Nanny Fiberals hard at work!

The premier of this province, Dalton McGunity has a nickname that some of us (not so fondly) refer to him as. Nanny McFee! We in Ontario are sick to death of being nannied.

This week Michael Bryant, Minister of Economic “disaster” not Development, delivered a disturbing speech to the Canadian Club in Toronto which is a forum to hear trailblazers in politics, business, social
development and the media over lunch.

There is an article in the Sun titled Investment advice for dummies.

This week, he attracted a lot of them by telling the Canadian Club of Toronto
what he's actually been saying for some time — that governments need to decide
which businesses will succeed and which will fail and invest taxpayers' money —
he's starting with $2 billion in Ontario — in the successful ones.

In a follow up article A 'liberal' state of mind, there are several excerpts from Bryant's speech but this particular one confirms what we have been saying all along.

When referring to Bryant;

What he said was: “It's preposterous to imagine that government in this century
or the last century is not the most impactful institution in our day-to-day
lives, outside of the family,”

Is that not just another way of saying we are your big brother. We are here to nanny you all to death since you cannot seem to make the correct (the 'liberal's' version) choices for yourself.

Or as the author of the article says;

In other words, since, save for the family, the modern liberal state has more
impact on individuals (i.e. “in our day-to-day lives”) than anything else, it's
a logical and just extension of the state's power that it should use public
money to pick which businesses succeed and which fail in the marketplace, for
the greater social good.

Ah, but the Nanny McFee Fiberals cannot stop at deciding which businesses will succeed and fail in the marketplace, but they also will dictate what type of dog you should own, food you should eat, where you can smoke (when they still sell you the cigarettes), and on and on and on… I guess we are all to stupid to make these critical choices in our own lives. The government, who according to Bryant is “part of the family”.

Well not in my family!McGuinty, Bryant and the rest of you sob sisters can consider yourselves officially disowned. You have never been and never will be part of my family or my keeper/nanny whatever the hell you fancy yourself as!

I have to reprint the last section of the article. The author portrays this depiction so well.

For those inclined to explore such issues and their implications for society,
I highly recommend The Liberal Mind — The Psychological Causes of Political
Madness — by Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., an MD and general and forensic
psychiatrist, who has testified as an expert in thousands of American civil and
criminal cases.

Rossiter argues modern liberalism leads to political madness, because it
seeks to override the individual's psychological need for freedom, in the name
of social engineering.

As Rossiter diagnoses it: “This bias is destructive to the ideals of liberty
and social order and to the growth of the individual to adult competence.

“Instead of promoting a rational society of competent adults who solve the
problems of living through voluntary co-operation, the modern liberal agenda
creates an irrational society of child-like adults who depend upon governments
to take care of them. In its ongoing efforts to collectivize society's basic
economic, social and political processes, the liberal agenda undermines the
character traits essential for individual liberty, material security, voluntary
co-operation and social order.”

Sound like anyone we know?

I guess the true colours are shining through huh?

Randy Hillier to repeal "pitbull" ban in Ontario

Randy Hillier is MPP in the riding of the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington. Randy's common sense approach is refreshing. Randy would like to see restoration of freedom in Ontario and as he puts it “get this province back on track”.

I just spoke with Randy on the phone. I wanted to thank him for taking a firm stand, if elected as PC leader, to work toward repealing the ban. Check out Randy's website where he discusses repealing the ban here.

He agrees that all dogs can bite and irresponsible owners must be dealt with. He takes a strong stance in favour of citizens of Ontario. He told me he ran to represent his riding because he wants to make a difference. He says people cannot make a change by hanging on the couch, they must participate in our democracy and get active.

Please consider joining the Ontario PC party and making a donation to Randy's campaign. You can do so by clicking on this link to his home page. You will see a bold JOIN NOW. Membership is 10.00 for the year and you will be eligible to vote in the upcoming Ontario PC leadership race. You must join by Thursday May 14th. The voting will conclude Thursday June 25th.

Please make sure you make a comment showing your support or email Randy a note of encouragement.

Participaction Canada CEO needs to change her tune

Last Sunday morning I stayed in bed a while longer than usual. It was raining out and it was sort of nice to laze around for a while.

I turned on the CBC weekend news program. A piece on children not being as active as they once were and how it is affecting their health. The CEO of Participaction, Kelly Murumets, was being interviewed. During her interview she made the analogy that “if a 'pitbull' was attacking your child, a parent would do everything in their power to get that 'pitbull' off thier child; but parents do not take the risks seriously of not keeping their kids active”.

Well holy hell. I jumped out of bed. I think this propoganda, fear mongering is finally getting to me. The thing that really ticks me off, is Ms. Muruments is in a postion of influence and spouting lies and feeding the fear mongering beast just isn't acceptable.

Now I realize this is now Thursday and this was last Sunday. The reason I have waited a few days to post something about it, I sent an email to Ms. Murmet immediately following the show. I have not heard back anything, therefore I thought I would let the rest of you know the ignorance we responsible dog owners have to deal with on a daily basis.

Here is a copy of the email I sent Ms. Murmuets.

Please feel free to drop Participaction a line as well. They didn't seem to have any direct contact info, but I emailed them through the comments section of the website.

classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>

19, 2009


Kelly Murumets

Participaction Canada


Dear Ms. Murumets


I happen to catch the weekend CBC
news this morning. There was a segment featuring you speaking about children’s
physical activity and Participaction.


You made the analogy something to the effect that; if a
child had a “pitbull” attacking it, a parent would do everything in their power
to pull the dog off their child but that parents do not take the child’s
physical activity level as seriously where health is concerned.


Now I have no issue nor do I dispute the level of
seriousness that Canadian parents have for the physical activity of their
children; however I do take issue with stereotypical, fear mongering,
irresponsible statements comparing a specific type of dog to children’s
physical activity (or lack thereof).


By making this bold statement, you are feeding the
propagandized, fear mongering campaign that has been media driven over the past
several decades pertaining to “pitbulls”. All dogs can bite and if an analogy
to dog bites compared to physical activity were to be made, if hypothetically
the situation of children’s inactivity is as serious as you say, a Golden
Retriever, Labrador Retriever or Cocker Spaniel would be better analogies to
make since they are most frequently involved in biting incidents in Canada.

The comparison of dog attacks to the effects of inactivity
in children is a poor analogy to make and serves no real purpose other than
breeding fear or playing on a parent’s emotional response to “pitbull” attacks
that are the only ones reported in the main stream media.  I suppose your statement wouldn’t have held
the same impact if you had used the factual data:


“If a child had a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever
attacking it, a parent would do everything in their power to pull the dog off
the child. Yet parents shrug the inactivity that will see their children’s life
span reduced”.


I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not particularly
knowledgeable where dogs are concerned. I realize physical activity is your
specialty and I suspect motivation and encouragement, programs educating
parents and children along with the factual data may have an effect in turning
poor activity habits into better ones. Fear mongering and feeding stereotypes
that center out dog owners that own a certain shape or type of dog will have no
effect on your objective. You have given another spec of permission for people
to irrationally fear dogs and again I suspect it had no positive effect on what
your objective is.


Here are several facts you may take into consideration
before passing judgment and making irresponsible statements you cannot back up.

Fact #1 There is no such thing as a 'pitbull'. It is a slang term for a
shape or type of dog. One of the most common mutts you see on the streets of
Manytown Canada.
Since the purebreds that are the usual typecast target are so ridiculously
rare, it is unlikely there is any bull or terrier in any of these short haired
mutts. Who knows for sure and who cares since a dog is a dog is a dog.

Fact #2 There is NO science to back up that any dog has a “worse”
bite or any dog is capable of a more “severe” bite than another. The
bite pressure thing is BS. Science proves that; and yes I can back it up. The
locking jaw is BS and yes I have a research paper to reference that as well.

Fact #3 Dogs reported in so called “pitbull” media reports are misidentified
as such. The dogs commonly referred to as “pitbulls” are mutts or one of over
25 separate breeds that have short hair. Commonly the breed identification
comes from an eye witness or the victim themselves.

Fact #4 Many people have limited knowledge about dogs and dog owners must be
evaluated on the training/socialization they have provided for the dog. Dog
issues are dog owner issues, not dog breed issues. There is no such thing as a
“dangerous breed” and certainly no such breed as a “pitbull”. American Pit Bull
Terrier yes; but that is not what we are discussing.

Fact #5 Many people have an irrational fear of dogs based on the media
propaganda for the past couple decades. This is a double edged sword since
people allow children to improperly approach “friendly breeds” again which do
not exist.

Fact #6 The typical owner of a short haired mutt (what people LOVE to refer
to as a “pitbull”) are middle aged, well educated women; however they
can come in all shapes and forms.

I realize I have given you quite a bit of information but I would like you
to consider yourself on the road to being educated about the propaganda
campaign against so called “pitbulls”.

In the future, I hope you will think better of making an unsubstantiated
statement about dogs in a feeble attempt to play on the emotions of parents.


Lori Gray


I did get a response back from Kelly Murumets. Thanks to Ms Murumets for your reply and I sincerely hope you will use a better analogy next time.

Dear Ms.


Thank you very much
for your email and your interest in ParticipACTION.  We are glad that you had
the opportunity to watch the recent CBC News: Sunday story, which
underlined that we all need to work together to get our kids moving more, in
order to abate our country’s inactivity crisis.


We always
appreciate hearing from Canadians across the country, and we especially
appreciate the fact that you took the time to share your opinions with us.  Your
points are well taken and we have learned from them.


We hope that you
will join with us in our fight against Canada’s inactivity crisis. It will take
all of us together to ensure a healthier, more active Canada.


Yours very

Kelly D.

President &



Seeking to overturn the ban at Supreme Court level in Ontario

The official press release hit the press yesterday. We have filed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The public opinion was always in our favor but change has tipped even more in our favor since 2005. We see evidence of it at every event we attend (of which we have done or attended over 200 events since 2004). The overwhelming public opinion is firmly behind us and we hope the SCC will see through this piece of crap and overturn the law.

People are gobsmacked that the Liberals chose to ignore common sense alternatives and instead threw responsible dog owners under the bus and caused an onslaught of death to now over 5000 dogs since enactment.

Here is a link to one of the articles in today's paper.

BC wanks calling for a ban?

And they're off! The official campaign for a May 12th election in BC was kicked off yesterday.

Time to activate the dog owners of BC! Beware BC, a whole lot of dog owners have moved to BC looking for common sense since all has been lost in Ontario since McGuinty became Premier Nanny of Ontariostan. You can also bet the dog owners of BC have been watching the BS going on here, as in BSL (breed specific legislation), and won't be allowing it in Beautiful British Columbia.

A rag article today held the headline It is time to ban this breed.

Unfortunately, pit bulls have three strikes against them:

1.When they bite, they don't easily let go and the damage to their victim is almost always severe.

They scare the hell out of people. Yellow Lab walks down the street
with its owner and people smile. Pit bull walks down the street with
its owner and people cross the street.

3. They don't attract
quality owners. That's not to say all pit bull owners are questionable
pet owners, just that an inordinate number of questionable pet owners
are attracted to pit bulls.

This information contained in the article must be a misprint?

The 3 strikes are:

1. The media trogs who love to propagandize and hype poor old 'pitbulls'.

2. Build fear in the uneducated based on the propaganda campaign spanning over the past couple decades.

3. Single out an easy target (dog owners who own a fictitious breed of dog) and activate like minded trogs.

Listen up trogs.

Here is the deal. Cut the crap. It is getting real old.

Fact #1 There is no such thing as a 'pitbull'. It is a slang term for a shape or type of dog. One of the most common mutts you see on the streets of Manytown Canada. Since the purebreds that are the usual typecast target are so ridiculously rare, it is unlikely there is any bull or terrier in any of these short haired mutts. Who knows for sure and who cares since a dog is a dog is a dog.

Fact #2 There is NO science to back up your statement that any dog has a “worse” bite or any dog is capable of a more “severe” bite than another. The bite pressure thing is BS. Science proves that; and yes I can back it up. The locking jaw is BS and yes I can back that up too. Can you back up your statement?

