Inherently dangerous beast (Michael Bryant) charged in fatality

I hate to say, I told you so… Now a Toronto cyclist is dead, following a vicious act last night when former Attorney General of Ontario (McGuinty Fiberal's) Michael Bryant, went off like a ticking time bomb!

The latest fatality stats were released early this morning for Ontario.

Fatalities caused by “pitbulls”                  0
Fatalities caused by Michael Bryant          1

According to CBC news this afternoon;

“Michael James Bryant, 43 years of age, of Toronto, is now charged with
criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor
vehicle causing death,” said Toronto police Sgt. Tim Burrows at an
impromptu news conference outside the headquarters of the force's
traffic division.

Bryant's future is unclear following the death of a cyclist on Bloor Street West near Bay Street on Monday night.

Not to appear to gleefully that Karma has taken a public form; but there are obviously thousands of people who feel a rush of enthusiasm at the thoughts of MB becoming someones “bitch” in Government Hotel. The hit counter hit well in excess of 260,000 this morning when the news broke.

Michael J. Bryant is responsible for ruining the lives of Ontarian's during his unstable, sociopath behavior and crazed run as Attorney General of Ontario. He was responsible for legislation banning “pitbulls” and using the legislation that banned the fictitious breed of dog to crush the cars of street racers, among other things (list far too long). Uncanny really how he would find himself charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing the death of city courier, 33-year-old Darcy Allan Sheppard of Toronto. The victim is also the father of an infant son.

The witnesses said it appeared as though Bryant was attempting to
knock Sheppard off the car by brushing against trees and mailboxes on
Bloor Street approaching Avenue Road. Burrows said Sheppard was
“essentially a pedestrian,” having left his bicycle.

Police said Sheppard sustained severe injuries after striking a mailbox and a tree while still hanging on to the car. He was dragged and then run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle. He was rushed to Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital, according to police.

Sheppard was pronounced dead a short time later.

Getting back to the dire warnings we tried to warn people of going back as far as early 2004. It is a matter of public safety! Nobody listened to us. The picture below is of a poster I carried around Queen's Park August 29th, 2005. We knew then what this man was capable of but no one listened. 

I along with countless other citizens of Ontario, wish to express our voice, that the full measure of the law be used to give this man what he deserves. This man is a danger to public safety and must be locked up. Everyone deserves fair and due process, but then again those of us on the receiving end of bull**** legislation did not receive fair and due process.

As they say, a picture says a 1000 words…. Jury selection for Bryant's trial.



  1. I knew it was coming. Pure evil get's kicked by the big guy and obviously the big guy is p****d and he is in his right. This man hurt so many people, but not just him, but his little band of potato heads that followed him. Good luck MB.

  2. It would certainly be difficult to find a jury of this “man's” peers, and he had better hope they don't. A whole jury full of people who don't care about due process, rights, fairness, and who will do or say anything to get their way whether it's right or wrong? Hmmm. Perhaps he should be tried by a jury of his peers. What a jerk.
    The image of a person being driven into a tree / mailbox just sickens me. How could this only be criminal negligence and dangerous driving? It sounds more intentional than negligent. Negligence implies it was an unexpected, accidental result of careless behaviour. The accounts I've read in the news certainly don't imply accidental or simply carelessness. When one drives with a human hanging onto their vehicle, and continues to drive plowing into obstacles, it should certainly cross one's mind that someone could be injured or killed. Especially when one is supposedly an intelligent, Harvad law school grad. One ought to know better. I am a little perplexed by this. Perhaps more light will be shed soon, or perhaps it's just another politician getting off easy. Time will tell. In the meantime, a child is fatherless. A man has died a horrifying death. You were right back in 2005. Bryant is obviously a dangerous beast.

  3. My God man, you are too stupid for words. This blog reads like the dillusional rantings of a paranoid lunatic who thinks that all politicians are out to get them. What in the hell does Micheal Bryants past policies have to do with this current situation…NOTHING!!!!
    A man was killed, another mans life ruined, both with families, and you see it as a great bit of karma for some a policy banning dogs?
    Check yourself into a mental institution buddy, or go fashion yourself a nice tinfoil hat to keep the government from scanning your brainwaves..

