If only more people were un-neutered…

There is an interesting article at the Globe and Mail today.
A quick thinking MD in Nackawic NB, a small town west of Fredericton, had the knackers to with hold some services until common sense prevailed with the town canine bylaw. Dr. Mary Ann Brampstrup found out about the small town deeming dogs vicious based on breed rather than responsible ownership when she was asked to pay $250.00 for her dog tag for her Rottweiler-Lab mix, Jessie.

Calling the bylaw akin to “racial profiling,” the doctor decided this
summer she would stop providing some extra services. She would no
longer volunteer for committee work, participate in mock disaster
exercises or see patients she did not know at her home office outside
business hours.

Within weeks the town was drafting a new bylaw.

Kudos to you Dr. Brampstup!

Come on Canada, wake up! Targeting breeds and deeming them dangerous/vicious based on breed is outdated and shows a lack of understanding of not only human behavior but dog behavior. With nearly half of Canadian households owning a dog, it is time to wake up and smell the facts. Dogs are here to stay.. Let's follow what works, shall we. Google Calgary Responsible Dog Bylaw..

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