Fact #3 Yellow Labs are as capable of tearing your face off as any other dog. The reason people may cross the street when they see a supposed “pitbull” coming toward them is one of several reasons. They know nothing about dogs and cannot decipher the difference is in the training/socialization the owner has provided for the dog. They have an irrational fear of dogs based on believing the media propaganda for the past couple decades. This is a dangerous ledge to walk on. If Mr. Lab owner is a moron and hasn't socialized or trained his dog properly, and Mr. Short Haired Mutt of unknown lineage is also coming toward you but has trained and socialized his dog properly, your chances of losing your fact to Mr. Lab is exponentially greater than losing your face to Mr. Short Haired Mutt. You have just created the right climate for people uneducated about dogs to risk their safety based on BS rather than common sense. For what? Hype? Drama? What exactly is the point of the propaganda campaign?

Fact #4 The typical owner of a short haired mutt (what people LOVE to refer to as a “pitbull”) are middle aged, well educated women; however they can come in all shapes and forms.

I am a white, middle-aged female.   I am a wife,  I am a mother.  I do not show dogs. I do not breed dogs. I only own rescued animals.  I'm a liberal and a registered voter.

And now I'm really p****d off.

The statement that there is an attraction for “questionable owners” to be attracted to a certain type or breed of dog is an assumption, not something that is a fact. Nice try though. The person who thought that up must have been bullied as a child?

Well BC candidates. You better be putting on your thinking caps and keeping your ear to the ground. Dog owners are hip to this crap and BC won't be falling into the same depths of denial we fell into here in Ontario. The thought that we were smarter than breed bans or thinking that our government wouldn't throw dog owners under the bus for the sake of grandstanding and optics. Thinking that people put into the position of, oh I don't know, the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE PROVINCE would apply some common sense, and follow a model that works like the Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw?

Oh no, we are hip now. We have seen the light and witnessed our Nanny State government flat out ignore common sense legislation and replace it with death and destruction. Flat out discrimination against law abiding citizens based on the shape of dog they own!

The bus stops here.


All About Pets Show Report

This past weekend was the 16th annual All About Pets Show.
The show was one of the most organized shows I have ever participated in. I am really pleased that we decided to participate in this show. The demographic of people were different from other shows we have been doing. It was great to hit the “pet crowd” and a different crowd than other large shows in the GTA.

Having worked so many events in the past 4 years, there are several things I am noticing.
- That generally speaking people are getting more hip to the fact that we are right and the government are downright dangerous to say the least. Even with lack of knowledge surrounding the Dog Owners Liability Act and canine law in general, people are hip to the fact now that if the Fiberals have legislated it; it must not make sense. If there is one thing I can thank our jerk of a premier for, it is waking people up to the fact that the government does NOT have the taxpayers best interest at heart!

-People respond much better to hearing a solution. They are thirsty for information and that HUGELY includes the “enforcers”. We had many people who work the front lines of enforcement of this piece of crap law, stop by asking tons of questions and thirsty for knowledge. They reinforced the fact that they get ZERO direction from the province and feel that the law is so vague there is no way to effectively enforce it. Therefore, some areas have seen a dramatic rise in destroying dogs (or shipping as many as possible out of province) since there is no way to determine what dogs fall under the law.

- People are super receptive to the Calgary model. People were super interested in knowing more about the Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. There were stunned to hear that the McGuinty Liberals ignored the information about the Calgary model presented to them at the committee hearings. Donations flowed as people heard that the Fib's were aware of an alternative that works and has been proven to work for nearly 2 decades and chose to launch a witch hunt instead. Dog owners are very hip to the fact that dog bites have not dropped and nothing has changed other than their friends who own short haired mutts have been stopped from visiting dog parks and dog sports etc. People are solidly behind us and it is great to have heard that from thousands of people and many were not dog owners.

Something that is still bothering me to the point of loosing my mind…

Here it goes… There is NO SUCH THING as a “pitbull”!

For dogs sake; if I hear one more time people agreeing with me.. Yes, there is no such thing as a “pitbull”. In the same breath I have owned many “pitbulls”. Look at that nice “pitbull”. What is this dog? A “pitbull”?

Here is the deal breaker. If you like short haired, stocky mutts, never never never call them a “pitbull” or ever ever identify a dog, under any circumstances a “pitbull”. Here's why. I understand the pride behind calling a dog a slang term that prior to November 29th, 2005 was not a scarlet letter or a target. I agree, there is nothing wrong with the word itself since it is partially contained in one of the purebred proper names. Here is the problem though, we have proven in court there is no such thing as a “pitbull”. It is a slang term for a shape or type of dog. As of 2005 in Ontario, the word “pitbull” is associated with death, muzzling, witch hunt, strip your rights based on the shape of dog you own; not the behaviour of the owner or the particular dog. No siree, it groups together all dogs that “look” like a “pitbull” according to whoever is doing the identifying. It means something different to every person. It is like saying identify a Retriever or Shepherd. Both are slang terms for a shape or “group” of dogs. If the dogs are not registered purebreds (with a reputable registry; not a pet store stamp of approval or illegitimate registry for  so called designer dogs) how do you know what mental picture someone gets in their head of what that term may mean?

I am going to say it again. This is fact not my opinion. Drum roll….

There is NO PERSON qualified to identify the breeds that constitute a mutt. Again, I mean no disrespect to mutts, mongrels or cross bred dogs however; when identifying them can mean whether they get to live or die it becomes a very different meaning. Why would one want to be the determining factor on whether a dog becomes a target for death. Not when there is no need for it. If the dog is a purebred, ok. He is what he is. But when he is a mutt, who the hell knows what he is and you and no one else is an expert on the matter cause experts on the matter don't exist. They are all hangin' with the 'pitbulls' in slangland.

So do the mutts and yourself a favour. Please STOP using the double standard.
KISS. Keep it simple stupid.
If a dog is a purebred, identify him/her as such.
There are such a minute amount (if any) purebreds that go through the “system” of shelters, pounds and rescues based on sheer numbers and that includes all breeds. Only a fraction of the dog population at large is purebred. Many are called purebred and might even strongly resemble a purebred but without the registry there is NO PROOF! It is illegal to breed and sell animals as purebred without registering them under the Animals for Pedigree Act. The actual banned breeds are even more rare since they were all among the rarest of all purebred breeds in Ontario to begin with. Dog pop. approx less than 1500 all three breeds combined! These dogs aren't out breeding like rabbits; therefore the likely hood that the short haired mutts you see so commonly and running through the “system” are a combination of the most popular dogs. IE. Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Golden Retriever etc etc…

If a dog is not a registered purebred, identify him/her as a mutt.
Call it a day, find a good home if the dog passes evaluation. A dog is a dog is a dog is a dog… Every dog deserves an evaluation and every dog that passes an evaluation deserves a home. There is no obligation to identify the breeds of a mutt cause it cannot be proven. It is your word against another. If your dog is a mutt, take him into the pound and ask them to identify the breeds and get it in writing. At least then you have a document telling you what they are identifying them as. Remember, nobody is qualified. Remind them of that. No vet, shelter worker, washroom cleaning crew, dog judge or self proclaimed dog breed expert is qualified. As Mel Lastman would say, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY!

It is time to cut the drama. Call a spade a spade. There is no need to ship mutts out of province. If any of these mutts that are being identified have any of the banned purebred breeds in their genetic makeup, I'll climb to the top of Queen's Park and shout “DOGS RULE; LIBERALS DROOL”! Actually I may do that, just for the fun of it..

With 30 American Staffordshire Terriers in the whole province I guarantee you none of the mutts on petfinder stating they are “Am Staff crosses” are “Am Staff crosses”! I have one of them and I guarantee you, he isn't out whoring around! I know most of the other 29 Am Staff owners in Ontario (we have become acquainted since 2004 when this crap started) and I know their dogs aren't out humping around either.

So there you have it. A report and a rant in the same post. Yes, I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Please do your best to get the facts out there. The only way we will win the real war is if common sense is restored and the Fib's are out of power.


All About Pets Show

April 10 to 12 is the All About Pets Show at the International Center in Toronto. Directions and show times are on the AAPS website.

We are having a booth at the show. Our booth number is 536. If you are coming to the show, please stop by.

The All About Pets Show is a fun outing for the whole family.

Just some of the features at the 2009 show are:

-Royal Canin Championship Cat Show sanctioned by the Canadian Cat Association. Multiple competition rings provide non-stop action each day.

- North American Flyball Association
sanctioned flyball tournament sponsored by Global Pet Foods in the Dog
Demonstration Ring sponsored by the CKC – Canadian Kennel Club

- Visit the Cesar's booth and meet Maggie from the commercial where you can have your picture taken with her.

- Centre
sponsored by Milk-Bone – featuring
the Doggie Q Fashion Show, sponsored by Ren's Pets Depot,
The Parade of Breeds and Educational Seminars.

Ask the Trainer – Time and Patience Dog Training seminars and certified trainers will be on hand to answer your questions.

- Pet
specialists will be on hand to help you find that perfect
family pet in need of a new home.

- The
exotic sounds and beautiful colours await you in the World
of Birds

- Shop
from over 170 exhibitors with Great Show Specials on various pet products and services.

Come and
join us at the All About Pets Show! A true pet lover's paradise
dedicated to promoting the responsible ownership of pets.

All About Pets Show is proud to deliver to our Exhibitors and Visitors a first class, consumer pet show.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

visitors are not permitted to bring their pets to the show.

Bill Bruce video from Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County, California recently invited Bill Bruce to speak about the Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Program.

I am thrilled the county of Santa Barbara has supplied a link to the video of Bill's presentation.

If you would like some enlightenment or investigate further what we have been preaching for the past few years, it is well worth your time to hit this link.

Thank you Santa Barbara County for posting the video to Bill's presentation.
Thumbs up to Santa Barbara County for making the move to educate yourselves about the most efficient animal bylaw program in North America.

Gail King (Oprah's BFF) believes in the toothfairy and MSM

So… yesterday I was watching Oprah… I know, I know. I hate to even
admit I still catch her show if I have absolutely nothing else to do at that
particular time.

Hat tip to Janet C. She posted a transcript of a
portion of the conversation so I decided to throw up a post about it. (no pun

Justin Timberlake was on the show. Every Friday the Oprah show
does a panel discussion and Justin was a guest on the panel. Somehow the
wanker panel discussion came around to dogs.. they asked Justin “whatcha got?”

A picture of his dogs came up in the background.

Here is a link to the Oprah site.

Here is the transcript from that segment of the

Oprah “I hear you love dogs? What
do you have? What are their names?
(background Allie and others are asking
the same thing- they all talk on top
of each other at times)

JT “my
babies names are” and he says this in a cutesy voice

Monitor shows the
pic of the 2 boxers and the mix..

Oprah says “you have real

JT – “In the back is Buckley & Brennan – brother and

Allie – “and you have a Pit Bull”

JT – Yah a Pit Bull/ lab
- ( couldn't quite make out this part but what I
heard him say was – “she's
my Tina”

Allie “and she's sweet” sort of questioning

Gayle – “I'm
sacred of Pit Bulls”

JT – “no no”

“I've heard too many stories where they turn – you have no fear what
so ever?
I've always been afraid just based on what I've read”

JT –

Gayle – “you have no fear of them?”

JT – “no
she is really sweet.”

Then they went to another topic.

I know, I
know.. why bother mentioning this conversation? Because I am sick to death of the ill informed yapping on about what they hear and read in the news. Taking the
source at face value. (Which I might add is the same source that spews how much
weight Oprah or Gayle may have

I have lost
all respect for Oprah and her BFF Gayle. This
was the sprinkle on the icing on the cake. Oprah's schmoozing around with that
barnacle of a human HSUS Wayne was enough to make me ill but this Gayle
comment took the cake.

are 4 great points/comments from

Gayle King
besides being Oprah's BFF  is the editor at large
O magazine. Gayle needs to be educated and clearly Oprah should
of said something to defend the breed considering she had Caesar Milan on to
work with her dog Sophie (the black Cocker who was dog reactive) and brought a
bunch of his dogs to work with her – Oprah almost PLUTZED when she saw
Justin's “pitbull” but then relaxed when
she saw they were very social and
feel it was disrespectful of Gayle to harp at
Justin, and clearly he was
uncomfortable, when she questioned if he
was worried. It is as though she was
he should be worried and question his
choice of dog.

Further – HARPO is the
owner/ sponsor of Rachel Ray's show and she owns a “pitbull”.

reaction is like canine racial profiling – ergo one Black male sells crack = all
Black males are crack dealers.

