Best news I've heard in a while… Bryant gone!

There will be one less “ticking time bomb” within the halls of Queen's Park, come June.


That's right, Bryant is calling it quits.

See the Star article here.

According to the Star this will be a huge “blow” to the Ontario Fiberals. The “B” word is one I have been using for quite some time but not quite in the same context… Unfortunately for Toronto and the rest of Ontario, he will be “trying” to build our economy by luring new business to Toronto. I don't know, is it just me? I find Bryant about as luring as a rattle snake. Charm and finesse are not adjectives that would apply to this crazed, monosyllabic, nutcase.

The Star describes him as;

 An “in-your-face,” activist minister, who is
popular with the media for his communications' savvy and pithy sound

Figures that the media trogs would find him “popular”.

Here is a quote from just last week in Bryant's speech to the Canadian Club in Toronto;

“It's preposterous to imagine that government in this century
or the last century is not the most impactful institution in our day-to-day
lives, outside of the family.”

Savvy? Pithy? + Crazy? Socialist?

To leave you with some of those “popular” sound bites Bryant became so hated well known for:

Banned, banned, banned….”pitbulls” banned!

We will crush your car!

The internet is like letting your children walk down a dark alley in Toronto at night!

Statements that spike my blood pressure every time I think about Bryant muttering the words. There are many more but I won't get into it since I am now making a camomile tea to calm down..

If he dare try to step back into politics with aspirations of premier, Ontarians who think he is savvy or popular better get off the kool-aid.


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