1. Yes. Terrible story about ridiculous humans.
    But also, please note the incorrect use of a muzzle. The one pictured is a temporary muzzle, such as for veterinary use. It is far too restrictive to allow a dog to open its mouth wide enough to pant properly, when overheating. The proper use for a muzzle like is, for example, a frightened dog receiving necessary medical treatment. A muzzle like the one pictured, if it could allow a dog to pant properly, would be ineffective in preventing a bite.
    A properly-fitted basket muzzle is what's called for. Yes, they're horrific, barbaric devices that should never be used on any dog longer than a few weeks in total (when necessary, during training sessions), while it undergoes proper training/rehabilitation. (I've re-trained enough aggressive dogs to know.) But a basket muzzle is the only kind of muzzle that should be used on a dog for longer than a few minutes at a time. It is downright vital that a basket muzzle be used if the dog (requiring the muzzle) is doing any kind of physical activity.

  2. Excellent point Marjorie.
    It makes me feel ill when I see people out on hot summer days with grooming muzzles on their dogs.

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