Oh LOOK another consitutional challenge against the Ontario Liberals

Well surprise, surprise…

Another constitutional challenge launched against the McGuinty Liberals.

There have actually been several cases launched (in addition to our own) against the McGuinty Liberals for discrimination. Now there is a research project for a high school or university project. How many constitutional challenges have been launched compared to other sitting governments? Off the top of my head, the autistic parents of Ontario launched a case last year.. There have been others as well, I just don't have the inclination at this point to go looking. I just thought I would bring this to your attention so you don't get that lonely feeling that you are the only one who has had your rights stripped away on a whim at the hands of the incompetent government of this province.

TORONTO – Ontario is discriminating against disabled students in
private, faith-based schools by refusing to fund certain ailments, say
a group of parents who have launched a constitutional challenge against
the McGuinty Liberal government.

Get the full story here.

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