Bryant's legacy… death and destruction

Pitbull law unevenly applied

ANIMALS: Two dogs to be euthanzied this week


If Maddi and Carter lived in St. Clair Township they probably wouldn't be on death row.

But they live in Sarnia where animal control officers say they
resemble Staff ordshire bull terriers or pitbulls and are illegal.

Both 11-month-old pups are scheduled to be euthanized this week unless their owners can prove they aren't a banned breed.

Sarnia is only following provincial legislation that binds the municipality, says Mayor Mike Bradley.

“We didn't ask for it but we have to deal with it,” he said.
“The city doesn't agree with banning by breed and I've been opposed to
it since day one. But we are doing what the provincial law requires.”

The 2005 Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act says any
Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staff ordshire terriers, American
pit bull terriers and any dog that looks “substantially similar” is

In Sarnia, animal control offi- cers don't require a complaint
to pick up a dog they believe is banned. If the officer deems it a
pitbull, the onus is on the owner to prove otherwise.

Here is the original article from this week.

Suspected pitbulls on death row

CATHY DOBSON The Observer September 2, 2009

Korinn Seabrook and Sonya Pimentel are desperate to stop Sarnia
from euthanizing their puppies, but neither is optimistic they can be

The women, who are friends, each adopted an 11-month-old dog they believe are boxer mixes from a mutual friend.

“Both the mom and the dad are boxer mix. My friend has the papers to prove it,” said Seabrook.

But Sarnia animal control officers say the puppies look like
Staffordshire bull terriers, a breed that’s been illegal to own in
Ontario since legislation was passed in 2005 to ban so-called pitbulls.

Seabrook’s dog Maddi went missing Sunday night near her home on
Michigan Avenue. She believes the 30-pound pup escaped through a hole
in the screen door.

“I stayed up all night looking for her,” she said. In the
morning, she discovered Maddi at the Sarnia and District Humane

In the media ruckus about the mastermind behind this bull**** legislation, I didn't post this case.

Sarnia Animal Control seized these dogs which the owners stated were NOT a

bull” nor did these dogs have any “pit bull” in their genetic make

It is not the first time puppies were seized by this
city.They will be killed if

we as responsible dog owners don't write to stop
this madness.

These dogs were seized despite the fact that the
Ontario Superior Court ruled

that the definition of pit bull as written was

How was this determination of breed made? It is impossible to determine proof of breed makeup in mixed breed dogs. Only the breeds of pure bred, registered dogs are identifiable without doubt. 

Under the Dog Owners Liability
Act , the city of Sarnia does not have the right

to seize ownership of ANY
dog. It only has the right to lay charges under the

Act .

In the recent case
of a Mr Philip Huggins, the city of Toronto found itself in a

unenviable position of being in violation of DOLA regulations.

this case as with Mr Huggins, the dogs pose no immediate threat to

public, the owners did not relinquish the dogs nor did the owners at any

refuse to meet certain criteria for ensuring that these dog's would be


I ask the Honourable Mayor and Councillors
of the City of Sarnia to step in and

stay the order for the death of these

Please share your feelings with the Sarnia mayor and council about this situation.

For your convenience the emails are provided below. Please remove spaces prior to sending email. The titles of each person directly follow the addresses.

mayor @
d.boushy @
andybruziewicz @

terry @
jimfoubister @

annemariegillis @
mike @

bevmacdougall @
jonmceachran @

Mayor Mike Bradley

City/County Councillor Dave

City Councillor Andy Bruziewicz

City Councillor Terry

City/County Councillor Jim Foubister

Councillor Anne Marie Gillis

City Councillor Mike

City/County Councillor Bev MacDougall

City Councillor Jon


  1. Gotta love the bull****. Enforcement of this law is optional, not mandatory, so either the Mayor doesn't understand English or he's making stuff up.
    They'll be hearing from ol' Caveat, that's for sure.

  2. Better yet, fax them. The Mayor and council's fax numbers are at .
    Email is too easily ignored by setting up a rule to delete all e-mails with certain words or phrases in the messages, as we know from the “deleted unread” e-mails to the Ontario government from 2004. Paper is not so easily ignored.
    From the Sarnia mayor's comments, he's obviously swallowed the Liberals' purple kool-aid.

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