Steve Peters, former Minister of Labour and Liberal candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London, answers our survey.  Here are his responses.


Dear Wag the Dog Team (Ontario):


Thank you for this opportunity to state our position on this important subject.


The Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act (formerly Bill 132) is now law and the government has implemented the legislation. That legislation bans pit bulls and toughens penalties for the owners of any dog that poses a danger to the public.


We are committed to building safe, strong communities and to protecting Ontarians. We passed this legislation to respond to the concerns of Ontarians about their personal safety, and we proudly stand behind this law. We heard loud and clear that Ontarians want to be protected from the menace of pit bulls. We have established strict regulations for existing pit bulls, making owners more responsible and helping make Ontario communities safer.


Not only did we protect Ontarians from vicious pit bulls attacks, but we also protected them from irresponsible owners of any dangerous dogs. The legislation that we passed also increased fines up to a maximum of $10,000 and allow jail sentences up to six months for owners whose dogs are involved in an attack ($60,000 fines for corporations were also passed).


We believe this law will help protect not only Ontarians, but also many Ontario dogs that might otherwise themselves become the victims of pit bull attacks. We have set high standards for responsible dog ownership in the province of Ontario, and we are proud of our record.


Thank you again for providing me an opportunity to respond to your concerns. It is my hope that together we can continue to move forward.








Steve Peters, Liberal Candidate


Provincial Election 2007



  1. Yo, Steverino! If your law is so great, howcome the owner of the Newf that attacked a leashed dog AND its owner at Woofstock 2006 was allowed to prance around after? Why wasn't that vicious dog seized, huh?
    How about the GSD that went after a leashed and muzzled “pit bull”, was that dog seized and destroyed?
    Oh, I forgot. The Fibs are busy killing puppies. Just because of the way the puppies look.

  2. LMAO!
    It's identical to the reply from Kitchener! Guess Obersturmbahnfuerher Bryant doesn't want anybody voicing their own opinon.
    While we're at it, what about the 'pit bull' bites we've read about in the paper? Peterborough, London, St Catharines, etc. I thought this bizarre law was supposed to protect people from 'pit bulls'.
    What about the two fatalities we've had in Ontario since the law went into effect? Both were caused by non 'pit bull' types. Guess those deaths don't count.
    How about the kid sent to hospital when a Golden Retriever mauled her this spring in Oshawa? The kid ripped up by the German Shepherd. The many attacks by Labs on people and other dogs?
    Guess those don't count either.
    Weakness, thy name is Fiberal. Cowardice, too. Perfidy. Duplicity. Prevarication. Fiberal. Same thing.

  3. That would be the one!! I witnessed it! As soon as Rob extended his hand to Peters and introduced himself, he not only sped past us, but sprinted down the hallway like a powerwalker with headphones on! He also jumped into his cab as fast as he could almost shutting the door on Linda's hand. Rob and Linda are his constituents and not once did they ever receive a reply from him during the entire Bill 132 process. Linda is the Vice President of the Golden Horseshoe APBT Club and took a day off work to be at Queens' Park and hopefully meet with Peters in person. So much for that!!

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