Post Election Stress Disorder

Was it the outcome we were looking for? (With a resounding NO from the crowd of citizens who have been legislated into second class citizens.)

The voters of Ontario have spoken, or rather not spoken looking at the percentage of voter participation! I hear over and over, there isn't anyone to choose from so I just don't vote. (Ever heard of a protest vote?) Another excuse I hear is, I don't pay attention to the issues enough to make a decision. (Wait until they show up at your door with a search warrant and order to euthanize your dog based on how he/she looks!) Maybe that might wake one up?

The main conclusion I have drawn from this weeks election is onward and upward. I am making a firm commitment to fight harder! I have spent the last 3 years living in a constant state of rage. The government of Ontario has NO right to come into my home and threaten my safety and well being when I have done NOTHING wrong other than own a shape of dog they have declared dangerous based on their shape! Pierre Elliot Trudeau said himself “The government does not belong in the bedrooms of the nation!”.

I refuse to let the government of this province strip me of my rights! I remain committed to fighting until we prevail! Onward and upward…


  1. The fight for our rights continue, we have to figure out a way to turn it up!
    Its so sad how hard our forefathers fought, so we would have the right to vote, and
    yet only a small percent do. Sad………..

  2. I”m with anonymous. Our forefathers AND foremothers fought hard to have democracy and its freedoms, politicians bastardize it and lazy sods don't think beyond the ends of their noses to exercise that hard-won right.
    Onwards and upwards is the way to go. Forward is the only action that counts.

  3. I am so very upset! There were so few young people out there voting, yet! I viewed so many elderly showing up in the rain, using their wheelchairs, canes, walkers. What is wrong with this piture? We need to reach our young & middle age adults. We need to somehow create awareness about BSL and the many root issues behind it, LIKE OUR BASIC RIGHTS!

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