I just checked our email inbox and lo and behold, someone corresponded with us about the Lab and Jack Russell posts. 

Dear Wagtales

This story is unbelievable if it is true.  What I am more concerned about is that you are using your dog friendly site as a POLITICAL scare tactic.  While I too love dogs, I believe there is more to an election than unsubstantiated stories circulated on the web.

Shame on you.
Little Red Rooster to Blind Lemon – do you read me!  The jig is up!  They're on to us!
Someone has figured out that Wag the Dog! is a super secret political blog, not just a dog-friendly site, and they're about to blow our cover!
They think we're making stuff up about how dog owners are being persecuted in Ontario as a direct result of the actions of the Ontario Liberals!
They've twigged to the fact that we are recommending that dog owners don't vote Liberal and that they vote for the PC or NDP candidate in their riding who has the best chance of winning on October 10, only because we know the other parties don't have a snowball's chance of defeating the Fibs. 
The promotion of Opposition candidates who have a chance of winning seats in the Legislature is our secret agenda and we've been caught dead to rights by old eagle eye.  No flies on that reader, eh wot?
We tried to hide it folks, we really did.  I guess we just weren't smart enough to pull it off.
We admit that we – ahem – are not exactly in love with the McGuinty Liberals, who decided to reverse the burden of proof, discriminate against a minority, apply the rule of law unequally, limit the mobility rights of dog-owning citizens and violate the Charter rights to trial fairness, to protection from unreasonable search and seizure and to being able to understand and comply with legislation.  We are less than pleased with their decision to dangle a red herring, the 'pit bull', in order to slyly remove civil rights from citizens.
Oh, the shame of it!  How will we face our families and supporters when they find out we've been using subliminal suggestion and subtly biased language to urge people to


  1. Who's the dope?
    Some people just love living in some surreal, nothing-bad-ever-happens world.
    Wake up and smell the blood, honey.

  2. Will there be a Fiberal Rescue group set up?
    You know “adopt an abused Fiberal after the election.”
    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance
    Maybe the letter writer could adopt one.

  3. I don't think you can rehab a breed like the Fiberals. They are born with an instinct to lie, cheat and steal. I don't think they belong in urban areas or should be placed with families who have impressionable young children.
    They are inherently dangerous beasts, doncha know!
    Now, if only their jaws would lock….

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