  4. I think the article acknowledges that a man was killed and a child fatherless. I don't think that the author is happy about that. It sickens me to think of how that man died.
    As for Bryant's life, who cares if it is a mess? He hasn't cared about anyone else's life being a mess. He is lucky that he will actually get due process and a fair trial. Unlike so many dogs he had imprisoned and killed based purely on appearance. What do his past policies have to do with this situation? Well, let's see: What kind of person (who btw is supposed to be intelligent) would be capable of continuing to drive a vehicle, apparantly at a high rate of speed, into oncoming traffic in the wrong lane, over a curb and into obstacles? The same kind of person who would not think twice about killing innocent animals.
    I think YOU ought to check yourself in, feeling sorry for Bryant, who took a life with his lack of self control. Yes, feel bad about the man who died. Feel very bad. Feel bad for Bryant? Now that's sick AND stupid.

  5. You need to seriously sit back and take some deep breaths and gain some perspective man. Reserve your glee for situations that don't destroy the lives of 2 families- BOTH of whom have children.
    Rantings of a crazy man 1
    Voice of reason 0

  6. Where the heck was the voice of reason that night? Was the voice of reason saying “drive like a psycho until this guy falls off or hits an obstacle?” Get serious.
    Sympathy for family of cyclist? Unending
    Sympathy for Bryant's wife? None. You are defined by the company you keep. Too bad you chose him.
    Sympathy for Bryant's kids? Deep and I hope they disown him when they are old enough.

  7. I think Bryant wanted to hurt Allan but maybe not kill him. But he should have stopped the car asap. Bryant must have cut Allan off etc. And Allan got mad because the spoiled pompous BMW-type Bryant tried to take off without apologizing etc. So Allan wanted to get his attention and get some respect. Bryant was a chicken for not getting out of his car and owning up and facing Allan. Bryant should get the book thrown at him and made an example of. I see Bryant types on the roads everyday….full of themselves….don't care about anyone….you just shake your head and give those small men the finger!!!!

  8. Sharp like a bowling ball. You still don't get that there is no such thing as a “pitbull”? It's a generic term used to describe several breeds and mixes with short hair and athletic bodies. So what is the temperament of a breed that doesn't exist? You clearly don't know anything about dogs, so my suggestion is that you stick to topics you do know something about.
    I don't know why you think anyone should feel sorry for Bryant. He should have known better than to do what he did. I wouldn't feel sorry for him even if he hadn't been responsible for the death of so many innocent dogs. The fact that he made the decision to drive does however reinforce the impression I had of him from that: Cold, selfish, and absolutely ruthless. Would you have done that? I would not have. I would not have risked injuring or killing someone by doing that. If that makes me a “pitbull” in your eyes, well, good for me.

  9. I know the Ontario legal system doesn't work very well, like its outrageous that the alled driver is just charged with negligence – maybe a $500 fine? So its interesting how the rise and fall of a dangerous politician occurred nevertheless.

  10. Sociopaths often begin by killing animals and then move on to killing human beings. Bryant must have felt that his ability to kill people's pets and destroy their cars made him invincible. I sincerely hope he gets the justice he deserves.

  11. I am very aware that there is no specific breed that is a “pitbull,” but they are derived from 3 specific breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. If you choose to use the word generic to describe a few breeds (and mixes), I suggest you look up the definition of generic. It is most definitely NOT a generic term used to describe ANY dog with short hair and athletic bodies…I'm pretty sure Jack Russell Terriers, Weimaraners, and Vizslas would never be mistaken for “pitbulls.”
    I actually sympathize with these dogs, because most of them are not aggressive. I blame the owners almost entirely for the ones that kill or injure people. BUT, like a lot of breeds, they need a dominant, stable and informed owner that can handle them. Unfortunately, you don't need to pass an IQ test to get your hands on one of these dogs. Bad owners happen to all breeds of dogs, but the difference is that, unlike most breeds, these dogs can kill a child in seconds if they want to. I never have to worry that my pug is going to attack and kill a child- EVER.
    And I NEVER said that anyone should feel sympathy for Bryant- unlike you, I reserve judgment until I know all the facts. I find it odd that you seem to think you know who this man is personally (or his wife), simply by the legislation he has tabled. Seems like rash judgment to me…hmmm…kind of like when people judge pitbulls because of what they've heard about them…you know without actually really knowing anything about them.

