay Street on Monday night.

Not to appear to gleefully that Karma has taken a public form; but there are obviously thousands of people who feel a rush of enthusiasm at the thoughts of MB becoming someones “bitch” in Government Hotel. The hit counter hit well in excess of 260,000 this morning when the news broke.

Michael J. Bryant is responsible for ruining the lives of Ontarian's during his unstable, sociopath behavior and crazed run as Attorney General of Ontario. He was responsible for legislation banning “pitbulls” and using the legislation that banned the fictitious breed of dog to crush the cars of street racers, among other things (list far too long). Uncanny really how he would find himself charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing the death of city courier, 33-year-old Darcy Allan Sheppard of Toronto. The victim is also the father of an infant son.

The witnesses said it appeared as though Bryant was attempting to
knock Sheppard off the car by brushing against trees and mailboxes on
Bloor Street approaching Avenue Road. Burrows said Sheppard was
“essentially a pedestrian,” having left his bicycle.

Police said Sheppard sustained severe injuries after striking a mailbox and a tree while still hanging on to the car. He was dragged and then run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle. He was rushed to Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital, according to police.

Sheppard was pronounced dead a short time later.

Getting back to the dire warnings we tried to warn people of going back as far as early 2004. It is a matter of public safety! Nobody listened to us. The picture below is of a poster I carried around Queen's Park August 29th, 2005. We knew then what this man was capable of but no one listened. 

I along with countless other citizens of Ontario, wish to express our voice, that the full measure of the law be used to give this man what he deserves. This man is a danger to public safety and must be locked up. Everyone deserves fair and due process, but then again those of us on the receiving end of bull**** legislation did not receive fair and due process.

As they say, a picture says a 1000 words…. Jury selection for Bryant's trial.


Is the kettle about to boil over in Surrey?

It is absolutely beyond me why people entertain the thoughts that banning breeds or fictitious breeds of dogs? If they have their thinking caps on at all or have learned the art of “google” they will find plenty of evidence that cities, states, counties and countries are repealing bans and substituting with common sense. Holland executed a detailed study to prove breed bans do nothing to decrease bite incidents. In an article this week…

Surrey City Councillor Barinder Rasode says she is ready to re-evaluate the rules surrounding dangerous dogs in light of recent dog attacks in Surrey.

Rasode says she could see tougher legislation, or even a ban on
certain breeds in Surrey. “If the SPCA came forward to council with a
proposal we would certainly not only discuss that proposal but send it
out to public consultation…and maybe a ban is what we need to look at.”

Give your head a shake Barinder!

Google the “Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw” in Calgary.

I feel like a broken record.. record.. record… record… record… record…

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Stricter enforcement, more responsibility needed

This week the President of the DLCC, LeeAnn O'Reilly, was interviewed by the Cornerbrook Western Star.

Stricter enforcement, more responsibility needed: dog expert

The Western Star

LeeAnn O’Reilly and her purebred Rottweiler Enzo. — Submitted photo
LeeAnn O’Reilly and her purebred Rottweiler Enzo. — Submitted photo

O’Reilly says public education, in addition to stricter laws and
regulations, are the key to fostering more responsible dog ownership.

The Corner Brook woman is president of the Dog Legislation Council of
Canada and has been involved in rescuing neglected and abused dogs for
20 years.

When it comes to dog aggression, O’Reilly said the solution is not
always to have the dog euthanized. More emphasis needs to be placed on
making people realize the onus is on the owner to ensure their dog is
trained to behave properly and that even troublesome dogs can be taught
their place in the human world.

To read the rest of the article click here.

CGN Testing at Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club Show Aug 1 & 2nd



The Dog Legislation
Council of Canada is offering Canine Good

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Fee for CGN is
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August 1st, and 2nd
2009 –
testing will be held
during and in conjunction with the Barrie Kennel Club Show.


This test is
available to purebred and non-pure bred dogs. The CGN test will be held outside
the show perimeter but remaining on show grounds. Visitors welcome, however
visiting dogs must stay 30 feet back from show rings. Dogs are not allowed in
designated show areas for either agility or confirmation unless they are entered
exhibition only. Purebred dogs may be entered exhibition only by calling the
entry line by the show deadline. Ask to enter exhibition for the Barrie Kennel
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Directions to Odas Park show

Fairgrounds Rd
Severn, ON (near Orillia )


Take Hwy 400 north to
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Take exit 133 for Hwy
12 West/Coldwater Rd. toward Midland

Turn left at Hwy 12
Coldwater Rd

Turn Right at
Fairgrounds Rd


 Pre-book CGN testing
by contacting:


Dogs must be 6 months
of age or older

****Included as attachments are a poster with the same information as above and a copy of the CGN criteria.


Protest planned for Saturday, July 18 at Queen's Park and Ottawa

Saturday, July 18th there is a protest being held at 2 locations.

