PC Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and Canvass a success

The PC volunteer appreciation BBQ and canvass was a success, as reported by one of our members who was in attendance with his dog Abby. The BBQ was a great chance to meet the St Paul's candidate, Sue-Ann Levy, who will be running in Bryant's former riding. The Liberal's are not confident they will hang on to the seat in St. Paul's. The by-election is coming up this Thursday Sept 17th.

Following a day of canvassing,  Leader Tim Hudak, Sue-Ann
Levy, Party Executive, PC Caucus, volunteers, families, and friends of
the Ontario PC Party had their
annual volunteer BBQ.

Here are some comments from our member who was there…

Abby attracted a lot of favorable attention. I didn't meet
one person who had anything good to say about the pit bull ban. Among
the people coming over to greet Abby was a teenage girl with a
little girl about 1 or 2 years old. The little girl liked petting Abby.

Later when I finally got a chance to speak to Tim Hudak the first
thing he said was “your dog really hit it off with my daughter”. It
turns out that the little girl was Tim Hudak's daughter. I asked where
he stood on the pit bull ban and he called it a ridiculous law. He
suggested that once elected that they need to bring in a new law that
will actually be effective in protecting people from dangerous dogs.
He commented that when he was a kid it was German Shepherds that
people were afraid of. He did say that it wouldn't be a campaign
issue, but he seemed well informed on the issue and definitely opposed
to the pit bull ban.

Thanks for the report Bryan and thanks for mascot duty Abby!

Remember to begin researching which party has the best chance of beating the Liberal in your riding for the next provincial election (Oct 2011). The countdown is on! If the next election is likened to a game of bowling, we are long over due for a strike to knock those Fiberal pins out of the way and get this province back on track!! Time to restore the sanity.

Good luck to Sue-Ann Levy this Thursday! Paws crossed for you..

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  1. Apparently voter turnout in St. Paul's was around 25%, incredibly low. People in St. Paul's have no right to b*tch if they didn't vote.
    I wish Sue-Ann Levy had gotten in. Liberals suck.

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