  12. I know that he wasn't honest with voters when passing that legislation – he was a fear mongering, power hungry dweeb. I know that he ignored experts and was flip with those who opposed the legislation. I know that he used a few media reports, not statistical data, as reasonable apprehension of harm.
    And by the way, under the definition in Bryant's ammendments to DOLA, yes, those breeds you mentioned actually COULD be defined as pitbulls because their breed standards are quite similar to the breed standards used to define one.
    Also, children have been killed by breeds you wouldn't believe. Including but not limited to Jack Russells and Poms and even seven week old Lab puppy. I also happen to work with dogs, and have worked with a few aggressive Pugs who have tried to seriously do damage. One of my more serious bites was from a Boston Terrier, about the same size as a Pug. So don't make generalizations about breed. As you yourself said, it's the owner. Think small dogs can't do damage? They can and they have. Think “nice” dogs don't? I've seen reconstructive surgery on children from Goldens. I witnessed a near fatal attack by a Collie. So give me a break. If it has teeth, it can maim and kill. Bryant devasted so many families passing that law for his own personal game. Excuse me while I reserve a little less judgement than you. I can't think of a single reason why the man couldn't have called out for help. Honked his horn. Used a cellphone for an emergency call. Anything except drive with someone holding the vehicle. I guess I'm just mean, wishing he'd reacted in a way that might have spared a life.

  13. OK. This is getting silly now, so this will be my last post. On the issue of Michael Bryant, I also wish he would have reacted very differently- as I'm sure he does too.
    As for the issue of pitbulls, I know any dog can bite, but most can't (or don't) KILL people as often as pitbulls or Rottweilers- just look at the statistics. I know these dogs aren't the primary biters, but they are the primary killers. I know any dog is capable of biting, so I teach my 4 year old son to respect ALL dogs and to always ask the owner before he pats a dog. BUT I think it's silly to say that Jack Russell Terriers, Weimaraners, and Vizslas could be defined as pitbulls under DOLA- now that is fear mongering.
    And thank you for making my point- the aggressive pugs you've worked with have TRIED to do serious damage, but they CAN'T! It is good to make generalizations about a breed, because GENERALLY they are true. The reason so many dogs are surrendered each year is because people don't research breed characteristics before they get a dog. People need to get dogs that match their lifestyle. If you don't like to exercise, then don't get a boxer. If you don't live on a farm, don't get a border collie. It is naive and not fair to dogs to say that GENERALLY, the temperament of a doberman is the same as that of a pug. Don't make the exceptions the rule.
    Oh and next time, if you want to “reserve a little less judgment” than me, your next 5 sentences probably shouldn't be filled with judgment.

