Is the kettle about to boil over in Surrey?

It is absolutely beyond me why people entertain the thoughts that banning breeds or fictitious breeds of dogs? If they have their thinking caps on at all or have learned the art of “google” they will find plenty of evidence that cities, states, counties and countries are repealing bans and substituting with common sense. Holland executed a detailed study to prove breed bans do nothing to decrease bite incidents. In an article this week…

Surrey City Councillor Barinder Rasode says she is ready to re-evaluate the rules surrounding dangerous dogs in light of recent dog attacks in Surrey.

Rasode says she could see tougher legislation, or even a ban on
certain breeds in Surrey. “If the SPCA came forward to council with a
proposal we would certainly not only discuss that proposal but send it
out to public consultation…and maybe a ban is what we need to look at.”

Give your head a shake Barinder!

Google the “Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw” in Calgary.

I feel like a broken record.. record.. record… record… record… record…

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  1. It is ignorant people like you who need their head shaked. Since the breeding ban was passed in Ontario the attacks on these killing machines/monsters has dropped to almost nil.
    Impose an importing, neuturing, breeding, selling and buying law and raise te annual dog license fees for them to $2000 per year like in some BC cities and see what happens.
    My wife and I were attcked by a American Bulldog, which is nothing more than another name to cover up Pitbull. First my jacket was torn then my wife severly bitten after the idiot who ownd it let is loose again. In my 71 years plus I grew up between dogs, ownwd dogs and have never been bitten by any except by the above dog who was running a round lose in its front yard wioth the gate wide open and attacked us for no apparent reason while we walked on the sidewalk.
    Explain that one, Mr Brightbrain. Apparently you don’t know that some of these dogs have attacked their owners, spouses and children for no reason at all.

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