Gail King (Oprah's BFF) believes in the toothfairy and MSM

So… yesterday I was watching Oprah… I know, I know. I hate to even
admit I still catch her show if I have absolutely nothing else to do at that
particular time.

Hat tip to Janet C. She posted a transcript of a
portion of the conversation so I decided to throw up a post about it. (no pun

Justin Timberlake was on the show. Every Friday the Oprah show
does a panel discussion and Justin was a guest on the panel. Somehow the
wanker panel discussion came around to dogs.. they asked Justin “whatcha got?”

A picture of his dogs came up in the background.

Here is a link to the Oprah site.

Here is the transcript from that segment of the

Oprah “I hear you love dogs? What
do you have? What are their names?
(background Allie and others are asking
the same thing- they all talk on top
of each other at times)

JT “my
babies names are” and he says this in a cutesy voice

Monitor shows the
pic of the 2 boxers and the mix..

Oprah says “you have real

JT – “In the back is Buckley & Brennan – brother and

Allie – “and you have a Pit Bull”

JT – Yah a Pit Bull/ lab
- ( couldn't quite make out this part but what I
heard him say was – “she's
my Tina”

Allie “and she's sweet” sort of questioning

Gayle – “I'm
sacred of Pit Bulls”

JT – “no no”

“I've heard too many stories where they turn – you have no fear what
so ever?
I've always been afraid just based on what I've read”

JT –

Gayle – “you have no fear of them?”

JT – “no
she is really sweet.”

Then they went to another topic.

I know, I
know.. why bother mentioning this conversation? Because I am sick to death of the ill informed yapping on about what they hear and read in the news. Taking the
source at face value. (Which I might add is the same source that spews how much
weight Oprah or Gayle may have

I have lost
all respect for Oprah and her BFF Gayle. This
was the sprinkle on the icing on the cake. Oprah's schmoozing around with that
barnacle of a human HSUS Wayne was enough to make me ill but this Gayle
comment took the cake.

are 4 great points/comments from

Gayle King
besides being Oprah's BFF  is the editor at large
O magazine. Gayle needs to be educated and clearly Oprah should
of said something to defend the breed considering she had Caesar Milan on to
work with her dog Sophie (the black Cocker who was dog reactive) and brought a
bunch of his dogs to work with her – Oprah almost PLUTZED when she saw
Justin's “pitbull” but then relaxed when
she saw they were very social and
feel it was disrespectful of Gayle to harp at
Justin, and clearly he was
uncomfortable, when she questioned if he
was worried. It is as though she was
he should be worried and question his
choice of dog.

Further – HARPO is the
owner/ sponsor of Rachel Ray's show and she owns a “pitbull”.

reaction is like canine racial profiling – ergo one Black male sells crack = all
Black males are crack dealers.

Feel free to drop O and Gayle a
line. I think they are used to getting mail; on many fronts


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  1. How on earth did Oprah Winfrey wind up with such media power??? I find her to be uninformed and unimaginative.
    Don't bother writing Oprah. Write the sponsors of her show and tell them you'll no longer watch and you won't buy their products if they advertise on her show. Then do it. Money talks.

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