Feel free to drop O and Gayle a
line. I think they are used to getting mail; on many fronts


Midland Ontario continuing its legacy of illogical dog bylaws

The town of Midland recently amended their dog bylaw. They actually didn't change much other than increasing fines; however they were already on the “no fly” list for dog owners. Looks as though they are choosing to remain on the illogical list and maintain their status in the **ban plus club.

** the ban plus club is a name I have chosen for municipalities that choose to up the price of poker and add other breeds or non-breeds (mutts) to their list of “get out of our town cause we don't want you or your stinkin' dog here!”

Towns and cities actually have the power to choose NOT to enforce the law. They can choose to apply dog bylaws to ALL dog owners regardless of breed (which some Ontario towns have chosen to do). Some cities and towns choose not to enforce this barbaric, hysterical, illogical law. One such city is Ottawa (to learn more click here).

So basically here is a run down of the sections of the Midland dog bylaw that are pertinent to this topic.

classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>


BY-LAW NO. 98-41

A By-law for the
Licensing and Requiring the Registration of Dogs and for the Control of Dogs
within the boundaries of the Town of



18.1 The owner of a breed of dog described in
Schedule “A” attached hereto and forming part of this by-law, shall ensure that
when the dog is on any municipal property, the snout of the dog is secured at
all times by the use of a muzzle so as to prevent it from biting a person or
animal and that the dog be secured to the owner by a leash.



Pit Bull Terrier,
American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American
Staffordshire Terrier, or any dog of mixed breeding which includes any of the
aforementioned breeds.

Rottweiler or any dog of
mixed breeding which includes the aforementioned breed.

Any member of the
Mastiff dog family or any dog of mixed breeding which includes the
aforementioned breed. (Amending By-law 2001-22)

So to break it down, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier are legitimate breeds and are banned under the amendment to DOLA by the Fiberals in 2005. There are so few of any of the three breeds in Ontario, I highly doubt there are any in existence in Midland. There are less than 1500 purebred dogs total (all three breeds combined) in Ontario.

I've been through Midland many times. My mom lives in the next town and I don't stop for anything in Midland since I don't spend money in towns that are anti dog!

The Pit Bull Terrier and Pit Bull do not exist. They are slang terms for a shape or type of dog but can be any short haired cross bred dog of any combination possible commonly known as a “mutt”. Labs being one of the most common breeds in Canada are likely a common portion of the composition of these short haired mutts.

The “or any dog of mixed breeding which includes any of the aforementioned breeds”, cannot be proven since there is no way to determine (scientifically or otherwise) the exact composition of breeds for any mutt.  However the gotcha is Bryant added reverse onus in DOLA so it is up to the owner of a mutt to prove their dog isn't a “pitbull” if it is identified as such. You cannot prove a negative therefore you cannot prove your dog is not a “pitbull”.

Also banned in Midland is the Rottweiler or any dog of
mixed breeding which includes the aforementioned breed. (Therefore Rottweiler's and any other black and tan dog with eyebrows).

And last but not least; Any member of the
Mastiff dog family or any dog of mixed breeding which includes the
aforementioned breed.

Mastiff breeds include:
Old English Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Cane Corso
Great Dane
Tibetan Mastiff
Bull Mastiff
Dogo Argentino
Dogue de Bordeaux
Tosa Inu
Fila Brasileiro
South African Boerboel
Presa Canario

So what is left? Hairy and small. But then again, I have witnessed some breed identifications that would make your hair curl.
In my estimation, I am better off safe than sorry. I actually know for sure my dog is banned in Midland so I will continue to NOT visit or spend any money there. I will save my money for Elmvale or Penetanguishene. (Ontario local humor check the map).

Take a long hard look at your dog before entering the town limits of Midland Ontario. If you are sitting in denial or think your dog's life is safe in this anti dog town, think again.

BSL dropped from Cote St Luc

Several months ago I posted an article about the Montreal suburb Cote St Luc.  I am very happy to report that Cote St Luc came to their senses and dropped the proposed BSL in their dangerous dog bylaw.

'Breed specific' dropped from proposed CSL 'dangerous' dog bylaw

Côte St. Luc city council has given second reading to a proposed new
bylaw that will compel the owners or custodians of “dangerous” dogs to
muzzle them — although it will not specify any particular breed of dog.

The conclusion to the article is a little confusing; but I will assume the reference is to a previous train of thought.

My advice to Cote St Luc; keep in mind while writing your new dangerous dog bylaw to keep definitions clear and a case by case assessment. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a 'pitbull' even though the dog park crowd asked for a ban on them. Short haired mutts do not make a dangerous dog nor is any dog that “looks” threatening called a 'pitbull'. MSM has given permission to people not in the know to classify any dog that bites or threatens is a 'pitbull'. Just because it is spouted in the media does not make it fact. Just because some other jurisdictions have banned some breeds of dogs does not mean there is justification or just cause present.

My advice for citizens of Anytown Canada; find out proactively what your existing dog bylaws are. Find out if your town council has anything in the works to amend the current bylaw. Educate your council and community before there is a problem. If you have a decent bylaw in place count your blessings.

A tribute to Hershey

Our hearts go out to Jennifer Waite, owner of Hershey. I received an email from Jennifer this morning that Hershey passed last night after a brief illness.

The December 2005 issue of Dogs in Canada ran an article about Hershey.

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Witness the spectacle of the savage, snarling, snapping beast.
Jennifer Waite is sick of the media circus. The rhetoric in the morning
papers and the pronouncements of publicity-seeking politicians just
don’t jibe with her experience of living with a pit bull. Her dog,
‘Hershey,’ couldn’t be further from the stereotype. Says the payroll
clerk, “She just has this warm way about her that makes you relax and
be calm, and smile. You just want to pet her.”

No surprise that a dog owner is quick to defend her pet. Except that
Hershey has the credentials to back up her owner’s claims. You see,
Hershey was a St. John Ambulance-certified therapy dog. She was also
one of a handful of recipients of a Toronto Humane Society award, last
May, honouring community heroes (canine and animal-helping humans).

Hershey's picture was also featured in the article on the Dogs in Canada blog about our “Dollars for Dogs” campaign.

Here is another story about Hershey. 

She was quite a girlie. I met Hershey and she was every bit, as described in the articles. She was a model citizen for dogs targeted for their shape in this province. Many people missed out on the benefits of her Saint John's Ambulance Therapy work; since she was forced into early retirement by the McGuinty Liberals in 2005 (when the ban took effect). 

Hershey will be sadly missed.

Court rules Miami-Dade County pitbull ban unenforceable

Yip, yip, yipee!

I'm having a difficult time containing my excitement. More and more jurisdictions are coming to their senses, albeit court ruling in some instances.

Italy came to their senses. KC Dogblog has a good post about that here.

The Netherlands tossed, UK is on the verge… many towns, cities and counties have already tossed the redneck legislation (stolen reference from caveat) into the trash and many others are on their way.

Miami-Dade is the latest jurisdiction to break out the burning barrel.

Mar 19, 2009 – Miami-Dade County, Florida  -  Miami Coalition
Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) and Animal Law Coalition
applaud a court ruling that the Miami Dade County Pit Bull ban is too
vague, and the county cannot enforce the finding by animal control that
a dog  is a pit bull that must be euthanized or removed from the

The ruling came in a case challenging the finding by Miami Dade
County Animal Control that a family pet named Apollo was a “pit bull”
that must be removed from the county or euthanized.

**The word euthanized should not be used as a substitution for killing or slaughter. Euthanize is a word used to describe the humane destruction of an animal in pain or suffering. To put out of misery, if you will. Not a word used to describe the senseless slaughter of innocent animals based on the shape or type they are or are similar to.

A court ruled Miami-Dade's 20 year ban on pit bulls was too
vague in defining “pit bull” and unfairly let animal control officers
basically guess whether a dog is a pit bull.

Could it be that the world is coming to its senses? Could it be that the redneck knuckle draggers are being squashed? By the way, here are couple examples of redneck knuckle draggers: 


The tide is turning. People have begun to see the grandstanding for what it is. Lies, pure lies. The strong majority of people have cut through the bullsh*t.

The days of witch hunting short haired, muscular looking dogs is coming to an end. Time to retire the pitchforks and torches. Raise a glass to the restoration of common sense and the slap down to all the hysterical hatred. Let dogs be dogs and understand that dogs were never a problem in the first place. There are positive alternatives that are proven winners aka Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership law.

The days of this will soon be over!

Is HSUS fabricating stories to further their agenda?

I came across an interesting article written by a physician named Joe Abraham from Louisianna.

classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>

Abraham points out that something smells fishy in the HSUS camp (my words no
offense to fish). I have been wondering that very thought for quite some time
now. I have jokingly asked whether the animal liberationist “hidden
videos” of many sectors such as research labs, slaughter houses and puppy
mills, are shot in some movie set in Hollywood?
I don't doubt that substandard conditions are alive and well in any given
sector however I do question the hysteria and common occurrence we are being
led to believe. I do not believe there is just cause to threaten an entire
industry such as farming or dog breeding. It is a knee jerk reaction to legislate sweeping laws based on the word of an animal
liberationist group known for “dramatic effect” shall we say. Much research and input must be deliberated when entire industries are threatened. Emotion must not be the driver but rather common sense.

Wednesday night, Nightline airs a story of a Humane Society undercover
videographer, showing “horrific” video of primates at the UL New Iberia
Research Center. The very next morning, the Humane Society announces
that three Congressman are re-introducing a bill to abolish critical
medical research. Is the Humane Society fabricating a story to further
its political agenda?

Read Dr. Abraham's article here.

It is worth a read.

Another great article I stumbled across on a website called Animal Rights or Human Responsibility.

The article “The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Animal Rights Activism within the HSUS Cloak of Animal Welfare”, discusses the beginnings of HSUS were animal welfare based but have morphed into a consistent animal rights agenda.

The other article that caught my eye was “Held to a Higher Standard than Human?”

Picture it … there’s a knock on your door.  When you answer, you are
met by a child protective services official announcing they are here to
inspect your home.  You ask why, they won’t tell you.  When asked for a
warrant, you are told they don’t need one since you have 3 children.
They stroll through your house, tsking over the dishes in the sink  to
examine your child’s hands and ears.  With a declaration of  “Just what
we thought” all your children are gathered up and seized.  Why?
“Neglect, nails are too long and uncleaned ears”

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Yet pet owners breeders are being
subjected to this treatment in increasing numbers as a direct
consequence of two factors: ambiguous legislation, often touted as
“Puppy Mill legislation”  and the purposeful mis-use of powerful words
such as ‘abuse’ & ’neglect’.  The combination of these factors can
be devastating.

All of the above are great articles. Food for thought…

Military are thanked for risking lives by banning their dogs

We have had many emails from panic stricken dog owners who are in the Canadian military asking why they cannot get back into Ontariostan with their dog. Well the answer is that if they are posted out of Ontario for longer than 3 months and take their dog with them, they are S-O-L on bringing thier dog back into the province.

The dog must have been licensed in Ontario on or before August 2005. This applies to all registered American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and “pitbulls” which applies to any dog identified as such by animal control or any other peace officer. I showed a sampling of some of the dogs deemed as banned here in Ontario in another post.

Below are a couple other examples of dogs deemed a “pitbull” since I posted in February. I merely want to give you a true picture of what a “pitbull” looks like in the eyes of many Ontario animal control officers, peace officers and some veterinarians. I actually do not blame those who have been given the ugly job of identifying a cross bred dog (which is impossible to do beyond a doubt). When it is a silly game in a shelter (name that breed) or looking at pictures on the web guessing what breed the dog is; all is fun and games. When an animal control officer, peace officer, vet or shelter worker play this game, it is a game of life or death. If the dog is unlucky enough to have someone identify them as a “pitbull”, it is a death sentence. Not so damn fun anymore.

The dogs in the pictures above were identified as “pitbulls” in Ontario. They are littermates.

Getting back to where I place blame for this whole ugly mess…

McGuinty and Bryant orchestrated the whole fiasco but I also place blame firmly in the hands of each and every Fiberal MPP who voted in favor of banning dogs in the province of Ontario.

Overwhelming evidence was presented to them at the committee hearings contrary to the off the rails logic they were applying; yet their whipped vote passed into law the killing of innocent dogs and legislating discrimination against dog owners based on the shape of dog they own.

I realize I was off on a bit of a tangent and will explain how this ties in with my title. The great majority of people I meet and speak to have no clue they are potential targets just owning a dog period. Most people have a picture in their mind of what they suppose a “pitbull” may look like. Those that have been deemed “competent” to be the judge and jury appear to have quite a time narrowing down what it is they feel a “pitbull” may look like.

