About the DLCC

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) is a not for profit group counting among its members experienced, ethical and responsible dog enthusiasts nationwide.

The DLCC is Canada’s first and most unique collaborative efforts of rescue volunteers, veterinarians, owners, dog trainers, breeders and handlers to promote responsible ownership of all dogs.

The objectives of the council are two fold:

First is the promotion and support of responsible dog ownership. This includes child dog safety programs, bite free programs for adults working in proximity of dogs (police, post office) and working with dog owners one on one.

Second is to encourage and foster the implementation of non-breed specific dangerous dog by-laws. Non-breed specific dangerous dog by-laws designate dogs as ‘dangerous’ based on behaviour rather than breed. These by-laws allow for more efficient animal control without pointlessly punishing responsible dog owners. They address concerns with dog aggression and recognize the role of human negligence behind most incidents.

This is the DLCC’s official blog, providing readers with up-to-date news, events, and comments.

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