Court rules Miami-Dade County pitbull ban unenforceable

Yip, yip, yipee!

I'm having a difficult time containing my excitement. More and more jurisdictions are coming to their senses, albeit court ruling in some instances.

Italy came to their senses. KC Dogblog has a good post about that here.

The Netherlands tossed, UK is on the verge… many towns, cities and counties have already tossed the redneck legislation (stolen reference from caveat) into the trash and many others are on their way.

Miami-Dade is the latest jurisdiction to break out the burning barrel.

Mar 19, 2009 – Miami-Dade County, Florida  -  Miami Coalition
Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) and Animal Law Coalition
applaud a court ruling that the Miami Dade County Pit Bull ban is too
vague, and the county cannot enforce the finding by animal control that
a dog  is a pit bull that must be euthanized or removed from the

The ruling came in a case challenging the finding by Miami Dade
County Animal Control that a family pet named Apollo was a “pit bull”
that must be removed from the county or euthanized.

**The word euthanized should not be used as a substitution for killing or slaughter. Euthanize is a word used to describe the humane destruction of an animal in pain or suffering. To put out of misery, if you will. Not a word used to describe the senseless slaughter of innocent animals based on the shape or type they are or are similar to.

A court ruled Miami-Dade's 20 year ban on pit bulls was too
vague in defining “pit bull” and unfairly let animal control officers
basically guess whether a dog is a pit bull.

Could it be that the world is coming to its senses? Could it be that the redneck knuckle draggers are being squashed? By the way, here are couple examples of redneck knuckle draggers: 


The tide is turning. People have begun to see the grandstanding for what it is. Lies, pure lies. The strong majority of people have cut through the bullsh*t.

The days of witch hunting short haired, muscular looking dogs is coming to an end. Time to retire the pitchforks and torches. Raise a glass to the restoration of common sense and the slap down to all the hysterical hatred. Let dogs be dogs and understand that dogs were never a problem in the first place. There are positive alternatives that are proven winners aka Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership law.

The days of this will soon be over!


  1. Great news for sure!!!
    Its great to see the falling of BSL , its happening.
    Now if only the tin pot towns of USA would get it.
    Next great victory will be in Ohio, I hope.

  2. This is good news for pits and all breeds alike – keep the momentum going!!!!
    These bans really bother me, but proper tracking of incidents and the relative ratio of Pit Bulls owns, vs attacks should show that it's only a small problem, not directly tied to the breed itself, but to bad owners in general. There should be laws, but not restriction on the breed because, like a lot of us out there, my sweet pit bull is the nicest dog – better than my two chihuahuas and NOT NEARLY as mean. They're all great though : )
    There's a cute article on about sweet pit bulls – check it out

  3. Hopefully this ban will be lifted… I had two pitbulls raised with my three children and never did they turn on my kids.. They are good Dogs.. Its the people who raise them. Also Any dog can Bite someone or turn on the owner. They are alot of people who LOVE pitbulls and i think This ban should be lifted. ALL DOGS CAN BITE OR ATTACK SOMEONE PITBULLS SHOULDNT BE BANNED FROM ANY COUNTY OR STATE. THEY ARE JUST LIKE KIDS ITS ALL HOW YOU RAISE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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