Dog nearly killed for having too large of a head!

Here is a perfect example of the absolute bull**** going on here in Ontario!
In Kitchener, Ontario this week, Shon Carroll, a humane society officer was “told” to investigate the background (lineage?) of a dog that was brought in stray.
** Kitchener has had a breed specific ban in place since Febuary 1997, put in place prior to the province enacting a province wide ban in 2005.
Jack Simpson as he put it, inherited a mutt 18 months ago from a neighbor. Simpson’s dog got loose and went to explore the neighborhood, but was picked up by the humane society in Kitchener. When Simpson called looking for his dog he described him as a “lab/pit cross”. The word “pit” activated the antennae of the HS to “investigate” the lineage of the dog.
This proves my point that most people who work with dogs in shelters, pounds and the like have no clue about dog genetics or breeds. They clearly have bought into the BS that “pitbulls” actually do exist and they must be identified and killed. Some shelters and pounds do not identify cross bred dogs and declare short haired mutts as breeds people “view” as “friendly” and find them homes but others such as Kitchener choose to kill dogs based on LOOKS NOT BEHAVIOR!

With each passing day this mass dog murder in Ontario gets more and more insane! Thanks Dalton McGuinty you useless piece of dog ****.

Mr. Simpson took the matter of what is now saving his dog’s life to a humane society committee hearing where they would decide if the dog fit their criteria to be able to live or be designated as having some weird characteristics in how he looked that would declare a date with Dr. Death!

I have to include a lengthy excerpt because it is just too bizarre not to share.
Here is a link to the rest of the story where you may also see a picture of Jack Simpson and his dog Charlie.

Carroll met with Simpson and his dog on Sept. 2 to take pictures and measurements.
Someone please direct me to the information that leads these wanks to believe they can justifiably kill dogs because:
- Their head is too big
- Their forehead is too wide

Their hindquarters are lower and smaller than their front end
-Their chest is too big
It appears that a flippant decision was made that Charlie seemed to also have a friendly demeanor, seeing as though he visits the OLD AGE HOME AND DAYCARE TO VISIT on a regular basis!
The moral of this story is; if you live in this Dogforsaken province of Ontariostan, erase the word “pit” from your vocabulary. Don’t even use it to describe what exists in the center of most fruit for fear of having your dog killed because his head it too big!







Where do some shelter workers and animal control officers come up with this BS?


“My biggest thing is the width of the head, the wideness of the forehead,” Carroll said at the committee hearing.

hind quarters were visibly lower and smaller than the front shoulders.
The dog also had a big chest. But Charlie’s head was most concerning
for humane society officer tasked with enforcing the Pit Bull ban.

Charlie’s muzzle has a box shape too, Carroll said.

told the committee the lab traits in Charlie are stronger than the Pit
Bull traits. Carroll also said Charlie appeared to be friendly.

mainly because of the size of the dog’s head Carroll designated Charlie
a Pit Bull-like animal that was banned and would have to be destroyed.

I left a message with the humane society that he is a lab-pit cross,
the fact that I said ‘pit’ was enough to raise red flags,” Simpson said
to the committee.

“Had I known then what I know now, I would
never have mentioned the word ‘pit,’ I would have said a ‘lab cross’
and that would have been the end of it,” Simpson said.

He told
the committee the dog never bothered anybody. Simpson said he brings
the dog to the old age home where his mother lives and his sister’s
daycare. He submitted letters from both women as evidence.

“My mother’s in an old age home. I take Charlie there, everybody loves Charlie,” Simpson said.

take him to my sister’s, she has a daycare centre, all the kids play
with Charlie, and they all love him. There isn’t a soul in the city who
doesn’t like Charlie and yet they were willing to put him to sleep
because of the size of his head, which doesn’t seem fair,” Simpson said.

committee members — Coun. Geoff Lorentz, Coun. John Smola and Anne
Lawrence of the K-W Kennel Club — listened to the evidence.

Simpson said a lot of people are not aware dogs that are half Pit Bull can be designated and destroyed.

“It’s not an exact science I can tell you that,” Lorentz said.

Lawrence, the committee chair, wanted to know why Simpson described Charlie as a “lab-pit.”

just an easy way to explain what kind of dog he is rather than rattling
off a whole bunch of different breeds I see in him,” Simpson said.

“OK so this wasn’t because you were told this by a vet?” Lawrence said.

“No, this is something I came up with as a short way of telling people what I think he is,” Lawrence said.

The committee members deliberated behind closed doors for a few minutes.

on the evidence the committee is rescinding the designation which means
you are free to license your dog, no restrictions. Thanks you every
one,” Lawrence said.

No further explanations were given.

Simpson was visibly relieved as he walked out of the council chambers where the hearing was held.

“I am pleased, very pleased,” Simpson said.

The whole process has left Simpson shaking his head.

“Because they didn’t like the size of his head they wanted to kill him,” Simpson said.

“They gave me two options. Go get a DNA test done on him and find out
what his lineage is, which is several thousand dollars, or leave the
province,” Simpson.





  1. It never ceases to amaze me that this is still going on. When is this garbage going to end? I really wish that society would move past judging anything / anyone by their looks instead of their actions. Truly it's pathetic that we aren't there yet.

