All About Pets Show Report

This past weekend was the 16th annual All About Pets Show.
The show was one of the most organized shows I have ever participated in. I am really pleased that we decided to participate in this show. The demographic of people were different from other shows we have been doing. It was great to hit the “pet crowd” and a different crowd than other large shows in the GTA.

Having worked so many events in the past 4 years, there are several things I am noticing.
- That generally speaking people are getting more hip to the fact that we are right and the government are downright dangerous to say the least. Even with lack of knowledge surrounding the Dog Owners Liability Act and canine law in general, people are hip to the fact now that if the Fiberals have legislated it; it must not make sense. If there is one thing I can thank our jerk of a premier for, it is waking people up to the fact that the government does NOT have the taxpayers best interest at heart!

-People respond much better to hearing a solution. They are thirsty for information and that HUGELY includes the “enforcers”. We had many people who work the front lines of enforcement of this piece of crap law, stop by asking tons of questions and thirsty for knowledge. They reinforced the fact that they get ZERO direction from the province and feel that the law is so vague there is no way to effectively enforce it. Therefore, some areas have seen a dramatic rise in destroying dogs (or shipping as many as possible out of province) since there is no way to determine what dogs fall under the law.

- People are super receptive to the Calgary model. People were super interested in knowing more about the Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. There were stunned to hear that the McGuinty Liberals ignored the information about the Calgary model presented to them at the committee hearings. Donations flowed as people heard that the Fib's were aware of an alternative that works and has been proven to work for nearly 2 decades and chose to launch a witch hunt instead. Dog owners are very hip to the fact that dog bites have not dropped and nothing has changed other than their friends who own short haired mutts have been stopped from visiting dog parks and dog sports etc. People are solidly behind us and it is great to have heard that from thousands of people and many were not dog owners.

Something that is still bothering me to the point of loosing my mind…

Here it goes… There is NO SUCH THING as a “pitbull”!

For dogs sake; if I hear one more time people agreeing with me.. Yes, there is no such thing as a “pitbull”. In the same breath I have owned many “pitbulls”. Look at that nice “pitbull”. What is this dog? A “pitbull”?

Here is the deal breaker. If you like short haired, stocky mutts, never never never call them a “pitbull” or ever ever identify a dog, under any circumstances a “pitbull”. Here's why. I understand the pride behind calling a dog a slang term that prior to November 29th, 2005 was not a scarlet letter or a target. I agree, there is nothing wrong with the word itself since it is partially contained in one of the purebred proper names. Here is the problem though, we have proven in court there is no such thing as a “pitbull”. It is a slang term for a shape or type of dog. As of 2005 in Ontario, the word “pitbull” is associated with death, muzzling, witch hunt, strip your rights based on the shape of dog you own; not the behaviour of the owner or the particular dog. No siree, it groups together all dogs that “look” like a “pitbull” according to whoever is doing the identifying. It means something different to every person. It is like saying identify a Retriever or Shepherd. Both are slang terms for a shape or “group” of dogs. If the dogs are not registered purebreds (with a reputable registry; not a pet store stamp of approval or illegitimate registry for  so called designer dogs) how do you know what mental picture someone gets in their head of what that term may mean?

I am going to say it again. This is fact not my opinion. Drum roll….

There is NO PERSON qualified to identify the breeds that constitute a mutt. Again, I mean no disrespect to mutts, mongrels or cross bred dogs however; when identifying them can mean whether they get to live or die it becomes a very different meaning. Why would one want to be the determining factor on whether a dog becomes a target for death. Not when there is no need for it. If the dog is a purebred, ok. He is what he is. But when he is a mutt, who the hell knows what he is and you and no one else is an expert on the matter cause experts on the matter don't exist. They are all hangin' with the 'pitbulls' in slangland.

So do the mutts and yourself a favour. Please STOP using the double standard.
KISS. Keep it simple stupid.
If a dog is a purebred, identify him/her as such.
There are such a minute amount (if any) purebreds that go through the “system” of shelters, pounds and rescues based on sheer numbers and that includes all breeds. Only a fraction of the dog population at large is purebred. Many are called purebred and might even strongly resemble a purebred but without the registry there is NO PROOF! It is illegal to breed and sell animals as purebred without registering them under the Animals for Pedigree Act. The actual banned breeds are even more rare since they were all among the rarest of all purebred breeds in Ontario to begin with. Dog pop. approx less than 1500 all three breeds combined! These dogs aren't out breeding like rabbits; therefore the likely hood that the short haired mutts you see so commonly and running through the “system” are a combination of the most popular dogs. IE. Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Golden Retriever etc etc…

If a dog is not a registered purebred, identify him/her as a mutt.
Call it a day, find a good home if the dog passes evaluation. A dog is a dog is a dog is a dog… Every dog deserves an evaluation and every dog that passes an evaluation deserves a home. There is no obligation to identify the breeds of a mutt cause it cannot be proven. It is your word against another. If your dog is a mutt, take him into the pound and ask them to identify the breeds and get it in writing. At least then you have a document telling you what they are identifying them as. Remember, nobody is qualified. Remind them of that. No vet, shelter worker, washroom cleaning crew, dog judge or self proclaimed dog breed expert is qualified. As Mel Lastman would say, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY!

It is time to cut the drama. Call a spade a spade. There is no need to ship mutts out of province. If any of these mutts that are being identified have any of the banned purebred breeds in their genetic makeup, I'll climb to the top of Queen's Park and shout “DOGS RULE; LIBERALS DROOL”! Actually I may do that, just for the fun of it..

With 30 American Staffordshire Terriers in the whole province I guarantee you none of the mutts on petfinder stating they are “Am Staff crosses” are “Am Staff crosses”! I have one of them and I guarantee you, he isn't out whoring around! I know most of the other 29 Am Staff owners in Ontario (we have become acquainted since 2004 when this crap started) and I know their dogs aren't out humping around either.

So there you have it. A report and a rant in the same post. Yes, I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Please do your best to get the facts out there. The only way we will win the real war is if common sense is restored and the Fib's are out of power.



  1. Oh, btw, Dr. Stanley Coren was at the show. He still doesn't have a reference for his statement of the bite pressure of a Rottweiler! It's been three years that Caveat has been waiting for that reference and he still isn't able to find it??? puzzling really. His cravat was missing and so was his hat.. I nearly didn't recognize him when he strolled right on past our prime real estate booth!
    He does have a new nickname though.. I'd tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.. :)

  2. Btw X 2
    If you would like more information about the Calgary model, 2 posts previous to this one is a link to Bill Bruce's presentation via video. It rocks and will blow your mind how much sense it makes! Check it out..

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