  14. It is getting silly. If you go back through the posts on this blog site, you will find that a purebred, registered Lab was almost seized from the home of a couple when an ACO knocked on their door accusing them of having an illegal pitbull. They had to produce paperwork on the dog because this individual – who has the power to identify “pitbulls” and seize them, thought their lab was a pitbull. What if that dog had been unregistered? There are other cases too, go back through this blog. You'll find them. Mastiff crosses, Boxer crosses. And so on and so on. So it's actually happened, I am NOT fear mongering.
    As to statistics, do some research – you don't know as much as you think you do. Some of the older studies have been since rescinded by the authors, who acknowledge that accurate breed identification was not present in the studies. In a Canadian study of dog bites requiring medical attention, Labradors were most often responsible. And yet that doesn't matter to me, because to me the one really responsible is ALWAYS the owner.
    The Pugs I'm talking about could do damage. They didn't because I had the proper tools and equipment and two very skilled people to work with them. I work with all breeds btw, and clearly you weren't paying attention. Small dogs, no bigger than Pugs, have KILLED people. So don't give me that they can't do damage. I love them, I think they're cute as can be. But they have teeth and claws and in the wrong hands can be just as bad as any other dog.
    The reason so many dogs get surrendered are because people tend to get dogs on whims, not put any time into thinking about whether they should have any dog, don't put the time into them that they deserve, and then give them up quicker than they would a toaster. It's sick.
    Temperament and energy level are not exactly the same thing, and yes, people should get the right dog for them, but no breed is inherently vicious. That's just not true. I've been working with dogs for over 15 years all breeds. No breed is inherently vicious, and no breed is inherently good, and I can tell you that with all confidence. Dogs are almost always the product of their environment. A nice dog can be ruined in a bad home. Dogs who have been tortured, abused and even fought can often even be rehabilitated. A good example would be the Vicktory dogs.
    Breed specific legislation is a joke. It's uneffective. All it does is make politicians LOOK good to unsuspecting voters. Italy threw theirs out after several years. Why? It didn't reduce dog bites. The Netherlands threw theirs out after 15 years. Why? It didn't reduce dog bites. Do you know where dog bites have been reduced, in spite of a rapidly increasing population? Calgary. No breed specific legislation. Just sensible, strict dog laws putting a lot of onus on dog owners to be responsible. Providing education in dog bite prevention in schools. Strictly enforcing the law and handing out huge fines to irresponsible owners. So tell me, with a model like that which works, proven in the numerical data, why Bryant would go with breed bans that other countries are throwing out because they are ineffective? The answer?? People are suckers and it won him some media coverage and votes. Lucky Ontario. Crappy, ineffective legislation that punishes innocent dog owners instead of fair legislation that is proven to work. Now that's a shame. So keep on seeing what you want to see, but the proof actually is in the numbers. Just not the way you thought.

  15. Oh, btw, I said I would “reserve a little less judgment”. LESS than you. Reserve less. That means that yes, I will judge Michael Bryant. He is responsible for the death of that man. There was no excuse not to use a phone, call out for help, honk a horn. So yes. I judge a person whose reaction is to cause injury or in this case, death.

  16. I cannot believe you would post such offensive things at a time like this. Someone lost their life last night and you are going on about it as if you know what happened.
    I do hope you go to sleep at night happy, because quite frankly you are a sad person to write such horrid things under the guise of being about “animals.”
    You should be ashamed of yourself

  17. There is good science behind the premise of the wagthedog blog, that humans who target pets soon have little compunction in harming humans as well.
    The prediction was made years ago about Bryant, and now's he charged culpable in a nasty fatality.
    The pet lobby really has some convincing material here if they can get the message across.

  18. Who are you? The moral police? There was nothing offensive in my post. I was simply stating a fact that many citizens of Ontario, many of them dog owners, tried to warn people as early as 2004 that MB is a ticking time bomb. I did not let on at any time that I knew what happened. I was simply reporting the same news we were all getting.
    I did sleep quite well last night, thank you. I had sweet dreams about Bryant in a spike collar, being led around a government hotel as Bubba's bitch.
    Chill out anonymous. We dog owners are all deeply saddened a man lost his life. There are many tragedies in the world every single day, unfortunately the average Joe pays no attention… But I guess you are going around policing that are you?

  19. Where do I sign up to be on Brytler's jury? Mofo will probably elected trial by judge since I'm pretty sure he knows how widely disliked he is.
    His past behaviour and policies have a LOT to do with his current predicament. He is reactionary, impulsive, panics easily, doesn't care if he has all the facts, responds in a knee-jerk manner to events. He and his cronies casually legislated something they knew nothing about and totally ignored all the valuable info that came their way during the massive outpouring of opposition to the policy banning the mythical 'pit bull'.
    I guess you have to own a short-haired, medium-sized, randomly bred mutt or know people who do to really understand that the 'pit bull' ban doesn't affect dogs – it affects their owners in a very negative way.
    And Bryant and Company didn't give a **** about that. It was all about the headlnies. Well, the little dick is getting headlines now.
    I hope he ends up in prison, jobless and friendless. I'm sure everyone he knows is as superficial and phoney as he is so he's probably already at the friendless stage.
    I'm glad he's in trouble but it's too bad somebody had to die to make people see what we've said all along – there's a threat to public safety in Ontario alright but it sure isn't domestic dogs.
    This case would be bizarre even if it didn't involve a high profile character like Bryant. The guy lost everything in a moment because he panicked instead of using his head.
    Just like always.

