BC wanks calling for a ban?

And they're off! The official campaign for a May 12th election in BC was kicked off yesterday.

Time to activate the dog owners of BC! Beware BC, a whole lot of dog owners have moved to BC looking for common sense since all has been lost in Ontario since McGuinty became Premier Nanny of Ontariostan. You can also bet the dog owners of BC have been watching the BS going on here, as in BSL (breed specific legislation), and won't be allowing it in Beautiful British Columbia.

A rag article today held the headline It is time to ban this breed.

Unfortunately, pit bulls have three strikes against them:

1.When they bite, they don't easily let go and the damage to their victim is almost always severe.

They scare the hell out of people. Yellow Lab walks down the street
with its owner and people smile. Pit bull walks down the street with
its owner and people cross the street.

3. They don't attract
quality owners. That's not to say all pit bull owners are questionable
pet owners, just that an inordinate number of questionable pet owners
are attracted to pit bulls.

This information contained in the article must be a misprint?

The 3 strikes are:

1. The media trogs who love to propagandize and hype poor old 'pitbulls'.

2. Build fear in the uneducated based on the propaganda campaign spanning over the past couple decades.

3. Single out an easy target (dog owners who own a fictitious breed of dog) and activate like minded trogs.

Listen up trogs.

Here is the deal. Cut the crap. It is getting real old.

Fact #1 There is no such thing as a 'pitbull'. It is a slang term for a shape or type of dog. One of the most common mutts you see on the streets of Manytown Canada. Since the purebreds that are the usual typecast target are so ridiculously rare, it is unlikely there is any bull or terrier in any of these short haired mutts. Who knows for sure and who cares since a dog is a dog is a dog.

Fact #2 There is NO science to back up your statement that any dog has a “worse” bite or any dog is capable of a more “severe” bite than another. The bite pressure thing is BS. Science proves that; and yes I can back it up. The locking jaw is BS and yes I can back that up too. Can you back up your statement?

Fact #3 Yellow Labs are as capable of tearing your face off as any other dog. The reason people may cross the street when they see a supposed “pitbull” coming toward them is one of several reasons. They know nothing about dogs and cannot decipher the difference is in the training/socialization the owner has provided for the dog. They have an irrational fear of dogs based on believing the media propaganda for the past couple decades. This is a dangerous ledge to walk on. If Mr. Lab owner is a moron and hasn't socialized or trained his dog properly, and Mr. Short Haired Mutt of unknown lineage is also coming toward you but has trained and socialized his dog properly, your chances of losing your fact to Mr. Lab is exponentially greater than losing your face to Mr. Short Haired Mutt. You have just created the right climate for people uneducated about dogs to risk their safety based on BS rather than common sense. For what? Hype? Drama? What exactly is the point of the propaganda campaign?

Fact #4 The typical owner of a short haired mutt (what people LOVE to refer to as a “pitbull”) are middle aged, well educated women; however they can come in all shapes and forms.

I am a white, middle-aged female.   I am a wife,  I am a mother.  I do not show dogs. I do not breed dogs. I only own rescued animals.  I'm a liberal and a registered voter.

And now I'm really p****d off.

The statement that there is an attraction for “questionable owners” to be attracted to a certain type or breed of dog is an assumption, not something that is a fact. Nice try though. The person who thought that up must have been bullied as a child?

Well BC candidates. You better be putting on your thinking caps and keeping your ear to the ground. Dog owners are hip to this crap and BC won't be falling into the same depths of denial we fell into here in Ontario. The thought that we were smarter than breed bans or thinking that our government wouldn't throw dog owners under the bus for the sake of grandstanding and optics. Thinking that people put into the position of, oh I don't know, the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE PROVINCE would apply some common sense, and follow a model that works like the Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw?

Oh no, we are hip now. We have seen the light and witnessed our Nanny State government flat out ignore common sense legislation and replace it with death and destruction. Flat out discrimination against law abiding citizens based on the shape of dog they own!

The bus stops here.


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