Nanny Fiberals hard at work!

The premier of this province, Dalton McGunity has a nickname that some of us (not so fondly) refer to him as. Nanny McFee! We in Ontario are sick to death of being nannied.

This week Michael Bryant, Minister of Economic “disaster” not Development, delivered a disturbing speech to the Canadian Club in Toronto which is a forum to hear trailblazers in politics, business, social
development and the media over lunch.

There is an article in the Sun titled Investment advice for dummies.

This week, he attracted a lot of them by telling the Canadian Club of Toronto
what he's actually been saying for some time — that governments need to decide
which businesses will succeed and which will fail and invest taxpayers' money —
he's starting with $2 billion in Ontario — in the successful ones.

In a follow up article A 'liberal' state of mind, there are several excerpts from Bryant's speech but this particular one confirms what we have been saying all along.

When referring to Bryant;

What he said was: “It's preposterous to imagine that government in this century
or the last century is not the most impactful institution in our day-to-day
lives, outside of the family,”

Is that not just another way of saying we are your big brother. We are here to nanny you all to death since you cannot seem to make the correct (the 'liberal's' version) choices for yourself.

Or as the author of the article says;

In other words, since, save for the family, the modern liberal state has more
impact on individuals (i.e. “in our day-to-day lives”) than anything else, it's
a logical and just extension of the state's power that it should use public
money to pick which businesses succeed and which fail in the marketplace, for
the greater social good.

Ah, but the Nanny McFee Fiberals cannot stop at deciding which businesses will succeed and fail in the marketplace, but they also will dictate what type of dog you should own, food you should eat, where you can smoke (when they still sell you the cigarettes), and on and on and on… I guess we are all to stupid to make these critical choices in our own lives. The government, who according to Bryant is “part of the family”.

Well not in my family!McGuinty, Bryant and the rest of you sob sisters can consider yourselves officially disowned. You have never been and never will be part of my family or my keeper/nanny whatever the hell you fancy yourself as!

I have to reprint the last section of the article. The author portrays this depiction so well.

For those inclined to explore such issues and their implications for society,
I highly recommend The Liberal Mind — The Psychological Causes of Political
Madness — by Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., an MD and general and forensic
psychiatrist, who has testified as an expert in thousands of American civil and
criminal cases.

Rossiter argues modern liberalism leads to political madness, because it
seeks to override the individual's psychological need for freedom, in the name
of social engineering.

As Rossiter diagnoses it: “This bias is destructive to the ideals of liberty
and social order and to the growth of the individual to adult competence.

“Instead of promoting a rational society of competent adults who solve the
problems of living through voluntary co-operation, the modern liberal agenda
creates an irrational society of child-like adults who depend upon governments
to take care of them. In its ongoing efforts to collectivize society's basic
economic, social and political processes, the liberal agenda undermines the
character traits essential for individual liberty, material security, voluntary
co-operation and social order.”

Sound like anyone we know?

I guess the true colours are shining through huh?

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