Definition of a witchhunt:

The term “witch-hunt” is often used to refer to similarly panic-induced searches for perceived wrong-doers other than witches.

So basically, the majority of dog owners look at their dog and think “I'm ok since I do not own a 'pitbull'; the law only applies to those who do own one”.

Taking into consideration the reverse onus portion of the law, if your dog is identified as a “pitbull” it is up to you (the owner) to prove it is not. You cannot prove a double negative. Since it is impossible to postively identify the breeds that make up a cross bred dog it is impossible to prove your dog is NOT a “pitbull”. That is the Fiberal's game of “GOTCHA”.

It is illegal to move out of Ontario ie. military posting, taking your dog out of province for more than 3 months, and then turn around and bring the dog back into Ontario. If you move back within the 3 months you must prove your dog was a resident of Ontario prior to the leaving date.

It is also illegal to travel through or to Ontario as a non resident of the province, with your dog. No holidays or visiting for dog owners in Ontario.

It is illegal to import dogs falling under DOLA into the province. Since the definitions are vague, other than a registered named 3 breeds, any other dog is fair game based on who is id'ing the breed. This rule of thumb applies to any and all situations above.

There was an article in the USA this week stating “Army bars some breeds”.

Two months after Fort Hood officials
banned pit bulls in on-post housing, the U.S. Army standardized its pet
policy, barring pit breeds like American Staffordshire bull terriers
and English Staffordshire bull terriers.

The Army-wide ban also included Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, chows,
wolf hybrids and any others that display a dominant or aggressive
behavior, according to information from Actus Lend Lease, Fort Hood's
privatized family housing contractor.

The article goes on to state they will be implementing a “grandfathering” and those owning existing animals must register with the Fort Hood Veterinary Clinic prior to enactment in order to qualify for keeping their dog. (One would assume the “or else” factor would be killing your dog?)

The Herald reported in September that
pet owners who registered those breeds with the Fort Hood Veterinary
Clinic before July 10, 2008, were allowed to keep their dogs. Newly
acquired pit bulls and their crosses are prohibited from staying in
on-post housing, according to Fort Hood Regulations 210-48 and 40-5.

“This policy will reduce (the) number of potentially dangerous dogs on
post,” Chris Zimmer of the post's Department of Emergency Services said
in September. “It will create a safer environment in Fort Hood housing
areas and will likely reduce (the) number of dog bites on post in the

The miserable failing grade in this line of thinking is that the number of “potentially dangerous dogswill be reduced. There is absolutely NO proof of any such thing. There is also a huge misconception that the environment will be “safer”. Says who? All fun and safe until a breed or cross breed not on the “danger” list takes someone's face off. Then what? add another?

This line of thinking is outright profiling of certain perceived wrong-doers (owners of certain named breeds, determined by the torch/pitchfork crowd) within the US Military.  **Refer to definition of witch hunt above**

Some way to thank the men and women of the US Military for risking their lives to save the asses of the torch/pitchfork crowd! I would bet the same crowd are the ones who back the idea there needed to be Military action taken against the “evil doers”. It must be a drag to live ones life in such fear…

I live quite close to a military base. There is no evidence that using the same common sense approach of a Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw, just like the one Calgary perfected in the past couple decades, wouldn't work on a military base.

If a dog owner of ANY breed;


There should be no reason to deal with a dog owner other than to renew tags once a year.

The same scenario is happening in Onscario. Brave men and women who are deployed to Afghanistan or other countries on peace keeping missions, or simply are posted to other provinces are not allowed back into Onscario with their cross bred dog if the post is longer than 3 months or they aquired a dog while living outside Onscario.

It looks as though you are being targeted and punished by the government if you are in the military and own a dog. Civil rights apply whether you live north or south of the Canada/US border. Either way, the government has no right to come into any citizen's home and dictate what shape/type of dog they can/cannot own!

Quote of the week

The town of Vauxhall, Alberta recently updated their canine bylaw. The new dog by-law passed unanimously at the first reading. The new law
would remove the breed specific language and determine dogs “dangerous”
on a case by case basis, and based on the dog’s individual behavior.

Listen up ill informed legislators and torch/pitchfork crowd…

Deputy Mayor Hagen stated in defense of the new by-law;

“There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into this,” said Hagen. “One of
the biggest problems with the old bylaw was not so much the spayed
animals, it was the $1000 licensing for certain animals, and the $1
million liability. Breed-specific bans are outdated.”

Word is spreading and those who truly want to amend laws for the better and implement common sense are taking notice.

h/t Bless the Bully's

Living up to a reputation?

I came across a video that made me chuckle. I have attended similar shows to the one shown in the video and have attended many multi breed dog shows. Overall it is rare one would see any aggression between dogs or dogs to humans with any breed.
This video made me smile because this is what we have been trying to tell people; but it is the exact opposite to what the main stream media or torch and pitchfork crowd preach. When are people going to grasp that dogs are dogs are dogs…

Skeldon sent packing?

Well, well, well… Did Toledo finally come to its senses?

Remember Tom Skeldon; one of the Fiberal *star* witnesses for enacting the breed ban here in Ontario? I guess he won't be whoring himself out as a *star* witness anymore?

There was an article in the Toeldo Blade entitled New Dog Warden Needed.

AS THE recent killing of a Point Place family pet
makes perfectly clear, the first recommendation from the committee
formed to suggest ways to improve the Lucas County dog warden's office
must be a change at the top.

It is time for Tom Skeldon to go.

The Feb. 10 death by tranquilizer dart of Princess, a 10-pound
Pomeranian-beagle mix that had gotten loose from its home, gave the
county's dog warden a chance to show remorse, sympathy, understanding,
and flexibility. Instead, after a cursory “sorry,” he dug in his heels
and blindly defended his department's policies.

It is through such policies, particularly a narrowly envisioned crusade
against pit bulls, that Mr. Skeldon has developed a reputation as an
uncaring zealot.


Read the rest here.

Dog warden Tom Skeldon, the driving force behind Ohio’s BSL, testified before the court in Tellings v. Toledo (2006). Here is a direct illiterate rambling statement from the dog warden himself.


“even if a dog was 50 per cent pit bull, if it did not
‘look like a pit bull,’ the owner would not be charged. On the other
hand, if a dog did ‘look like a pit bull,’ it would be classified as a
pit bull and the owner would be subject to the ‘vicious dog’ laws.”

It takes a while sometimes, but being an evil s.o.b. usually comes back around to bite one in the a**!

Have fun on the unemployment lines Skeldon. I hear the lines are quite long. I think there may some jobs shoveling dog poo. You sound like the type that is better suited to self employment anyway..

ht KC Dogblog

Wayne Pacelle's fingers caught in the Helmsley cookie jar

It has been a banner week for catching the animal murderers (HSUS) in the act. The waves have been abuzz with a solid case of proof that the real agenda of animal liberation groups such as HSUS, PETA and their tentacles is to eliminate the animals and cash in on the cow (pun intended).

HSUS collects billions of dollars from sheeple who buy, literally into their song and dance about saving the animals. “Saving” is HSUS language for “killing”.

I guess donations have been falling off since many sheeple have been figuring out their money (donations) support senseless slaughter, the funding for marketing campaigns and hard core lobbying to enact extermination laws across North America.

Leona Helmsley New York billionaire, who passed away in 2007, left her fortune to the dogs.

There is an article in Business Week yesterday titled; Helmsley fortune goes to more than dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States said it hoped Helmsley's
estate still would benefit such causes as combatting dogfighting and
puppy mills.

“Her fortune has the potential to do so much
good for the animals many consider to be our closest friends and
companions,” society President Wayne Pacelle said in a statement.

fortune had been estimated at $5 billion to $8 billion after her death.
Rubenstein said much of the holdings are real estate entities with
changing values in today's economy, and an exact figure wasn't

Let me translate the second paragraph for you if you are still illiterate to the language of animal liberation.

Her fortune has the potential to help the marketing campaign aimed at dog fighting (which is illegal already and has been for some time) and puppy mills (which are not clearly defined therefore anyone is a target). Many consider animals to be our closest friends and companions but we animal libbers feel they are better off dead than being confined with humans. Imagine how many lobbyists we could fund to support our extermination laws or “investigative” videos we could film to multiply our billions we have already taken in by pretending we are all about animal welfare.….

Just when you think you've seen it all

The media whores are at it again! Sadly, main stream media gets the negative attention it is so pathetically addicted to by putting the word “pitbull” in the title of as many story headlines as possible.

How is this for a hurtin' title? {Actually cracked me up.}

House of squalor: Police find guns, drugs, pitbull feces in Mount Vernon home.


To be honest, I didn't even read the article. I can't imagine being the forensics detail dude in this case. His job must stink! [chuckle]

It does raise the question though; if you can't scientifically identify a “pitbull” (since it isn't a breed but a slang term) then how does one identify their poo?

Calgary sets a standard like no other

pleased to see that our friends in Calgary continue to make terrific
progress in the areas of preventing dog bites and educating owners as
well as children and utility workers about dog bite prevention.

Here's the story from the Calgary Herald:

Calgary dog attacks fall to lowest level in 25 years

City a leader in reducing canine problems, says top bylaw officer

By Sean Myers, Calgary HeraldFebruary 21, 2009

Attacks by aggressive dogs are at the lowest level they've been in 25
years despite a steady population growth and the absence of
breed-specific legislation brought in to tackle canine issues in other

Despite the low numbers, Calgary's top bylaw
officer plans to delve deeper into the causes of dog attacks to try to
bring the incidents even lower.

population of Calgary has more than doubled since Bill started working
on his program.  The ongong statistics are depicted graphically
at this link.   The impound and kill stats also illustrate  the remarkable achievement by Calgary Animal Services.

Ontario Liberals were told of Calgary's success and asked to invite
Bill Bruce to present at the Committee Hearings in 2005.  Calgary was
brought up throughout the hearings by various witnesses yet the
government was reluctant to hear what Bill had to say.

can only assume that's because they didn't want his remarks to be
available through Hansard since one of their arguments in court has
been that there is no alternative to their ill-considered approach to
dog owner management.

presentations do not appear in the record so are therefore not
available to the public.  In the second snip, watch David Zimmer (Lib -
Willowdale and friend of the WSPA) dance around when asked to invite Mr
Bruce to present at Committee.

This was rigged from the start just as Bryant and McGuinty's law is completely rigged against dog owners.

February 2:

I will again direct you to Calgary's
. You received these many months back, and I'm sure you've received
them in the course of all these presentations. Their forward thinking has
worked for them for many years. Why can't it work here? Bill Bruce has even
offered to help set up and teach their approach to us here in Ontario. They
have approximately 90,000 licensed dogs in their city, and only five dogs
deemed vicious. That's five dogs — count `em on one hand — deemed vicious.
They are doing something right: zero tolerance for off-leash dogs and
unlicensed dogs, and strict requirements and high fines for owners who have
proved themselves incapable of being responsible dog owners.


January 24:

Mr. Miller: Mr. Chair,
I have the director of animal and bylaw services for the city of Calgary, Mr.
Bill Bruce, who would like to appear before the committee, but because he's
employed by the city of Calgary and doesn't want to be seen to be interfering
in the affairs of Ontario, he needs to be formally invited by the committee
to be able to come before the committee. I would like the committee to invite
him to come before it. He has significant experience in animal control. The
city of Calgary has seen some significant reductions in animal bites. They've
had a 70% reduction in dog bites since they brought in their animal control
bylaws, and that has happened while the number of dogs in Calgary has
doubled. Mr. Bill Bruce would certainly be a very valuable person to lend his
experience to the committee, so I would move that the committee invite him to
appear before us.

The Chair: Mr. Miller
has moved that Mr. Bill Bruce, the director of animal and bylaw services for
the city of Calgary, appear before the committee. Is there any discussion on
the motion?

Mr. Zimmer: These
matters were taken up by the subcommittee, were they not?

The Chair: They

Mr. Zimmer: There was
a witness list.

The Chair: There

Mr. Zimmer: Presumably
this was raised then.

The Chair: It was

Mr. Kormos: I don't
know the background of how this gentleman was brought to Mr. Miller's
attention, at least, but the fact is that here's a director of animal and
bylaw services for the city of Calgary. Reference has been made already to
the city of Winnipeg. I trust that other municipalities that have advocated
— and fairly enough, because they've implemented breed-specific bans — will
be called upon.

