1. If the amended Dog Owners' Liability Act (2005) came up today for a free rather than a whipped vote as happened in 2005, WOULD YOU VOTE IN FAVOUR OF BANNING BREEDS as an effective way to protect people from dog bites? PLEASE EXPLAIN


We are not in favour of banning breeds.


2. PLEASE TELL OUR READERS WHY YOU THINK THE 'PIT BULL' BAN enacted by the McGuinty government HAS OR HAS NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL in protecting the public from dog bites.


We have no statistics on the incidence of pitbull attacks compared with other breeds. Please see above response.


3. Would you be willing, if elected, to WORK TO RESCIND ONTARIO'S AMENDED DOG OWNERS' LIABILITY ACT (2005) and REPLACE IT WITH AN EXISTING, EASILY IMPLEMENTED CANADIAN SYSTEM that has been effective in the control of negligent pet owners, that is supported by all responsible pet owners and that once established is fully funded by dog and cat owners rather than through general revenue taxation?


Frankly, we are primarily concerned with human welfare at this point and have not studied the legislation in question. If you could send us a brief synopsis of the acts that we could take a look at we will get back to you.


4. HOW IMPORTANT to you is the issue of AMENDING ONTARIO'S ANIMAL CRUELTY LEGISLATION, the Ontario SPCA Act, using a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is 'not at all important' and 10 is 'extremely important')?

Please see above.




We have owned dogs and cats all our life and appreciate the concern that pet owners have for their pets. And while we are extremely busy with large issues such as health care and seniors, education and the environment if you could forward a brief outline of the legislation and your proposed changes we are happy to review the material. And breed specific legislation is nonsense! Any dog will bite under certain circumstances.


Thank you, Bonnie, for sending your responses along in the middle of a very busy election campaign.



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