Queen's Park

Ottawa at the Supreme Court of Canada Building

The protests begin at 2 pm.

There will be guest speakers speaking about BSL and alternatives. There will be special guests performing some tricks and entertaining everyone.

Attached are posters for printing. If you would print some posters and post them around where you live, and forward this information to everyone in your address book, it would be much appreciated.

Hope to see you there!

Well isn't Ireland just a shining light in the dangerous dog department

Well apparently, dog banning (of which they had quite a long list already in place) wasn't working so Northren Ireland has decided to add on another group of breeds.

Here is a link to the story.

The new plan claims that other breeds such as the German Shepherd,
Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher should be restricted and forced to be
leashed and muzzled in public under provisions within the Order to add
breeds or types not currently covered. The same provision to add new
breeds or types is also included in the DDA and although Defra claim to
have no plans to add breeds or types they do state it is always under

Should the recommendation be acted on, the restrictions would bring
Northern Ireland more in line with Southern Ireland which already
requires the leashing and muzzling of American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull
Mastiff, Doberman pinscher, English Bull Terrier, German Shepard
(Alsation), Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa, Rhodesian Ridgeback,
Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and to every dog of the type
commonly known as the Ban Dog (or Bandog) and to every other strain or
cross of every breed or type of dog described. It will however retain
the ban and mandatory destruction in relation to the American Pit bull
Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasiliero.

I counted 13 breeds already on the list for Ireland.

Didn't see the Irish Wolfhound, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue, Glen of Imaal, Wheaten's, or Irish Setter's on the list. Better add them all as well. Apparently your aim is to become a CAT country.  

I missed posting this article from the Toronto Star

h/t Steve

The Toronto Star had a great, balanced story in yesterday's paper. I missed posting it and thought you may have missed it too.

The comments are interesting. Nobody agrees with the city.

Hmm methinks people are starting to SEE what ******bags are running this province?

As a reminder too, on a completely different sidenote..

Mayor slimy Miller and former AG Micheal evil Bryant are in bed together.. What fun that should bring our city of Toronto. On big love in happy family.

Now to give credit where credit is due

Wow, what a week! I didn't think I would ever have a chance to speak these words, but CTV had a good story and video story about the Ginger case.

I only caught the short version on the 11pm news last night but this video is a longer version of the story.

Here is the link.

I was infuriated that most MSM stories about Ginger, conveniently left out a LITTLE TIDBIT of info that she was LEASHED and MUZZLED when she was attacked.

Chicobandido has more on that.

City of Toronto granted an appeal in Ginger case

Have you ever had that feeling that you feel as though your head may explode?

I sometimes wonder if, (unbeknownst to me) I was plucked off the earth and placed on some idiotic planet where the opposite of common sense is the “norm”.

The city of Toronto was granted an appeal in the Ginger case.

To refresh your memory, Ginger was in a Toronto animal services kennel for three and a half
years, accused of aggression after defending herself against an
unprovoked attack by an off-leash dog.  She was freed a week ago after
a judge determined that she had been held illegally for over three
years!  Today, we find out if the city of Toronto will be allowed to
appeal that decision. To read more…

Chicobandido has an additional post with the link to the National Post.

Earlier this week, a friend sent me the link to another story developing in Toronto.

For the second time this month, a dog has attacked another owner's pet,
leaving the animal in serious condition. This latest incident involved a
two-year German Shepherd named Rocky, who allegedly jumped over the fence in his
yard on Enfield Ave. in the Lakeshore and Browns Line area around 2pm
Monday and attacked another dog as its owner took it out for a walk.

Vets have told the family it will cost at least $4,500 to save their beloved
Boomer (top left), a Polish lowland sheepdog.

The wounded canine is on oxygen and is in stable condition. But he needs
surgery to have his trachea repaired and that's a major expense.

At the very least his owner wants an apology. “She knows I'm home all day. I
would have most sincerely gone over there to apologize and say 'what else can I
do?'” complains Yvette Drummond. “I think it's just not right.”

She claims police told her it “wasn't their problem.”

Rocky's owner says she intends to issue that apology and feels terrible about
what happened. But she insists her pet is usually very well behaved and there's
no reason why the dog may have gone on the offensive.

All I have to say is; WTF is wrong with people?

Let's recap for a moment.