I don't know what the position is of
this gentleman from Calgary, but it seems to me that if the committee is
interested in getting the broadest range of information available to it –
gosh, we've got e-mails from people in other British colonies, Australia,
Great Britain. People are well aware — this has attracted attention
internationally. If there's expertise available, why would we possibly shut
the door on it? If these people are prepared to assist the committee, let's
go; let her rip. Let's have these people in front of us. Quite frankly,
whether they're from Calgary or not doesn't offend me. It's of even greater
interest because obviously you've got a different provincial jurisdiction. I
encourage people to support Mr. Miller's motion.

Mr. Miller: I would
just like to support that by asking why we would not try to learn from the
jurisdictions that have had the most success, and Calgary has had significant
success. They've reduced dog bites by 70%. Here we have the director of
animal and bylaw services willing to come before the committee, but he needs
a formal invite to be able to come because he doesn't want to be seen to be
interfering with the affairs of Ontario. They've had very significant success
with an animal control bylaw that's not breed-specific, and I think we can
learn from that.

If the end goal is to have the most
successful legislation and to improve this legislation, I believe we should
be inviting Mr. Bruce to come before this committee. I would ask for the
committee's support in inviting Mr. Bruce to come and lend his expertise to
the committee.

The Chair: Shall I now
put the question?

Mr. Zimmer: This
matter of the witness list should have been — if you wanted to make
arrangements to raise this matter, it should have been raised before the
subcommittee. This committee has set aside four days for hearings. There is
an extensive witness list for each of the four days. Each of the witnesses
has been allocated a time frame of approximately 10 minutes. The difficulty
now with entertaining last-minute changes to the witness list is, where do we
fit them in, and if we say yes to Mr. Miller's request, what should we do
with other requests that might come up from any other members on the
committee? There has to be some end to the process.

Mr. Kormos: The issue
seems to be the reluctance of this municipal official to make a submission to
this committee without invitation. Why doesn't the committee invite him to
make a written submission? Surely that can't be offensive to anybody. It
doesn't occupy any time of the committee, but it –

Mr. Zimmer: I'm going
to agree. I think that's a reasonable way to proceed.

Mr. Kormos: In that
case, you can interrupt.

Mr. Zimmer: That way,
we'll get the relevant evidence before the committee and we'll preserve the
integrity of the witness list for the remaining four days.

The Chair: Mr. Kormos
has the floor.

Mr. Kormos: But he
needs an invitation to make a submission so that he doesn't –

Ms. Monique M. Smith
Written submission.

Mr. Kormos: Well, God

Mr. Zimmer: Yes.

Mr. Kormos: That's
what I said already — so that he doesn't appear to be overriding his

Mr. Zimmer: We're with
you on this one, Mr. Kormos.

Mr. Kormos: You're on
track now.

The Chair: Mr. Kormos,
are you proposing an amendment to the motion?

Mr. Kormos: Mr. Miller
may want to. I don't want to cut his grass.

Mr. Miller: I
understand you're going to vote against this if we don't amend it. I'm
getting that feeling. Is that correct? The thing is, you have more members on
that side than we do on this side.

Mr. Zimmer: My
argument here is that we've got a very tight witness list. It's been planned,
10 minutes per witness over four days, and it's unfair now to re-jig the
witness list.

Mr. Kormos's proposal to accommodate
this witness, or accommodate your wish to have him send in a written
submission at our invitation, satisfies your purpose and preserves the
integrity of the witness list.

Mr. McMeekin: I'll
build on that. I suspect your political acumen is probably correct, Mr.
Miller. I think the rationale for argument from this side is where do you
draw the line? New Brunswick's looked at it. The provincial government in
Australia has looked at breed bans. There are a number of cities. To have one
isolated person in particular who has indicated a desire to make a
presentation — I don't normally speak to amendments before they're made, but
I think on the surface, because we opened this up, there are at least a dozen
people I'd like to see invited. I think the concept of the written brief, as
Mr. Kormos has suggested and my colleague Mr. Zimmer has affirmed — and
hopefully you, sir, might look at — is a good way to go.

Mr. Miller: I would
certainly like to reiterate that I believe we can learn from Calgary's animal
control bylaw; I would be prepared to modify my motion to invite Mr. Bill
Bruce to make a written submission to this committee so that we may learn
from the city of Calgary.

The Chair: Mr. Miller
has amended his motion to read that Mr. Bill Bruce of the city of Calgary be
invited to submit a written brief to the committee. Is there any further
discussion? Shall I put the question?

All those in favour? Opposed?


The aftermath: how could anyone still support HSUS?

I am in tears…

In the few years of fighting this evil battle I have grown a much thicker skin. In my mind that is not a good thing; however one must “toughen” up to be able to function in this business of fighting for the right to own pets. How incredibly sad it has come to this.

There are still many people out there that shake their head when I say “right to own pets”. Many have still not popped their head out of the sand long enough to see the real agenda of animal liberation groups.

Yesbiscuit has an excellent post containing John Goodwin's response to the NC dog slaughter.

Lassie Get Help has another excellent post! It is a must read.
It is entitled “Worse Than Vick”.

Bad Rap also gives another slant.
The post is called “Numb”.

There are links at the bottom of the posts giving other links to information. Please crosspost to every single person you know. HSUS is still being supported, along with all their wicked, evil, twisted step sister organizations that all belong to the animal liberation family. 

Editorial, More Needless Dog Days Ahead

Our “staff” reporter wrote an excellent editorial in the Mississauga News!

To put dog owners, in the absence of any wrongdoing whatsoever, into
the untenable position of having to prove not only a negative, but also
an impossible one, is an insult to democracy and is, to be blunt,

It is a must read and please leave comments. I'm sure Bob Delaney reads the Missy News.

Excellent work Selma and thanks to the Mississauga News!

Wilkes County, NC dog slaughter

Everyone is talking about the 127 puppies and adult “pitbulls” killed in Wilkes County, NC. In reading the blog Yesbiscuit, the slaughter was carried out today under a court order.

Caveat has a post about this atrocity today. Be sure to follow the links from the caveat article to get the background story.

HSUS must be out'ed. Caveat is dead right! There is NO humane in HSUS.

Huge thanks to all individuals, clubs and organizations

Our recent dollars for dogs campaign is a continuing huge success! We are so fortunate to have raised enough money to continue to the Supreme Court of Canada. A sincere thank you to all who have and continue to  participate.

We hope our supporters will continue to donate when possible. The financial burden is ongoing.

Please click on this link to view a short video. Thanks to the SBTCC for putting together this video of thanks. Great job!

It takes several minutes to download so please be patient. It is worth the wait.

Bushfire Relief Range Australia

Hundreds of people have died in the horrific Victorian Bush Fires,
thousands of people have been left homeless and lost all their possessions. Thousands of pet and domestic animals died or are now in
emergency care.

Every cent we collect through the sale of our Yellow leads &
collars will go to the Red Cross Bush Fire Victims' Appeal. This is the
only time you will be able to get a yellow bit of Black Dog and your
opportunity to show your support for those who fight the fires and
those who have been left homeless (both human and animal).

To support the Bushfire Relief in Australia click here.

Banner Week for Flakes

Those kooky old vegephiles at Peta finally decided to let it all hang out.

appeared in New York today – well, their serfs did – dressed as Ku Klux
Klansmen.  I wonder if Grand Beagle Newkirk was present to rally the

thing is, the joke’s on Peta.  Walking around dressed in what I presume
is the new official uniform ties in so nicely with their profiling of
‘pit bulls’ – not to mention their owners – that it makes this observer
wonder why they waited so long to ‘come out’ and say it loud.

Tell it like it is, girls.


In other news, the ‘charity’ (ha ha ha! snorfffit! gezeegle! wahoon!) won a prestigious Award:

The American Language Association has announced the winner of its coveted “Doublethink
Award, presented to the individual or group which best illustrates the
act of holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously and fervently
believing both.


Lassie, Get Help has the rest of the story.

Congratulations to Ingrid and the crew.  Here’s hoping for more like this in future!


seems that the hypocrisy biz pays well.  The gang is moving to spiffy
new headquarters in Washington, DC.  The wascally wabbits at the CCF
on a mission

to warn the new neighbours about what to expect once the flakes move in.


We anxiously await Peta’s kill numbers for 2008, but in the meantime, Terrierman refreshes our memory about their success in 2007


Peta – Providing low-hanging fruit since like forever, man.

Crossposted from Caveat

Once Upon a Time



Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a cruel Lord who decreed that all short haired, muscular dogs be banished from the fiefdom. All the children were heart-broken and cried when their beloved family pets were either sent away or destroyed. They would never know the comfort in a wet, sloppy kiss, gaze into gentle dark eyes, or experience the unconditional love given by these delightful, goofy creatures and the world became a sad, lonely place.


Does this sound like a nightmare-ish fairy-tale??  The heartbreaking reality of it is that even when you do wake up, this nightmare isn’t going to go away. All AmStaff, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and all substantially similar dog owners are living this nightmare every day that the breed ban is in effect.


As I was growing up and became an adult, I was proud to be an Ontarian. But when the Liberals allowed this law to be pushed so quickly through parliament and didn’t pay any heed to the many, many knowledgeable people who spoke up against the breed ban; people who represented respectable, well known groups and who knew what they were talking about, I was no longer proud to be an Ontarian. I am now giving serious consideration to moving out of this province when I retire and moving to somewhere where I am free to enjoy my breed of choice without the stigma that comes with having to muzzle my dogs in public and the outright fear that an ACO officer could come and take my dogs away.


But, as discouraging as the breed ban is, it is so encouraging that after four long years’ dog owners from all walks of life are joining in the fight to reverse this ludicrous legislation and helping to contribute to the legal challenge! I’ve cried so many tears over the futility of this breed ban, but when the donations started coming in so suddenly my tears were tears of joy and hope.


I don’t know what the outcome of the next step in the legal challenge will be, but I do know that thousands of voices will be much louder than a few hundred. The puppy that I bought to be a therapy dog until McGunity Liberals quashed that plan will turn 5 years old this week.

Hopefully, before another year passes, I will be free to  walk my dogs in public without fear.

Dare We Hope?

Cautiously optimistic.  That's how I feel today about how things are going.  Why?  In the past month a few things have happened that might lead one to believe that the “court of public opinion” may not be a lost cause.  The recent support shown for our cause and some positive media coverage of the issue gives me hope.

First, the phenomenal response to the Dollars for Dogs fund raising campaign.  The campaign was so successful it brought tears to the eyes of many DLCC members.  What stood out from that campaign was not just the amount raised and the sheer number of donors, which was absolutely incredible, but also that the donations came from such a broad spectrum of people, owning many different breeds of dogs and even cat fanciers.  At times over the past few years, I have wondered if all dog owners understood that this isn't about one or two or three breeds (or as it happens a fictional breed), but about the right to have any dog.  The Dollars for Dogs campaign showed me that the dog owners and breed fanciers in Canada and all over the world get it:  They understand that DOLA  I have struck out DOLA and changed this wording because Lori is correct: Technically it's the amendment to DOLA that needs to be defeated, not the original Act. the “pit bull” ban needs to be defeated for the sake of all dogs and dog owners.  It's not about the breed.

Second, there is this editorial in the Mississauga News.  Here is the last sentence:

The Province must rectify the situation before other Ontario residents find themselves in the same mess as Truong and Nowakowska, and before other innocent animals are needlessly put to death because of their bloodlines.

It is a great editorial and points out the flaws in DOLA the “pit bull” ban It has not been easy to get news coverage like this. 

Third, there is the article on Michael Vick's dogs in the Toronto Sun. While the article does contain some errors as pointed out in Lori's post, overall  it is a good article.  Here are some excerpts, I'm including quite a few because they are important:

Often, the media gets it wrong,” says Michelle Besmehn, the dog care manager at Best Friends, who acknowledges that part of the Vick project is to restore the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

“They’ll say a person was mauled by a pit bull, and it’s not a pit bull, it’s a Mastiff or something else,” she said. “It’s frustrating because they get a bad rap, and it’s based on a general misconception.”

This is true.  Dog breeds are regularly misidentified.  They are misidentified by witnesses, which is ALMOST forgivable since they might not be well versed in breed identification, but all too often they are even misidentified by people who should know better but don't, those who work in Animal Control. 

