BSL dropped from Cote St Luc

Several months ago I posted an article about the Montreal suburb Cote St Luc.  I am very happy to report that Cote St Luc came to their senses and dropped the proposed BSL in their dangerous dog bylaw.

'Breed specific' dropped from proposed CSL 'dangerous' dog bylaw

Côte St. Luc city council has given second reading to a proposed new
bylaw that will compel the owners or custodians of “dangerous” dogs to
muzzle them — although it will not specify any particular breed of dog.

The conclusion to the article is a little confusing; but I will assume the reference is to a previous train of thought.

My advice to Cote St Luc; keep in mind while writing your new dangerous dog bylaw to keep definitions clear and a case by case assessment. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a 'pitbull' even though the dog park crowd asked for a ban on them. Short haired mutts do not make a dangerous dog nor is any dog that “looks” threatening called a 'pitbull'. MSM has given permission to people not in the know to classify any dog that bites or threatens is a 'pitbull'. Just because it is spouted in the media does not make it fact. Just because some other jurisdictions have banned some breeds of dogs does not mean there is justification or just cause present.

My advice for citizens of Anytown Canada; find out proactively what your existing dog bylaws are. Find out if your town council has anything in the works to amend the current bylaw. Educate your council and community before there is a problem. If you have a decent bylaw in place count your blessings.

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