Here's our response from former Environment Minister, Laurel Broten, via her campaign team.  Unfortunately, our questions were not answered.

I'm sure this will sound familiar because it is the same answer we've received from a few Liberal candidates.



Dear Selma, Lori, Steve and Sandra,

Thank you for you email.

We stand by the Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act (formerly Bill 132) we passed, which bans pit bulls and toughens penalties for the owners of any dog that poses a danger to the public.

We passed this legislation to respond to the concerns of Ontarians about their personal safety, as we are committed to building safe, strong communities and to protecting Ontarians from the menace of pit bulls. To do so, the legislation established strict regulations for existing pit bulls, making owners more responsible and helping make Ontario communities safer. In addition, this law will also protect many Ontario dogs that might otherwise themselves become the victims of pit bull attacks.

The legislation also protects them from irresponsible owners of any dangerous dogs. Irresponsible owners whose dogs are involved in an attack can now be fined up to a maximum of $10,000, and can receive jail sentences up to six months for owners ($60,000 fines for corporations were also passed).

We have set high standards for responsible dog ownership in the province of Ontario, and we are proud of our record.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call the campaign office at 416.255.9796.


Laurel Broten's Campaign 2007




  1. Laurel,
    You are committed hey? Well I think your party members who voted in favor of the ban should just “be” committed! To the psych ward of a hospital in your riding!
    What breed of dog did you own or previously own again? hmmmmmmm does wrinkle ring a bell??
    You and your party have NOTHING to be proud of! May you all go down in flames on Oct 10th!

  2. The Fibs have to issue a blanket statement because they can't afford to have any candidate admit that the law was a grave mistake, that it was unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy.
    Just as they voted like well-programmed robots, they spew the same nonsense.
    Geez, is there ONE independent thinker in the Fibs, or have all their brains been washed and fluff dried?

  3. It's kind of funny, actually, that the PC and NDP candidates are sending in personal responses and the so-called 'Liberals' (ha!) are toeing the party line.
    I'm all for solidarity and everything but isn't there one Fiberal with an opinion of their own?
    As I say, pretty funny.

  4. Time for the liberals to change the record, same old crap.
    These dollards really are whipped by their leader Mcsquinty, hope these guys crash and burn Oct. 10!

  5. I wonder about the THOUSANDS OF RESPONIBLE DOG OWNERS who have been made into 2rnd class citzens as Bill 132 NOT ONLY affected them, their rights BUT the lives of ALL their dogs! We now face haressment and discrimination. BAD Neighbours are using dogs as an excuse and one woman is being hasselled to death SINCE Bill 132.
    I wonder if Lauren's Shar-Pei had a vote what he would do? Go with the dog killers? I think not. So many HUNDREDS of beautiful animals murdered because of vote getting and a photo op? THERE was NO public outcry. DOGS SHOULD BE BASED ON DISPOSITION AND TEMPERMENT NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR BREED! Thank God there people were not in charge during the 2nd World War or during Martin Luther Kings Civil Rights demonstrations.

  6. I think that this lady needs to be sent to a medical research lab. Maybe she could serve some useful purpose if they found out what is wrong with her and others like her.

  7. Perhaps someone should point out to Lori that Shar-Pei's are fighting dogs, and massive ones at that. As a responsible dog-owner and law-abiding citizen, to the extreme, I am sickened by that fact that I get nervous every time I see a cop since Bill 132 passed. I have a bone deep hatred for you liberals who ignored all the experts and chose to kill puppies, seperate dogs from their desperately unhappy owners, and who continue to spout such ignorant drivel.

  8. “Power Corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely”– Absolutely true about Laurel Broten who puts herself above us common mortals. When I went to her as a Constituent, she was condescending and rude and it was clear that she had no intention of actually LISTENING, but instead acted like she was the Minister and I was some little peon she should bully!!!

    she has NO interest whatsoever in bringing in positive change for the “little guy” and instead is parroting idiotic phrases and doing NOTHING!! We need the FIBs out — the power has gone to their heads and they really really need to be turfed!! Hey, when Broten was environment Minister she and hubby had 4 gas guzzling cars for the two of them. The “garage gate” scandal of wanting to build a two storey elevator garage to house their 4 cars really didn’t help.

    broten is drunk on power — we need to be rid of her and the Fib cronies….

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