The Bad Newz dogs lived terrible lives, chained in dark, dank basements, electrocuted if they didn’t produce. The ones treated the best earned that treatment because they could fight and win. Some, like Little Red, had their teeth filed down so they could be used as “bait dogs” to spar with the champions without hurting them.

And yet the majority of these dogs have been rehabilitated.  That should be a testament to the fact that the vast majority of dog problems in society can be directly attributed to the owners and the way the dog is raised and kept.

When Vick’s dogs were first seized, the courts received advice from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals and other humane societies, which said the animals should be euthanized because their chances of living normal lives outside a shelter or sanctuary were minimal.

Well, that isn't surprising is it?  It's in keeping with past record, with PETA in 2006 euthanizing 2981 animals and adopting 12.  Best Friends is proving PETA wrong.  Good for them.

“The way I personally present the dogs is, ‘They’re dogs,”’ Garcia said. “It’s not necessarily a specific breed, per se. It would be nice to get some specific definition of what truly is an American Pit Bull Terrier and not just a ‘pit bull.’ If people got away from the ‘pit bull’ thing, it would be a lot easier.”

Exactly, and these dogs are bouncing back now.  They are all being prepared for the Canine Good Citizen test. 

Returning to my original point, the breeds targeted by BSL are being presented in the media in a more positive light than in the past.  Other examples are a similar story on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Rachel Ray on the cover of Modern Dog with her “pit bull”.  Our own Tammy St. Louis being interviewed for Northern Life about the Dollars for Dogs Campaign, with video of Tammy and her dogs.

All of these things have been improvements from what has happened in the past.  They demonstrate that perhaps the tide is turning in terms of the public image of the “pit bull” ban.  We can only hope.  I am cautiously optimistic.


Toronto Sun has an article on Vick dogs

On the heels of an article in Sports Illustrated in January is an article in the sports section of the Toronto Sun.


There are the perky, high-energy sorts like Lucas, all wagging tails and let’s-go-play vivaciousness.

There are the runners like Curly, who never saw a fence line or dirt trail they couldn’t wear down.

And there are the divas like Georgia, who go on publicity
junkets and stay at the Beverly Hilton, wearing rhinestone-studded
collars and hot pink tank tops that say “Biscuits are a girl’s best

They could be your dog, your neighbour’s, even one of those you see in a magazine being doted on by a celebrity owner.

These, though, are Michael Vick’s dogs.

A couple of comments from my personal opinion mill – overall it is a good positive article.

I would however like to debate the fact there is a fighting gene.  Here is the statement as it appears in the article:

Denying the fighting gene in a pit bull would be like denying that the
sun rises in the east. It is, quite simply, a fact of life.

This statement is utter BS. There are traits bred into dogs for specific purpose. Terriers as a whole are very tenacious and bulldog breeds very strong and muscular. They are not able to breed in characteristics such as “aggression” which isn't mentioned here but a common misconception. Learned behaviour is not possible to breed in to a dogs genetic makeup any more than any other mammal. As someone I know says, if you could breed in behavioural traits, dogs would be bred to heel!

If this statement was intended to mean that one can't deny the history of the breed; I would have no problem. History should never be denied since it forms where we exist today and where we are headed into the future.

I also have a problem with the broad statement that the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are one in the same. This isn't entirely true. In addition to the UKC registering the APBT, the American Dog Breeders Assn (ADBA) also registers the APBT. There is a difference between the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier similar to the difference between the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Bull Terrier or Boston Terrier or Jack Russel Terrier.. you get what I mean. They are all distinct breeds. One is not better or worse than another, they are just separate breeds; period. To wrap the recognition of a breed within a breed registry such as the AKC or CKC, is not as simple as saying; we want to get away from such and such. Let's change the name and land recognition with a certain registry. It is a far more complicated process and it is unfair and over simplified to blanket that statement. It is misleading to oversimplify and that is a whole other blog post.

I agree with this statement:

Frank McMillan, a vet at Best Friends, is doing a genetic study on the
Vick dogs to determine what, exactly, makes up a pit bull. The
“genericizing,” as Racer calls it, of all dangerous dogs into one
catchall term — “pit bull” — is troubling to many enthusiasts.

What I agree with in this statement is that the assumption is commonly made that “if it attacks it is a 'pitbull'”. The term “pitbull” is a catchall phrase. That is exactly what it is since it certainly isn't a breed or anything that can 100% be identified beyond a shadow of a doubt such as the case of a registered dog. A registered dog has a pedigree; therefore it can be identified for what its lineage is. What this statement doesn't tell you is there are far more breeds that are caught in the net.
All mastiff types, boxers, visulas, ridgebacks, labs, on and on… refer to the previous article on Wag the Dog and see for yourself the type of dogs being targeted in Mississauga and everywhere else in Ontario. Thousands of dog owners being targeted, owning all breeds, mixes and types.

The purebreds are extremely rare in Canada.

I posted in a previous article the numbers of registrations for last year in Canada with the CKC. (see below) There are less than 50 American Staffordshire Terriers in the whole province of Ontario. There are aprox 1500 purebreds of all 3 banned purebreds combined, in the whole province. These thousands of dog owners that have been targeted, dragged through court, had thier dogs taken and killed or shipped… they aren't purebred banned dogs. They are mixed breed dogs and I guarantee you, they aren't Am Staff crosses!

Sorry for the lengthy rant, but would it really be like me not to throw in my two cents? It was a good article.

Here is the excerpt from the previous post giving the numbers of registries for Canada in case you missed it.

number of AmStaffs and Staffords registered in Canada  (remember they are only prohibited in Ontario therefore it is legal to breed them
in the rest of the country) are:

American Staffordshire Terrier    11
Staffordshire Bull Terrier            64

do not have the number for the American Pit Bull Terrier since they are
not CKC registered. We estimate there are roughly 1500 registered dogs of all three breeds combined in the whole province of Ontario! That includes purebred dogs that were born before
Nov 27, 2005 or that lived in the province prior to August 28, 2005.

Mississauga News nails it!

The Mississauga News had an excellent editorial today!

Here is an excerpt:

Another day, another pet owner charged with owning an illegal breed — crossbreed, actually.

time, the dog’s owner wasn’t charged after his pet escaped human
custody, attacked a person or an animal, or was found running free.
time, charges were laid after a veterinarian, hired to neuter the
ten-month-old, “Rottweiler-Boxer” mix, complained to authorities.

Be sure to read the whole editorial. It is one of the best I have ever read!
Thanks Mississauga News! You are one of the few who truly “get it”.

Mississauga repeat?

Would you not think Mississauga animal control would have learned a lesson in how to waste tax payers money, undue stress, anxiety and shame from the Rambo case? Well apparently not!

You would think MPP Bob Delaney would have filled them in by now that there is NO SUCH THING as a 'pitbull'; since he chaired the committee hearings and listened so intently >tongue placed firmly in cheek<.

Delaney certainly could have given Mississauga AC a direct quote from their lead counsel in court Robert Charney who announced to the
amusement of spectators in a packed courtroom on June 28, “There is no such thing as a 'pit bull'!”  He
also said that the intent of the ill-conceived law was to “prevent 'pit
bull' bites – not dog bites in general” and later added “It is the
purebreds we want, we only threw in the substantially similar clause in
case someone had a purebred and lied”. 
Possibly he is throwing the Mississauga animal control under the bus along with Ontario dog owners.

Here is an excerpt from the article in the Mississauga News:

Danny Truong was charged with owning a prohibited animal just before
Christmas last year after he took his 10-month-old puppy Bowser to be
neutered at a veterinary clinic on Nov. 25.

The 21-year-old said he
was shocked three weeks later when City animal services officers came
knocking at his home near Square One, charging him under the Dog
Owners' Liability Act. Truong said the officers told him that the
veterinary clinic had made a complaint.

Danny feels he is being discriminated against based on his dog's appearance. Could this be a pattern of profiling? Is it possible people are being targeted based on race, neighborhood or other demographic based on the shape of dog they own?

Truong said he received Bowser as a gift from his niece and was told by the lady selling the pup that he was a Rottweiler-Boxer mix.

In a quote from Selma Mulvey, dog owners have no way of knowing whether or not they are breaking the law because the legislation is vague.

Vague? Ya think?
That bit of sarcasm was directed firmly at the incompetent Fiberal government, not the messenger..

Let's recap a sampling of some of the types of dogs that are being snagged by Mississauga AC.

Here is a picture of a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

So, let's break it down folks. Nice and slow so we don't loose anyone in the translation.

All together now, {clearing throat} repeat after me…


Vague doesn't even begin to describe what the poor targeted mutts are. Mutts would be the key word in this whole equation. I don't see any similarities of any of the targeted dogs to any of the purebreds and yes I have had my regular eye exam recently.  I strongly encourage you to click on the “mutt” link. That Wikipedia page is littered (no pun intended) with “pitbulls”!

The usage of the word mutt is not used in a derogatory sense. I have utmost respect for all dogs regardless of lineage. In fact, I feel a dog is a dog is a dog is a DOG. Big, small, short, tall, long hair, short hair, long tail, short tail, curly tail, whippy tail.. Regardless of color or breed, all dog owners deserve to be treated equal under the law. Dog owners have rights; or at least we did until McGuinty began his ban-o-thon. We intend to get them back!

Caveat has more info too. Check it out..

Montreal suburb Cote St. Luc contemplating breed ban

I am really starting to look like a Pug with banging my head off my desk and all.

When can we begin to insert logic and science where emotion and hysteria now reside? Why, when faced with a question of what to do; when the heat ramps up over dog 'incidents' (as they refer to them as in the article) the old news, passe, outdated and incorrect method of breed bans are considered an option?

The City of Côte St. Luc will be introducing a new
bylaw to “regulate” the ownership of certain dog breeds that have
acquired a reputation for aggressive behaviour.

During city council's January public meeting last week,
the announcement for an impending new bylaw “concerning dogs” was among
a series of notices tabled with measures to control graffiti and air

Ok, now first of all, there is NO SUCH THING as an “aggressive breed” since aggression is a learned behaviour and cannot be bred “in” to a breed.
Will someone plueeeze explain to me why it is different or somehow “ok” if any other so called “friendly” breed/mix rip someone to shreds but I don't see any others than the usual targets added in. What about breed id”s? There is NO SUCH THING as a 'pitbull' folks! It is a short haired mutt that are being targeted and identified as such.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is always added in along with of course the American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Now, population wise, there are roughly 30  purebred American Staffordshire Terriers in the whole province of Ontario. I have one, the last one brought in before the ban took effect in August 2005. I am a member of the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada, of which we have 16 members across Canada.

From the dog and litter registration numbers for the year 2008 the numbers of dogs registered for Canada by breed (these are CKC numbers) were as follows:
The numbers did not vary much over the 2006, 2007 and 2008 yrs.

Labrador Retriever       6495
Golden Retriever          4102
if you add all the “retrievers” together since clumping breeds together seems to be a popular thing to do the number is 11247 just for the year 2008.

Boxer                        1130
German Shepherd Dog  3254
Shetland Sheepdog      1798
if you were to add all the “shepherds” together the number is 3918 and that does not include other registries beyond the CKC. There are many other breeds listed by other registries.

The number for American Staffordshire Terriers (remember this is Canada, they are only prohibited in Ontario therefore it is legal to breed them in the rest of Canada)
American Staffordshire Terrier    11
Staffordshire Bull Terrier            64
I do not have the number for the American Pit Bull Terrier since they are not CKC registered. We estimate there are roughly 1500 registered dogs with all three breeds combined in the whole province of Ontario! That is not recent, but dogs that are purebred that are alive born before Nov 29, 2005 that are registered purebreds as the named 3 recognized breeds.

It is not rare at all to see short haired, whippy tailed, muscular, blocky headed dogs on the streets of anywhere Canada. I see them all the time. Nearly every time I go out in my town where I live I am guaranteed to see at least one walking along happily beside its owner. I will also guarantee you, I am the only person in the whole town where I live and surrounding area that owns an American Staffordshire Terrier. The closest person geographically to me that owns one, is over an hour drive away. I know this because I know nearly all the people in Ontario that own a purebred AST.

