Promoting bite prevention in Niagra

A big shout out to DLCC member Laurie Roseborough and her dog Thor, for getting some much needed dog bite prevention education out there. Laurie was at the Vineland Public School, in Niagara region this week.

Dog Trainer Laurie Roseborough (left), her Doberman pinscher Thor, and
Lincoln Community Policing Committee member Audrey Konkle showed
Lincoln Public School students how to act safely around dogs last

In an article in Niagara This Week, Laurie explains what children should do if they are approached by a threatening dog.

Vineland Public School students learned how to approach dogs and avoid
dog attacks last Tuesday as part of an awareness project organized by
Lincoln Community Policing.

“We wanted to get these presentations in before the summer,” said community policing volunteer Audrey Konkle.

the first of two groups, about 100 children from junior kindergarten to
Grade 3 were taught how to react if a dog chases them.

ever run,” dog trainer Laurie Roseborough told the students, who were
excited by the presence of Roseborough’s well-trained and calm Doberman
pinscher, Thor.  

“If a dog tries to chase you and you run away, you become a target,” she said.

“You just caused a chase game.”

of running, Roseborough taught students how to “be a tree” by standing
straight and still, with hands clasped and head down.

“As long as you stay calm and still, that dog is going to go away,” she said.

children could also “be a rock” by tucking into a ball, face-down on
the ground, a position that should be used if a dog knocks you off your
bike, said Roseborough.

Read the rest of the article here.

** On a side note, Laurie says she was misrepresented about the reference to Golden Retrievers. (not surprising)

Thanks Laurie and Thor for making a difference. Education is always the way. Education is what will see us through…

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