  20. Is that you, Bryant?
    I don't see anything offensive in this piece. Well, no more than usual.
    I have no sympathy for Bryant. None. He'll get a fair trial which is more than dog owners are getting in this benighted province. His case will look at the facts, which is more than he and his minions did when plotting to kill short-haired dogs in Ontario on a whim. He'll be presumed innocent, which is more than dog owners are, thanks to Bryant's insanity. He won't have to prove he doesn't own something that doesn't exist, unlike dog owners accused of harboring illegal 'pit bulls' (LMAO) are.
    I'd sure like to see the burden of proof reversed in this case. I'd love to see Bryant have to prove a negative, just so he could know how it feels.
    I feel sorry for the kids, especially since school is about to start. That's going to be a tough one, I guess Bryant should have though of his family a little more before acting like a crazed maniac on Bloor Street. The cyclist certainly didn't deserve his fate.
    It's amazing that more people weren't hurt during this bizarre incident. I hope they crush Bryant's car and I presume he's off the road indefinitely.

  21. IF that was the case did he also throw a brick on the gas? Car was going pretty fast I hear. And the Mrs., why did she run off until the next day? We'll see. Or maybe not. The closest witness is dead.

  22. Do you people know that Bryant is an amatuer Boxer? I can't believe that Bryant was fearful for his life.
    I had a similiar incident happen to me in the US a few years ago. I was cut off at high speed, I pass the car that cut me off, and gave the guy the finger. Stopped at a light, the guy jumps out of his car, rips open my car door, and starts beating me while I'm inside the car. I jump out, give the guy one punch, bloody his nose, he doesn't want to fight anymore, and I split. I could have ran the guy over no problem like Bryant did. It is true that I am a large man, bigger than Bryant. I chose to engage the guy in a fist fight which Bryant could very well also have done if he felt threatened.
    Also if the biker was drunk, he would be like silly putty for an experienced boxer.
    Bryant is a coward and a murderer, pure and simple. I am totally disgusted by people who suggest otherwise.

  23. Yes, I have heard that Bryant is a Boxer. I actually believe Bryant was fearful. He is a shrimp and some guy looming into your car can be quite scary for a big mouth (legend in his own mind) like Bryant. I also drive a convertible. It is sort of creepy when you are driving in crowded areas or (not that I frequent them but bad areas). Quiet areas are also creepy like isolated roads etc.. but Bloor and Avenue Rd. at 10pm in the evening is full of people. It is obviously a very affluent area but there are plenty of people who can help you out if being attacked. I won't say for sure what my instinct would lead me to do, but I am fairly logical in a bad situation. The best way to wipe a guy off your car is slam on the brakes not speed up to mach one. Only one guy had his foot on the gas.. Sparks coming off Sheppard's bike shoes paints a picture of holding on for dear life.. not continuing to assaulting someone.
    Bryant is a fear mongerer which tells me that he is a fraidy cat. While holding the AG's position he yapped about scary dogs (when he admitted he owned a GSD when he was younger) and yapped about computer safety comparing it to letting your kids wander around in the dark streets of Toronto… Scary drivers, food we eat.. sushi, church suppers etc.. He appears to be a hot head with sociopath tendencies. He has no problems throwing citizens of Ontario under the bus, being directly responsible for killing innocent mutts.. I can't help but wonder if he feels remorse for killing a guy, or remorse that his life as he knows it is over for a while. I bet he feels this will wash away as a distant memory like so many before him. He will rise again. Maybe not as premier of the Ontariostan he helped create, but certainly have opportunities that his victim will never again have.

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