So where do you think all these “mutts” with short haired, whippy tailed, muscular, blocky headed dogs on the streets of anywhere Canada come from? If you think they originate from any of the 3 named breeds included in the ban in Ontario, you are out to lunch! I guarantee you, the other people who own the purebred AST's are like me, in that they do not whore their dogs out to mate with other breeds or mixes of dogs resulting in crosses of American Staffordshire Terriers.
If you cruise the shelter sites and see the breed id's on the available dogs, you will spot many American Staffordshire Terrier crosses. The dogs are 100% absolutely MISIDENTIFIED! Now I suck at math, but do the math people.

Would it not make sense that Boxers and Labs, for instance, are quite popular dogs. Have you ever seen a Boxer/Lab mix? You likely do not know. If you have, you likely won't know because unless you were present for the breeding and in a controlled experiment where the bitch was kept isolated for the remainder of her estrus cycle and no other gentlemen callers came knockin' you still cannot prove the lineage. With that in mind, both parents would need to be registered with a registry such as the CKC or you could not prove the breed of the parents either. Looks don't cut it when your dogs life is on the line. All is fun and games when you are playing guess the breed at the shelter.

Pause… put thinking cap on.. pull it tight down around your ears.

Why are we banning American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers? Why would one contemplate banning anything really? Is it not a better strategy to educate people and enforce existing laws? There are already licensing and animal control laws in place, that include leash laws.

Let me take a wild guess.. because it is the trendy think to do! Because Ontario did it? Because it appears to “look proactive with the ignorant public”?

An excerpt from the mayor:
In an interview, mayor Anthony Housefather said Côte St. Luc will be referring to certain specific breeds in its bylaw.

“We will be targeting breeds,” he said, “because we believe
that there have been sufficient incidents in communities surrounding us
that we've read about to warrant a concern.

Whoa! Knowing what we now know now with how many of the purebreds exist in Canada… where is the proof? Is it possible that 4 (yes 4) of the rarest breeds in Canada are responsible for “sufficient” incidents in Cote St. Luc?
The number 4 comes from Bull Terriers also being suggested to their list.

The group's definition of a Pit Bull included Pit Bulls, Terriers,
Staffordshires, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers,
American Pit Bull Terriers, or “a dog that has an appearance and
physical characteristics that are substantially similar to any of the
aforementioned dogs.”

To give you a bit of history, Michael Bryant (former AG of Ontario who so proudly spouts his responsibility for banning “pitbulls” in Ontario) was overheard laughing and spouting he didn't include Bull Terriers cause Don Cherry owns one.
Newsflash, Don owns a purebred American Stafforshire Terrier and has for years. He at one time owned Bull Terriers but switched long before the ban in Ontario was a twinkle in Michael Bryant and Dalton McGuinty's eye.

Ok, back to the numbers..
Bull Terrier registration 2008      155
Still quite rare… my thinking cap is getting really tight now. How about yours?

Quote from Mayor Housefeather:
“There are municipalities across North America that have pro-actively
adopted this bylaw and we feel that there are certain breeds that
really need to be regulated. And we also noted that it would be unfair
to simply ban those breeds.”

If I may respectfully correct you,  targeting breeds, dogs or dog owners period is UNFAIR. Not only is it unfair it is discrimination! How about dealing with the more developed brain (so we think); dog owners? Wow, what an epiphany. Again, Calgary gives a model that has been in place for 2 decades and has high compliance of licensing and low rate of  “incidence”.

“Some people already have dogs of that breed or people may
really desire to own one,” he added. “But we don't feel it's unfair on
public property to say that those types of dogs need to be muzzled. And
the question is what breeds those will be and council will determine

Well, either you have rocket scientists for councilors, or you are dead wrong. Nobody, not a purebred dog judge, animal control officer, scientist or anyone for that matter can identify a cross bred dog period. The purebreds are so rare, you may not even have one in within your city limits! Who are you targeting and what breed of dog again? The picture seems to be getting a little clearer now..

Last summer, a group of dog owners who are regular users of
the City of Côte St. Luc's dog run asked council to take measures that
would ban Pit Bulls from the run. Raising the issue during a meeting of
council in July, Barry Klar said he was speaking on behalf of a
delegation of dog owners who frequented the Mackle Road dog run.

“We the undersigned are in favour of creating a ban in which
Pit Bulls will be prohibited from frequenting the dog park located on
Mackle Road in Côte St. Luc,” he said, reading the preamble from a
petition gathered by the dog owners.

The group's definition of a Pit Bull included Pit Bulls,
Terriers, Staffordshires, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire
Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, or “a dog that has an appearance
and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to any of
the aforementioned dogs.”

Klar said a pit bull ban was necessary at the Côte St. Luc dog
run because “we have many small dogs” and “many small children who
frequent the dog run and it's a concern for all of us and we're very
fearful of a tragedy.”

Wait, wait wait…. I think someone has finally hit the nail on its ugly head! FEAR is at the root of this! Oh my dogness, I think I have had an epiphany. Fear is something that has been nurtured for many years, in fact since the beginnings of man. It is a survival instinct hyper developed in some humans. Fear of dog, fear of big dogs, fear of black dogs, fear of young thugs, fear of people who look different, fear of falling, fear of succeeding, fear of dying, fear of terrorists, fear of God, jeepers.. name one thing not feared, of course exaserbated by the pro-fear mongering main stream media ahhhhhhhhh my head is exploding.

>Sigh<, I am sorry for your fear, but for dogs sake can we please try to follow some logical examples which are plainly laid out for you. The road to success is paved with gold. Jurisdictions only need to make a commitment to do the right thing. Implement a plan that works and targets those owners who are irresponsible. It is unnecessary and unfair to target people who are guilty by association. Hmmm sound familiar (Homeland Security)? Dogs are living, breathing, thinking, feeling animals. They are more alike as dogs than they are different by breed. They cannot be compared to some benign object or be lumped together by breed or lack thereof any more than people can be lumped together by race or compared to loose cannons. (my benign object of choice)

The last line of the article is:
Since 1990, the City of Winnipeg, Man. has had a by-law banning Pit Bulls.

Oy, talk about failure. You may as well invest all your money with Merril Lynch or Nortel.

Please pass the Gravol!

The Globe and Mail, or Fiberal rag as I like to refer to it as, has a repulsive article in yesterday's paper.

Here is an excerpt which activated my gag reflex:
Lean and muscular, Bryant is light on his feet in the ring, where he's
spent hundreds of hours since he took up boxing more than 30 years ago.
But he's also fierce-he squints his eyes and grits his jaw when he
takes a punch, a far cry from the genial and charming demeanour that
has made him such a popular cabinet minister. (He was appointed
attorney general in 2003 and became famous for banning pit bulls.)

Followed by retching…

Bryant took up boxing at the age of 10, after his small size (he's
under 5 foot 8) precluded most team sports. “In boxing, they match you
by weight, so I was sparring with the ittiest-bittiest boxers around,”
he says. Still, he considers his mother's willingness to let him step
into the ring a great sacrifice on her part. “It's hardly a parent's
dream for their child to go off and get hit,” says Bryant, who grew up
near Victoria.

The above statement certainly explains a lot.. I was positive he has small man's syndrome but the proof is in the pudding.. or boxer shorts..

Now here is the excerpt that threw me into Exorcist type, head spinning revoltion.


- Favourite boxer Muhammad Ali

- Favourite move “Not getting hit”

- Best bout ever Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier in the famous 1975 “Thrilla in Manila” -Ali was declared the winner after 14 rounds

- Worst hit you ever took “Trevor Tobias, right cross, first round, 1982-the rest is fuzzy”

- Best boxing movie Rocky (1976)

- Toughest opponent “Pit bulls, so I banned them”

If you can stomach reading the rest, be my guest.. here is the link.

Somthing serious but kinda fun…

I stumbled across a new virtual pet called Foo Pets. Go check it out. I set up a cute little Rottweiler girl pup and named her Peppa. You have to feed, play with, water and take care of your virtual pet or it will be sent to the shelter to be looked after.

I looked around for some information about what it costs to own a dog per year. I know what it costs me since I keep track. The first year I had my youngest dog it cost me 15,000.00 for all three of my mid sized dogs (70 – 75 lbs). Now I had some expenses incurred that are part and parcel in having a pup. My other two dogs were senior dogs therefore there were some extra vet bills tacked on, but overall it isn't really that out of line.

According to one source I found:

Product/Service Cost 1st Year Yearly Cost

Low Cost

My Cost

High Cost

Low Cost

My Cost

High Cost

Purchase Price





















Vet Bills




























Chew Bones

















































Flea Control




























Grooming Tools







Dental Care







Stain Cleaner







Waste Disposal







Training Aids




























Car Restraint




























Total over the life of a 14 year old dog




Low Cost My Cost High Cost








The costs estimated by the author are based on a 50 pound dog living in the midwest US.

Maybe the thoughts of a “virtual” pet are more reasonable for some. Think about the downturn in the economy, all you need for your virtual pet is the cost of your internet. Hell no! What was I thinking.. I wouldn't give up my little snuggle bug for anything. I would eat KD as a steady diet to give my dog what he needs. It is still sort of fun to have a virtual pet too.. I'll see how long I can keep Peppa alive.

Check it out, just for fun…

Fundraising update

There is a great post over at Caveat this morning which gives you an update on our fundraising.


await up-to-the-minute numbers from the Banned Aid treasurer who is
working hard to keep track.  Our small cohort of people (including the
sole webmaster) is struggling to keep up with announcements.  In other
words, we haven't got everybody on the website yet but you can click
the 'Who's Helping' box under the Bone-O-Meter, which I updated today
with a ballpark amount, to find out.

How do you spell relief?  S-U-P-P-O-R-T.

We got it.   Big-time.

the stars aligned for a lot of us across the continent within the past
couple of months.  It's as if everybody woke up from a spell at the
same time and said WTF?  We gotta save the dogs!

Read the rest here…

Thank you to Canadian Kennel Club

The DLCC wants to say THANK YOU to the Canadian Kennel Club, as they will be sending Clayton Ruby a cheque for $8,000!!!!!!

Those folks deserve a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE, especially the Board of  Directors, who gave it a UNANIMOUS 'green light'!!!

It looks as though we'll get our Supreme Court filing submitted on time – but we couldn't have without all of you. Now the wait will be to see if the SC of Canada will read the case; only time will tell so cross your fingers, rub your lucky rabbits' foot, light your candles…do whatever you have to do, but keep those positive thoughts coming!!!! For those who have donated to, and supported this legal challenge, our expressions of gratitude will never be enough. The outpouring of confidence from the purebred community has never been stronger, or more affirming – I don't know where to start, but we hope you all know what an enormous difference you ALL have made!!

Now it's on to the courthouse!!!

Yours in dogs,

Dawne Deeley

TsarShadow Carelians

CKC Perm Reg'd Bear Dogs

Founder/Board member – Dog Legislation Council of Canada

Another Heartbreaking Story from Heartbreak City London, On

classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>



Recently, a London
woman kindly took in a dog down on its luck. The dog in the picture above
(Faith), along with another dog, belonged to neighbors. The dogs were
disposable items and left behind when they moved away. The woman, I’ll call her Jane which is not her real
, along with her 13 year old son willingly gave Faith a permanent home.


Here is an excerpt from her letter:


Faith has had her vaccinations, spayed
and chipped. When I got her she was starving for attention and pretty thin, she
had bonded instantly with my son who is thirteen. I loved her right from the
beginning, she is an awesome dog.


I have been laid off since Oct. so in the
morning I will be watching the news and she curls right up and sleeps for about
two hours. At around 12pm she will wait by the door for my son coming home for
lunch and also around 3:30 when he comes homes from school.


London animal
control got a tip from someone saying there was a “pitbull” at a certain
address. When AC showed up, they deemed her a “pitbull” and said Jane had 14 days to get Faith out of
province or Faith would be killed. Unfortunately the previous owners had her
micro chipped, and chip identified her as a “pitbull” and listed her age at approx
1 1/2 yrs old.


With choices running low, Jane contacted ANML RESQ.
The rescue has safely moved Faith out of the province where she has a chance to
find a loving forever home and second chance at life.


Here is
another excerpt from Jane’s letter:


All I ask and wish for is that someone
protects her and loves her.  She did not
deserve to be taken away from a home with people who could find no fault with
her.  Faith is so deserving of a good
wholesome family that will keep her and cherish her forever. 


It is extremely difficult for me to let
go however it was this option or she was to be destroyed by those that are
enforcing a law with no merit.  Faith did
nothing wrong other than being born a ‘type’ of dog.  This law has destroyed many lives I am
certain, as my son and I are grieving this loss.  I am uncertain if we will ever completely


Another dog has been ripped from its loving owner
for no reason other than how it looks.
Thanks McGuinty Liberals for bringing
heartbreak to thousands of Ontario
dog owners for no reason other than political optics.


