It certainly does to me.

I received the following from Steve Ruddick (Lib) Hamilton Centre, today.  Unfortunately, I did not get his attached personal statement or photos but asked him to send those along. 


Dear Ms. Mulvey,


I am forwarding you a message originally sent to you by Mr. McGuinty.  

I hope it answers your questions regarding dangerous dogs.




On April 29, 1998, Courtney Trempe died when she was bitten on the neck by a bullmastiff while playing at a friend's house in Stouffville.  Ontario's Coroner held an inquest and the jury made 35 recommendations, in particular, that the reliance on municipal bylaws was inadequate to safeguard the public from dangerous dogs.


On October 26, 2003, an 11-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after she was attacked by two of her grandmother's Dogue de Bordeaux dogs in Uxbridge.  The girl had over 150 puncture wounds, extensive nerve damage, and her leg had been chewed to the bone.


On August 28, 2004, a 25-year-old Toronto man was seriously injured after he was mauled by pit bulls he was walking for a friend.  The man was rescued by the police, who shot the dogs.


These incidents, and others like them, convinced us that provincial action was necessary to protect the public from dangerous pit bulls.


The Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act (formerly Bill 132) is now law and the government has implemented the legislation. That legislation bans pit bulls and toughens penalties for the owners of any dog that poses a danger to the public.


We are committed to building safe, strong communities and to protecting Ontarians. We passed this legislation to respond to the concerns of Ontarians about their personal safety, and we proudly stand behind this law. We heard loud and clear that Ontarians want to be protected from the menace of pit bulls. We have established strict regulations for existing pit bulls, making owners more responsible and helping make Ontario communities safer.


Not only did we protect Ontarians from vicious pit bulls, but we also protected them from irresponsible owners of any dangerous dogs. The legislation that we passed also increase fines up to a maximum of $10,000 and allow jail sentences up to six months for owners whose dogs are involved in an attack ($60,000 fines for corporations were also passed).


We believe this law will help protect not only Ontarians, but also many Ontario dogs that might otherwise themselves become the victims of pit bull attacks. We have set high standards for responsible dog ownership in the province of Ontario, and we are proud of our record.


Per your request, I have included a photo of me with my [dog/ cat/ hamster/ goldfish ' TBD by comms]. Detailed answers to your questions are attached as Appendix 'A.'



So, I guess we can't blame Bentley, except for being so naive as to send it out.  I haven't received anything from McGuinty yet but that's OK – it's typical of the Bubble Boy.

The blame lies with Dalton McGuilty – puppy killer, discriminator and insufferably arrogant tin potter extraordinaire.

I can't help wondering who wrote this for Dalton? 

By the way, if ever there was a good reason for Springer Rage, this is it.





  1. So, are bullmastiffs and Dogues de Bordeaux now “pit bulls”? How odd, since they're not mentioned in the FIbs' legislation.
    Funny, the Fibs never mention the chow attacks, the Lab attacks, the German Shep attacks….aren't those “pit bulls” too?
    Well, under the Fibs' unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy law, just about anything with four legs (or three, or two) can be a “pit bull”. See the stories about the ACOs trying to seize a purebred registered Lab and Jack Russell mixes as a “pit bull”.
    No dog owner is safe and no dog is safe in Ontario while this decrepit piece of legislation is in force.

  2. And why are the Fibs referring to Courtney Trempe's tragic death when they ignored Mrs. Trempe at the committee “hearings” on Bill 132?
    They ignored Mrs. Trempe's request that the law be non-breed specific.
    The Fibs ignored the experts' advice to make the law non-breed specific.
    That is a horrifying example of the low-life Fibs misusing a family's tragedy for their own ends.

  3. The two Toronto “pit bulls” had histories of aggressive behaviour without any action against the owner by the police or Toronto ACOs.
    The man they bit apparently bred the dogs, which means they were backyard bred.
    Did the Fibs do anything to address the problems of backyard breeding and failure to enforce existing law to prevent future incidents?
    NO, the Fibs did nothing.

  4. wow- the things you learn!! I honestly had NOT known that bullmastiffs (which I think are related to bull mastiffs) and Dogue de Bordeaux are PIT BULLS!! I think my german shepherds are pit bulls too, but don’t tell anyone. And it is CLEAR that huskies are pit bulls because after all they kill more people in Canada than any other breed (of course the horrendous conditoins in which a lot of these sled dogs are kept has NOTHING to do with it – we all know that – the fact they are semi-feral, starving and neglected is irrelevant) – but then they apparently are NOT pit bulls so they’re ok!

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