Phillip Huggins' mother was out for a walk with his dog Ginger, in
compliance with the law. (Ginger was leashed and muzzled. Remember this
was Nov 29th, 2005 so the ban had just come into effect.) Ginger is
attacked by another dog and her muzzle was ripped off. Ginger defended
herself by biting back. Phillip was charged and Ginger was seized,
where she remained in custody until just this week. She has been in
custody of the Toronto pound since Nov 29th 2005! Almost 4 years! Clay
got involved in the case 2 weeks ago. In a comment from Ruby;

“Clearly she (Ginger) bit. The question was whether she was defending
herself against another dog or whether she was the aggressor,” said

So the question is not whether Ginger bit back but Toronto Animal Services are claiming they had no choice under judgement to order Ginger seized and destroyed.

Two months ago, Ontario Court Justice Mary Hogan set the destruction
order aside, stating her “concern … that such a dog would be ordered
destroyed in circumstances where the dog had no culpability

The judge offered the analogy of a burglar
breaking into a home where a pit bull resided and the pit bull biting
the burglar, saying it would be “absurd” to destroy that dog.

also found the justice of the peace erred in his judgment in several
instances, “the most significant example in his finding that the dog
Buddy was leashed and the dog Ginger was not. Clearly the evidence was
the exact opposite.”

Last month, the city filed its motion for leave to appeal Hogan's decision at the Court of Appeal.

City of Toronto lawyer Kirsten Franz claims it should be “mandatory for the court to order the
destruction once certain elements are found: that the dog is a pit bull
and that dog has attacked or bitten a person or another domestic


If the dog is any other breed or cross bred other than a “pitbull”, there are no repercussions, nobody is charged and it isn't the police departments problem???

The ban is an amendment to the Dog Owners Liability Act. The DOLA has been in place since 1876, however you would think it was new news for those enforcing the law! DOLA DOES apply to ALL dog owners, however for some reason someone doled out the kool-aid and there seems to be some belief that charges should only be laid when the dog is a “pitbull”.

Maybe it's the same lot of kool-aid the MSM lap up. I was quite surprised to see there was a NON 'pitbull' report. Slow news day I guess?

Maybe we should have a rag just for dog bites.. oh yeah, we do! Maybe we should have a bite registry?? What an abstract idea. Oh yeah, that was mentioned LOUDLY,  but it too was ignored by the ever incompetent government running this province since 2004!

All I have to say is WTF?

Supreme Court of Canada denies appeal to

Today the Supreme Court of Canada denied the leave for appeal.

It is a dark day for Canada.

This law strips the rights of law abiding citizens.

This law is based on pure and simple propaganda and lies.

This law allows legislators to flippantly strip anyone of their rights and base it on opinions from dog catchers and media hype, not from scientific evidence!

This law allows legislators to substitute their own opinions (or political agenda) of what is of value in this country and what isn't. What is morally acceptable and what isn't. What you can own or not own, what you can eat and not eat. What you can drive and not drive. Where you can smoke after they sell you the cigarettes in the first place. We all get it! Some things in life are bad for us, however you can't legislate against STUPIDITY and that is what they are trying to do, instead of educating those who need it. Those of us who are law abiding citizens are being forced into paying the price for the SMALL minority of people who make bad choices. That my friends is called EROSION OF CIVIL RIGHTS!

This law is still wrong and unconstitutional.

This law has murdered thousands of good dogs not because they were dangerous or even because they were a certain “breed” of dog. They were killed because somebody who was unqualified to deem them as such; deemed them a 'pitbull'.

For the record, there is NO PERSON qualified to deem a cross bred dog by breed or identify a cross bred dog's breed, because it is impossible to do so without doubt. That folks is why reverse onus was inserted to the law!

The Ontario Liberal government has used the precedence of this law for other bad laws. Your rights are being eroded as I write this post and sadly many people do not care or understand the magnatude of what that means! You just wait and I will be first in line to say “I told you so”. If past legislation is a predictor for future legislation, get ready for a wild ride on the legislation bus from HELL. The Fiberals still have 2 years to continue thier preaching legislating of twisted propaganda, far right wing agenda and nanny state policies.

Dogs love to roll over, but I sure don't! I won't be rolling over any time soon. I sure hope you won't either.

Great video speaking out against BSL

Hat Tip to Lassie Get Help for posting an excellent video, put together by Pit Bull Guru, interviewing Jean Donaldson, Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Nicholas Dodman.

I personally respect all of their opinions as experts in their field. It is a well put together video and should be circulated widely. What I particularly like about this video is the simplicity of it. They do not go into great detail but make some concrete statements that need to be said and understood.


Decision whether SCC will hear our case this Thursday

This Thursday, June 11th the Supreme Court of Canada is issuing a decision on the Application for Leave.

Stay tuned and we'll let you know if the SCC will hear our case.

It is not automatic that the SCC hear all non-criminal cases. A leave of appeal must be filed then the highest court decides if the case will be heard or not. That is the decision that will be delivered on Thursday. Whether or not our case will be heard.

