Sarnia's horrifying update

City now holding three suspected pit bulls

The city has impounded yet another dog based on the belief it is a banned breed in Ontario and must be euthanized.

A complaint prompted Sarnia officials on Friday to pick up a
dog, which they were told fathered two puppies already being held at
the Sarnia and District Humane Society.

All three dogs are boxer mixes, according to one owner Korinn
Seabrook. However, city animal control officers say they are
Staffordshire bull terriers and are illegal.

Sarnia is well on its way to topping the list of being known for most dog unfriendly city. Way to hurl Sarnia!


  1. This whole thing is ridiculous. If the owners are so convinced that their dogs have no Staffordshire bull terrier in them then go to and get them genetically tested and stop whining. Most dogs never get complaints about them that require police intervention- either the dog or the owners are likely at fault here. Whether you agree with the law or not, it is the law and if you choose to own dogs of certain breeds then you have face the consequences.

  2. Yo, dopey, DNA is not the test under this law, it's strictly physical characteristics.
    Read the law AND the situation before you start your unwarranted namecalling.
    These dogs had done nothing wrong but be a shape that the Ontario Fiberals decided to demonize for political gain.
    *muttering*….must be a Fiberal. Damaged gray matter.

  3. This stupid law just sends people in circles because even if the dogs are not Staffies, Ampits, or Amstaffs it matters none, because substantially similar kicks in and around and around and around we go. Any dog could be one according to this mental law..

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