A tribute to Hershey

Our hearts go out to Jennifer Waite, owner of Hershey. I received an email from Jennifer this morning that Hershey passed last night after a brief illness.

The December 2005 issue of Dogs in Canada ran an article about Hershey.

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Witness the spectacle of the savage, snarling, snapping beast.
Jennifer Waite is sick of the media circus. The rhetoric in the morning
papers and the pronouncements of publicity-seeking politicians just
don’t jibe with her experience of living with a pit bull. Her dog,
‘Hershey,’ couldn’t be further from the stereotype. Says the payroll
clerk, “She just has this warm way about her that makes you relax and
be calm, and smile. You just want to pet her.”

No surprise that a dog owner is quick to defend her pet. Except that
Hershey has the credentials to back up her owner’s claims. You see,
Hershey was a St. John Ambulance-certified therapy dog. She was also
one of a handful of recipients of a Toronto Humane Society award, last
May, honouring community heroes (canine and animal-helping humans).

Hershey's picture was also featured in the article on the Dogs in Canada blog about our “Dollars for Dogs” campaign.

Here is another story about Hershey. 

She was quite a girlie. I met Hershey and she was every bit, as described in the articles. She was a model citizen for dogs targeted for their shape in this province. Many people missed out on the benefits of her Saint John's Ambulance Therapy work; since she was forced into early retirement by the McGuinty Liberals in 2005 (when the ban took effect). 

Hershey will be sadly missed.


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