Follow up: Nackawic, NB gives BSL the boot!

h/t Chicobandido

Remember the story a few days ago about Dr.
Mary Ann Bramstrup, who with held some services from the town of Nackawic, NB (where she works and lives)? She took a different approach to get the town to wake up and smell the common sense.

Well the town of Nackawic, NB injected some common sense into the dog bylaw.

From the Bugle Observer today:

Nackawic passes amended dog bylaw, removing breed specific as a vicious dog

At Tuesday evenings regular meeting – after public consultation and
revision – the town's council introduced and enacted its purposed
amendments with the third and final reading.

Council removed
breed specific classifications – pit bull terriers, Rottweilers and
mixed breeds of either – from the vicious dog classification and based
the bylaw on if a dog bites, attacks or aggressively chases a person or
another animal. The $250 vicious dog fee was also removed.

Kudos to Dr. Bramstrap and the town of Nackawic, NB!

May all jurisdictions who currently have BSL follow your lead and do the right thing. 

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