This was received from a reader who corresponded with Ms Di Novo, candidate for Parkdale-High Park, in August.

You may remember that Ms Di Novo won a byelection this spring after the Liberals, led by Sandra Pupatello, tried to smear her personally for her activities during the 1960s.  The minister not only survived this seedy attempt to discredit her but won the byelection by a large margin.

Here's the letter, which relates to the case this summer involving an incompetent dog owner who left his pet in a hot car during very hot, humid weather.


I am sure you have read today's front page story “Saving Cyrus”.  I am an animal lover and would support legislation, which appropriately protects animals, who as you rightly point out “cannot speak for themselves”.  I would also support legislation, which would deter and punish perpetrators of animal cruelty. It is horrible that Cyrus, was locked in an SUV with the windows up.
The Star article quotes Lee Oliver of THS stating that Smith's job is “safe” and that he'll be on the front line as soon as this cloud is lifted.
I feel as does the OSPCA that Mr. Smith did exactly the right thing in rescuing Cyrus.  The OSPCA currently trains inspectors but does not train them in the area of handcuff use.  We have Mr. Smith and Mr. Soderholm telling night and day stories (perhaps to be expected), but I was not an eyewitness to the events that followed Cyrus' rescue and as such I must leave the matter to the inspector hired by the OSPCA to report on the incident.  What we know for a fact is that Cyrus needed to be rescued and was.  We also know that the owner Mr. Soderholm was hand cuffed to his SUV and assaulted.  Locking Cyrus in the SUV is against the law and punishable so to is assault.
Yes you have my support with respect to animal protection.  I hope you understand that I cannot weigh in with respect to the assault on Mr. Soderholm since I was not there.
Cheri DiNovo
Parkdale-High Park

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