Here is
an excerpt from a volunteer at Gerdy’s
Rescue and Adoptions
, who are the receiving rescue for Faith:


 This has been an emotional roller coaster
for all involved I am certain.  Even though I have been actively moving
animals in and out of both Quebec and Ontario – I never was
touched by this on a personal level.  I have a strong feeling that no one
really does understand the magnitude of this ban until there is a loved one or
acquaintance that has been affected.
I am a personal friend of Faith’s owner. London
Animal Control (London
Animal Care Centre) arrived at her home.  Faith was not involved in an
incident such as free at large, an attack or excessive barking.  Faith was
outside on the balcony and someone said she was using this as her
bathroom.  Animal control investigated and found no evidence – therefore
unfounded.  When he was at the door Faith came to him and was licking his
hand and was being her friendly self. That's when he
said Faith was a pit bull. The owner said “no she is boxer mix”. 
He looked at her teeth and said she was only approx. 1 year
old and Faith was to leave the province unless there was proof Faith
was 3.5 years of age.
I read the checklist from London
Animal Care Centre; which clearly indicates the 'proof dog is not a pit bull'
and 'proof dog is a 'restricted' pit bull.  In reading this “checklist”
you can clearly see that it is impossible to keep any short haired mutt within London if there is no documents
almost from birth dated 2005.  
On a side note from the personal friend/rescue worker: The owner who rescued
has recently suffered tremendous tragic personal loss. 
She only wanted to hold onto what is left and Faith played a huge part. She
suffers silently.  She is a strong woman however this is one blow that she
could have done without. This is not only about a dog; but it is also
about a human being. Hopefully something good can come out of this. 
Hopefully there is hope.  I
have 'Faith'.
I would like to
remind dog owners to please not register your dog with your vet or license her as
a “pitbull”, “pitbull terrier” “stafford cross” or any similar term.
There is no such breed and you are only giving ammunition to those choosing to
enforce this law (which there is no obligation to enforce).



Do not let Animal Control officers
enter your home or take your dog. Demand to see a warrant.

Know your rights and contact a
lawyer if you are in need of legal assistance.

Do not volunteer information. This
may be used against you!

For more information about what to
do if Animal Control comes to your door click here.



Fundraising offer from Pineland Enterprises, Hanover, Ontario

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this offer, I would personally like to say that I have one of these collar racks that was given to me as a gift by the person who makes them. All items handcrafted by Dirk are exquisite quality. I highly recommend treating yourself to a wood crafted item by Dirk.

I sell shadow leash & collar racks, $19.95 each, now reduced to $15.00 +

shipping. Or pick up for free. <G>

I will donate the entire amount to the “fund”.

I have on hand two
Rotties, two Labs, one JRT and one APBT on hand.

I can make more, but at regular price, will donate that as well.

I would also need a profile shot of your dog if a mix.

If you're dreaming of spring, I have two
Muskoka chairs ready at $99

each, will donate half of that.

Custom made you can order any
outdoor wood product (white cedar) such as

wishing well, bench, planter, whatever you can think of.

Price = Time and material. Donation half of that. Till April 1st.

To view pictures of some of Dirk's talents, click here.

To place an order, please contact Dirk by email

skipper25 @ (no spaces)

Fundraising offer from Bryan Dale Barrister & Solicitor

I will grant 25% off my usual fees for any real estate transaction or will
provided that the client mentions that the DLCC or Banned Aid Coalition when
they call me.

I have two offices, one in Markham and one in the Beaches in
Toronto. It is best to call me at my Markham office on weekdays. I can handle
real estate transactions anywhere in Ontario with electronic registration, but
clients will have to come to one of my offices to sign documents.

Bryan R. Dale
Barrister & Solicitor
7225 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 123
Markham, ON L3R 1A3

Tel: (905) 513-1959
Fax: (905) 513-6417

Fundraising offer from Marni Smith at Royal LePage

I will donate 25% of any commission earned if it is referred to me by
someone who mentions Bill 132. This includes someone far away needing a
Realtor. Just email or call me and I will find one in your area who
specializes in what you are looking for. 25% of my referral fee for
that transaction will also go to the DLCC in their fight against Bill

I basically work the GTA area and 905 and parts of 705.

You can reach me at Royal LePage Your Community (the #1 Canadian RLP Brokerage) at 1-866-880-6572

Marni Smith
contact info

Thank you Marni! on behalf of Banned Aid Coalition, of which you have been a long term devoted DLCC member.

A challenge to all cat owners

Hat tip to Colleen Wilkinson Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for thinking of this…


I asked the cat owners! Everyone said I was nuts! But guess what! We have purry friends! Hurray!

Thanks to Karen and her Tonkinese!

As a cat person, I am mailing a donation c/o Clayton Ruby tonight . Good for us that you have Clayton!

Karen Clarke


PS I have dogs too & my rescue may have Bull Terrier in her background
– a very sweet girl

Coleen Wilkinson

Huge thanks to Boston Pizza Peterborough

From: Starr White
Subject: Boston Pizza Donation

Received: Sunday, January 18, 2009,

The donation from our Boston Pizza Restaurant in Peterborough North is being sent to Mr. Ruby's office. The total from the restaurant is $1,107.90 plus $25 that was collected in the jar.

Total $1132.90

Starr White
Windstorm Salukis
www.angelstonefarms .com/dogs

On behalf of Banned Aid Coalition, thank you Starr! You have been a guiding light in this fundraising effort. Huge hugs of thanks…

CKC Newsletter

classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>

A message from the Canadian Kennel Club:



Having raised and paid a total of $650,000, only to loose the last
appeal, the Banned Aid Coalition (Advocates for the Underdog, Golden Horseshoe
APBTC, American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada, Staffordshire Bull
Terrier Club of Canada and the Dog Legislation Council of Canada) have not quit
and gone home! They will, through legal council Clayton Ruby, make one more
attempt to overturn Ontario's Bill 132
which banned 3 purebreds and untold mixes fitting the physical definition
of a “pit bull” in the province.


This has now truly become a valiant effort on the part of those individuals
involved to change the status of this Provincial breed ban. If unsuccessful in
their efforts, their failure will not be because of lack of effort and a
failure would clear the way for unchallenged legislation to be introduced
elsewhere in the country.


In less than 9 days, by January 23, 2009, an outstanding $67,000
must be paid (or guaranteed) before Banned Aid can proceed with an appeal to
the Supreme Court of Canada which is estimated to cost yet another $70,000.


“After raising and paying $650,000,” said Cathy Prothro
treasurer for the Banned Aid Coalition “It would be a travesty for our
dogs to have come so far and have to stop now for the sake of $67,000 that we
just don't have in hand at the moment. This isn't much time and we need


“So far, the majority of funds raised have come from individual
donors that are too many to list,” said Prothro “but it would be
appropriate to thank the CKC clubs and related organizations who have come forward!”


The following have come forward with financial support
contributing a significant percent of the total $650,000 raised and paid so
far. For those who have been holding back…consider a contribution before the
January 23 filing date.


Your donations are critical today and can be sent RIGHT NOW using:


The Paypal donate button on


OR by forwarding to



c/o Cathy Prothro,

351 Pleasant St.  

Dartmouth, NS,

B2Y 3S4,


OR directly to Clayton Ruby (using the words “In trust for
Banned-Aid” in the subject line of your cheque)

11 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto
ON, M5R 1B2




Barrie Kennel Club, Sydenham VDTC, Halifax Kennel Club, Dartmouth
Kennel Club, Border Terrier Club of Ontario, Forbidden Plateau Obedience and
Tracking Club, Valley Kennel Club, Canadian  Manchester Terrier Club, NFLD Dog Club, Red
Deer & District Kennel  Club, Ft. St.
John and District Kennel Club, CRDFS, New Brunswick Kennel Club, Afghan Hound Club of Canada,
Chihuahua Club of Canada, Temiskaming Kennel Club, Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club,
Association of Great Dane Fanciers, St. Catherine's and District Kennel Club,
Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club, Border Terrier Club of Canada, Pug Club
of Canada, Great Dane Club of Canada, A.H.C. of Canada, Sudbury and District
Kennel Club, Boxer Club of Canada, Northern Ontario Boxer Club, Saluki Club of Canada,
Canadian Mastiff Club, Belleville and District Kennel Club, Mount Royal Toy Dog
Club, Scottish Terrier Club of Canada, Eastern Canada Dachshund Club, Atlantic
Terrier Association, Oshawa Obedience Association, Great Pyrenees Club of Southern
Ontario, Fort Saskatchewan and Area Canine Association, Victoria City Kennel
Club, Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club, Miniature Dachshund Club of British
Columbia, Brantford and District Kennel Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of
London, North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club, Canadian Manchester Terrier
Club, Collie Club of Canada, Thunder Bay Kennel, Club, GEODIC, Collie Club of
BC, Bouvier Club of Canada, Schipperke Club of Canada, Oakville and District
Kennel Club, The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Canada, The Rottweiler Club of
Canada, The Bull Terrier Club of Canada, C.O.R. Newfoundland Club of Canada,
Nickel District Kennel Club, Temiskaming Kennel Club, Lower Mainland Kennel Club,
Woodstock Kennel Club, Pine Ridge Kennel Club, Canadian Dog Judges Association,
Canadian Dog Obedience Judges Association, Aurora and District Kennel Club, Papillon
Canada Pacific Kennel Club, The Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club, Canadian Briard Club,
Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario, Nip***ing Kennel Club, CAANS, Woodstock
and District Canine Association, Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club,
Association Of Rhodesian Ridgeback Fanciers of Western Ontario, The Rhodesian Ridgeback
Club of Eastern Canada, Erie Shores Kennel Club, Guelph Kennel Club, Kitchener
Waterloo Kennel Club, Thunder Bay Kennel Club, Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada,
Alberta Boxer Club, Bull Terrier Club of Alberta, Champlain Dog Club, Chinese
Shar-Pei Club of Canada, Chow Chow Fanciers of Canada, Algoma Dog Fanciers,
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada, Bull Terrier Fanciers, Canadian Cardigan
Corgi Club, DPCC, Ottawa Kennel Club, Rideau Terrier Club, Sault Ste. Marie
Kennel Club, SBTCC, The North East Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, The
Weimaraner Association, Pomeranian Club of Canada, Vancouver Island  Dog Judges Study Group and The Canadian
Kennel Club.






The Canadian Kennel Club | 200 Ronson Avenue | Suite 400 | Etobicoke | Ontario
| M9W 5Z9 | Canada



Hotel For Dogs a must see

We have been saying for a while now, with this climate what we need is a feel good, positive movie about dogs.

I personally haven't seen this movie yet, but I may go tonight.. It looks like a fun movie.

In an article, Rescued Pit Bulls Make the Big Screen, film producer Ewan Leslie insisted that the movie Hotel For Dogs
include pit bulls. Leslie shares his life with two rescued pit bulls
Mack and Luka.

Check it out..

Fundraising offer from EJ Gilmer Fox Hollow

I'm an author with a book entitled Fox Hollow that features a Keeshond character

named Augie, who plays a central part in the resolution of this suspense story.

I think Augie would be thrilled to help raise funds to get
before Canada's Supreme Court. This character is based on a real Kees, and the chance to be the featured dog in this story was auctioned off to raise funds for Kees rescue.

I'd be willing to donate 100% of my royalties from everyone who purchases this

book (as an ebook download or trade paperback) directly through my publisher's


Here's a link to my page on my publisher's site — they need to order directly

from the page —

If someone wants trade paper, order through the link below, NOT Amazon. Royalties cannot be tracked through Amazon.

Thanks for the chance to participate.

EJ Gilmer

writing as Libby McKinmer

Thank you EJ!!!
On behalf of the DLCC and Banned Aid Coalition

A quote from another supporter

Let's get the word out everywhere! Google has already taken notice … let's keep the momentum going! There is not much time left!!

This affects all breeds across all borders, the Ontario Legislation is
currently being used as a basis for a similar law in several States.

We have to make the Government hear us. Enough … is enough! We Dog lovers
of ALL breeds want our rights back!


Judy N. Green

Lead Midwoof

QuinnCarlin Cavaliers

QuinnCarlin Distributors Ltd.