In Ontario these days, it's hard to say.  It seems as though any short-haired dog can be turned into a 'pit bull' with no effort at all.

Of course that's what happens when a law is 100% rigged against a citizen in favour of the government – fairness flies out the window.  Every dog is substantially similar in physical characteristics to every other dog, isn't he?  Of course he is.  Note the law doesn't say 'physical appearance' or 'breed', then run that around in your head for a second or two.

Get it?

out my PowerPoint presentation.  It's modified from the wildly successful display I did for our booth at the All About Pets show this past Easter

It's attached as a file – just click on the paper clip or hit the linked title to view it.

I haven't used PowerPoint for years, so it's kind of basic.  Any and all suggestions/tips welcome!

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