Promoting bite prevention in Niagra

A big shout out to DLCC member Laurie Roseborough and her dog Thor, for getting some much needed dog bite prevention education out there. Laurie was at the Vineland Public School, in Niagara region this week.

Dog Trainer Laurie Roseborough (left), her Doberman pinscher Thor, and
Lincoln Community Policing Committee member Audrey Konkle showed
Lincoln Public School students how to act safely around dogs last

In an article in Niagara This Week, Laurie explains what children should do if they are approached by a threatening dog.

Vineland Public School students learned how to approach dogs and avoid
dog attacks last Tuesday as part of an awareness project organized by
Lincoln Community Policing.

“We wanted to get these presentations in before the summer,” said community policing volunteer Audrey Konkle.

the first of two groups, about 100 children from junior kindergarten to
Grade 3 were taught how to react if a dog chases them.

ever run,” dog trainer Laurie Roseborough told the students, who were
excited by the presence of Roseborough’s well-trained and calm Doberman
pinscher, Thor.  

“If a dog tries to chase you and you run away, you become a target,” she said.

“You just caused a chase game.”

of running, Roseborough taught students how to “be a tree” by standing
straight and still, with hands clasped and head down.

“As long as you stay calm and still, that dog is going to go away,” she said.

children could also “be a rock” by tucking into a ball, face-down on
the ground, a position that should be used if a dog knocks you off your
bike, said Roseborough.

Read the rest of the article here.

** On a side note, Laurie says she was misrepresented about the reference to Golden Retrievers. (not surprising)

Thanks Laurie and Thor for making a difference. Education is always the way. Education is what will see us through…

Fantastic news from the Denver front

There have been several kicks to the teeth in Denver. We certainly know the feeling; but hopefully this will pave the way to overturning the ban in Denver.

The American Kennel Club® is pleased to announce that United States
Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has ruled in favor of plaintiffs
Sonya Dias, Hillary Engel, and Sheryl White in their appeal challenging
the constitutionality of the Denver breed ban. This ruling reverses the
United States District Court of Colorado’s 2007 dismissal of the suit.

To read the rest of the article from the AKC website click here.

Oh LOOK another consitutional challenge against the Ontario Liberals

Well surprise, surprise…

Another constitutional challenge launched against the McGuinty Liberals.

There have actually been several cases launched (in addition to our own) against the McGuinty Liberals for discrimination. Now there is a research project for a high school or university project. How many constitutional challenges have been launched compared to other sitting governments? Off the top of my head, the autistic parents of Ontario launched a case last year.. There have been others as well, I just don't have the inclination at this point to go looking. I just thought I would bring this to your attention so you don't get that lonely feeling that you are the only one who has had your rights stripped away on a whim at the hands of the incompetent government of this province.

TORONTO – Ontario is discriminating against disabled students in
private, faith-based schools by refusing to fund certain ailments, say
a group of parents who have launched a constitutional challenge against
the McGuinty Liberal government.

Get the full story here.

Best news I've heard in a while… Bryant gone!

There will be one less “ticking time bomb” within the halls of Queen's Park, come June.


That's right, Bryant is calling it quits.

See the Star article here.

According to the Star this will be a huge “blow” to the Ontario Fiberals. The “B” word is one I have been using for quite some time but not quite in the same context… Unfortunately for Toronto and the rest of Ontario, he will be “trying” to build our economy by luring new business to Toronto. I don't know, is it just me? I find Bryant about as luring as a rattle snake. Charm and finesse are not adjectives that would apply to this crazed, monosyllabic, nutcase.

The Star describes him as;

 An “in-your-face,” activist minister, who is
popular with the media for his communications' savvy and pithy sound

Figures that the media trogs would find him “popular”.

Here is a quote from just last week in Bryant's speech to the Canadian Club in Toronto;

“It's preposterous to imagine that government in this century
or the last century is not the most impactful institution in our day-to-day
lives, outside of the family.”

Savvy? Pithy? + Crazy? Socialist?

To leave you with some of those “popular” sound bites Bryant became so hated well known for:

Banned, banned, banned….”pitbulls” banned!

We will crush your car!

The internet is like letting your children walk down a dark alley in Toronto at night!

Statements that spike my blood pressure every time I think about Bryant muttering the words. There are many more but I won't get into it since I am now making a camomile tea to calm down..

If he dare try to step back into politics with aspirations of premier, Ontarians who think he is savvy or popular better get off the kool-aid.

Where Humane Society Donations Really Go

An expose aired asking where the millions of dollars in donations given to the HSUS really go.

Where Humane Society Donations Really Go

ATLANTA — A Channel 2 investigation is looking into millions of dollars in donations given to the Humane Society of the United States.

A national consumer organization says the society solicits pet-lovers for

money, but little to none of that money ever goes to help local shelters.