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The town of Vauxhall, Alberta recently updated their canine bylaw. The new dog by-law passed unanimously at the first reading. The new law
would remove the breed specific language and determine dogs “dangerous”
on a case by case basis, and based on the dog’s individual behavior.

Listen up ill informed legislators and torch/pitchfork crowd…

Deputy Mayor Hagen stated in defense of the new by-law;

“There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into this,” said Hagen. “One of
the biggest problems with the old bylaw was not so much the spayed
animals, it was the $1000 licensing for certain animals, and the $1
million liability. Breed-specific bans are outdated.”

Word is spreading and those who truly want to amend laws for the better and implement common sense are taking notice.

h/t Bless the Bully's

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