  2. What slays me is that these bozos think that if a dog is half “pit bull” (Whatever TF that is), he's banned.
    I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that the law:
    a) Has NOTING TO DO WITH BREED unless it's one of the three quite different purebreds named, which is easy to establish.
    b) States that in the case of a mutt (any unregistered dog), it must be SUBSTANTIALLY similar in physical characteristics to ONE of the three very different banned breeds.
    While point b) obviously leaves things wide open to interpretation and therefore unfairly loads a decision in favour of the Crown in COURT, the fact is that even if a dog is half Lab and half Staffordshire Bull, it is completely irrelevant and doesn't mean he is a 'pit bull' under the meaning of the law.
    To say a dog is half 'pit' is just complete ignorance. A dog can't be half 'pit', he can only be half (and half) dog.
    Get it, moronic 'pit bull' (ha ha ha) owners? Since most of you did squat to help us with the legal challenge, didn't bother turning up to our demonstrations, didn't buy stuff at our booths, etc, the least you can do is try to protect your poor dogs.
    Oh, and to be fair to Kitchener (which isn't easy, trust me), their original ban did not include purebreds and in fact, the urged the province to exclude the purebreds. HOw in hell they enforced their bylaw is anybody's guess but I sure wish somebody had thought to challenge it – it would have blown down like a house of cards.

  3. Just to clarify.
    Substantially means the greater part, most, etc.
    Therefore, a 50-50 split cannot be considered substantially similar in terms of breeding.
    However, the law isn't about breeding when they discuss mutts.
    It's a completely insane piece of legislation written by self-serving opportunists who knew nothing about what they were trying to legislate. Not only did they not give a **** about dogs, they didn't give a **** about the citizens of Ontario who they are supposed to represent.
    Can we please, please, please stop voting for these evil people?

  4. If you ever want to garner some respect from people who aren't as passionate about your cause as you are then I suggest you tone down your rants. You are letting your anger cloud your judgment and you are coming across as just bitter and crazy. I am somewhat sympathetic to your cause, but calling politicians useless pieces of dog **** crosses the line. It is OK to think these things, but not publicize them. You will never be taken seriously or change the average citizen's opinion that way. And the only way you will get this law reversed is by gaining substantial public sympathy for your cause. And why don't you point out that some of the information in articles that appear on your website is just completely wrong. The man in the article says that a DNA test on his dog to find out what his lineage is would cost several thousand dollars. That is a complete lie. You can get it done for about $60 in Toronto.

  5. Anonymous, we have been polite and rational for the last five years. I have bitten my tongue so often, it's about an inch shorter. We've seen good friends move out of the province to keep their dogs safe; other people persecuted and their dogs killed; puppies killed; rescues swamped trying to move unoffending dogs to safe places.
    Bitter? Angry? Yes, I speak for myself when I say I am.
    How about you join the team and see how polite and rational you are in five years, after politicians have lied about you and your dog, mainstream media consistently libels you, and the average citizen can't cmprehend the Charter issues in this matter and doesn't seem to give two hoots about anything but shopping at some big box store.

  6. Listen Anonymous, (gotta love those who love to wank without having the balls to sign your name) I used to be a nice person but that all changed in 2005. Do you email Rick Mercer and ask him to tone down his rants too?
    I seriously doubt I will drive anyone away from supporting “our cause” because I call McGuinty a useless piece of dog ****. I will call him a double useless piece of dog **** this week because our province now sits in the largest deficit in history because of his outright incompetence! (Hot on the heels of over a BILLION dollars squandered away at E Health). In fact last time I checked there is still free speech so I'll say whatever the hell I want.
    BTW this isn't “our cause”. If you live in Ontario, this is YOUR cause too. You obviously still don't know it though. I guess it doesn't alarm you that “our law” has been used for other laws since and set the most dangerous precedence in history (imo) if you will so kindly allow me one.
    Why would I focus in on lies in the media. You will never put out that fire. Every day in nearly every article written there is some un-truth or “stretch” of the imagination. What the hell does anyone care that DNA can be done for $60.00. They are BS anyway. Do you have a dog you can prove lineage on? Try sending it in for a DNA test. (Be careful not to send a picture when they ask you to though).
    I'm glad you are so full of ideas about how this law will get reversed. Where the hell have you been. I'm awful glad you pointed that out for us. Again, I doubt I'll drive away public sympathy for calling McGuinty a useless piece of dog****, in fact that will likely garner quite a bit of support.
    I am just getting over H1N1 so forgive me but I am going to end this rant. I am going back to the couch and don't really want to waste any more time straightening out some gutless anon who thinks I should be less angry about the most insane subject on the planet!
    And btw, thanks for judging my judgment but it is just fine!

  7. Damm straight, Lori. Anyone involved with this cause will call McSquinty and the Fiberals things far worse than worthless dog ****. They`ve squandered billions because they haven`t been minding the province`s business – eHealth, OLG, WSIB, the tens of thousands wasted on the sham Committee hearings on Bill 132, and a cheerful and knowing violation of citizens`rights based on the property they own. This is beyond shameful, and Anonymous wants `polite`? Screw that.

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